How to install Google Chrome 35 on Debian 7The new version of Google Chrome 35.0 is now available for download. Debian Tutorial, How to install MATE Desktop on Debian 7.5MATE Desktop is a nice desktop manager that has been used by Linux Mint. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. This  guide will ride you for the step by step installation of own private cloud with ownCloud platform on an Ubuntu server. You can follow the guide for installation on Windows, Mac or Linux. NOIP is a free dynamic DNS service which will replace your owncloud IP web address to your define domain name.
I hope you have served this guide, I am very happy with ownCloud and am synchronizing files, calendar and contacts. File manager apps are a dime a dozen but not all of them offer a rich file browsing and cloud management experience. This file explorer and cloud manager app boasts a modern and sleek design plus an intuitive navigation. I have been tech blogging since 2007, keeping up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of all things tech.

Microsoft has already confirmed that a new Windows 10 Preview build would be released very soon and even though the company hasn't provided any specifics on this updated version, new information reveals that some of the improvements could be based on user feedback. It turns out that Microsoft has received this message and is now working to reply with an update in this regard, with a new report via Neowin confirming that the next Windows 10 Preview build would bring new animations.
No other specifics have been provided until now, as Microsoft struggles to keep all details behind the closed doors, but at least we know that an improved user interface is very likely to be implemented. The original build of Windows 10 Preview already comes with a notification center, but this isn't turned on by default and Microsoft locked all of its features to make sure that testers cannot use it. The most likely reason for this decision was the fact that the notification center was just work in progress, but it appears that development has advanced really well and Microsoft is finally ready to make this feature available to those who download and install the upcoming testing release. Even though Microsoft will ship a completely new build of Windows 10 Preview, no clean install would be required, as the company implemented a new update system that takes care of everything. A small registry hack that allowed users to see the next Windows 10 Preview build recently reached the web, but Microsoft warned that those who apply it won't receive any updates for their testing machines.
As a result, everyone is recommended to disable the registry tweaks they made in Windows 10 Preview as soon as possible in order to make sure that new updates are delivered to their computers as well when they become available for the general public.
You can install OwnCloud using manual method by downloading the compressed package and then install it manually.

Port forwarding forward the any request coming from out of network to specific system, in our case this will be our OWNCLOUD server so that we can access it from anywhere.
When you access your owncloud first you may got the error message “Cannot write into apps directory” you can resolve the error message with by visiting link.
The Solid Explorer File Manager app was recently given an update with some Material Design love, eye catchy animations, and more options for customization. This Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager now allows dual panels as file browsers with drag and drop action between them. The two independent panels offers a different yet more productive browsing experience even when you are mobile. Open the terminal in Ubuntu & then paste the following commands one by one into terminal. One important thing that you need to define here is web address of your dynamic web server. By adding this repository, we can easily update OwnCloud installation once stable release is available.

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