In the age of cloud computing setting up a personal cloud to serve your all kind of media every where you go. Step Three: Download the client app on your iPhone, Add the server, select the videos you want to watch by click Play.
The Asante Wireless Irrigation Controller is a cloud based device with unlimited cloud access.
This question is from Wireless Cloud Based Irrigation Controller Kit 2 answers Is this one of the allowed rebate products for LADWP.
No, this irrigation controller is not water wise certified, and therefore will not be on the list for rebates offered through your utilities company. The 1st unit that was shipped had a problem with turning on and off by itself with out a program. There are a few features I would like to see in the software in future releases, but I am very happy with the product as it is.
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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Introducing new device options for EVO & Nitro clouds—Now available in two models each with slightly varying features; so you choose the device that better suits your needs! Built-in battery supports up to 12hrs usage for ZTE devices, with 9hrs support for Huawei devices.

It consists of two parts, Air Playit Server on your desktop, and the client app on your iPhone or iPad. Automatically list the recent played videos and remember the last play point for each video. Even the format is not supported by your iPhone, it can also be playback for its live conversion function. Remote management of irrigation systems can be achieved from any location using a smartphone or tablet with Internet access. I just followed the instructions on the box, installed the Genie, and then the irrigation controller. It has the ability to run 6 stations, and several different programs that will run for the different days and times. If you already started downloading the video, Air PlayIt can remember and lets you choose whether to download from where you left off, or to start over. If the server can’t be found, you can manually add the Server IP address or close the firewall for a try. Installation is easy since the product can be claimed as soon as it is plugged into the power using the app. It also has a feature where it will shut down if the weather forecast has rain (you set the percentage) you can also add a rain sensor to the controller, giving you more accuracy for water saving. Combined with Splashtop Classroom, you can then share the mirrored Chromebook or iPad screen on your computer to connected student devices – including other iPads, Android, Chromebooks, PCs and Macs! No special wiring is required, and current wires from an existing irrigation controller can be used.

Standard controllers like the Rain Bird that I replaced have the ability to do every other day which means you only have to mess with the settings once a month. Also, if it is raining and you have neither of those items - pick up your phone and override the system at the touch of a button.
You can also easily expand the number of zones simply by adding a second controller without any effort.
Now I have to log into the App that controls this unit once a week or risked getting a ticket from the water police. The good news is that my water bill has gone down quite a bit because I have to pay attention at least once a week to my watering.
I felt like I was the only customer they were dealing with, and everything was personalized. I can now turn on one station to water a little more while I am observing it, or I can turn on a station as a prank to water the kids!
The bad news is all that money I have saved on my water bill will wiped out if I forget to log into the App once a week. Come to find out the software was a little out of date, and they were able to quickly fix that and have me up and running in no time.

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