People are hearing about all the things related to the cloud like unlimited storage and fast upload speed for files and they are getting excited. Some people love the cloud servers because they have some great hidden features that couldn’t be implemented on a regular portable drive. The thing about unlimited data storage is this: it provides an average that typically exceeds typical storage limits by great amounts. This top 3 of online backup services of 2016 is composed by the visitors of our site through their ratings and reviews, and by our editors.
Amazon’s Cloud Drive service now offers affordable unlimited online backup subscriptions.
If you use cloud storage not just for your files, but also for music, movies, and other content, Streem is a new service that specialises in both.
The service has native apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Also, while your files are encrypted, Streem has the master key, and can decrypt files if necessary.
Those niggles aside, Streem is a good option for people looking to stream and share media wherever they are, without storage limits or needing remote access to their computer or NAS at home.
Google has been synonymous with search for years, and Bing -- poor Bing -- quickly became synonymous with sarcasm about why anyone would ever use Bing.
Amazon has unveiled two unlimited storage plans for its cloud-based storage service, Amazon Cloud Drive, which come at some really great prices. Cloud storage prices are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and we’ve seen Google about a year ago come up with some killer prices, only to be beaten by MediaFire a month later one.
Most people have a lifetime of birthdays, vacations, holidays, and everyday moments stored across numerous devices.
Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. It is true that cloud storage is definitely something to be excited about, but is it really unlimited? Everyone wants a secure way to save their files and this is what this site makes claims to do. It is much faster than trying to copy the files from hard drive to a portable storage unit. Believe it or not, though, the two search engines aren't as different as the jokes would have you believe.
And, they don’t know how many gigabytes of storage they need to back all of them up. With the two new plans we are introducing today, customers don’t need to worry about storage space—they now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music, and files in one convenient place. So, from this perspective, what Amazon is offering now is really great, but the question is – do you really need unlimited storage? After all, my personal guess is that those who are already using cloud storage won’t say no to a service which offers a no-limit option.

Those who need just a few GBs will probably turn to Google, while others, like professional photographers and just somebody with a big digital collection, will probably seriously consider Amazon’s new offer. This the question that is being asked around the world as people look for ways to save their entire hard drives in the cloud.
The question, however, is still about the amount of space that most people will be able to receive. People that are trying to figure this out could compare it to unlimited data plans for smart phones. File are streamed to you when you request them, and use adaptive bitrate streaming so you get the best possible quality for the internet connection that you have available. You could also encrypt your own data before uploading it to the cloud, something we suggest you do anyway if the data is sensitive at all.
Whenever you're on the highway with a thousand other cars crawling along at a snail's pace, you may feel helpless, but there are things you can do to help ease congestion. But not anymore, as Amazon has come up with an unlimited cloud storage offer that should put an end to all your woes.
Lots of them are getting customers to sign up, and many of them have become the staples that PC owners depend on for all of their storage needs.
Streem even transcodes your media on the fly so it plays back on whatever device you’re using.
We have been using devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc in our daily activities. The average user for a cell phone vendor stays well within the 2GB limit on a monthly basis. If you are a working person, you need to prepare presentation slides, communicating using emails, browsing Internet for information, etc, all these enormous amount of professional data are stores in digital copies and keep in servers.
This, from a cell phone company’s standpoint, is declared unlimited data for customers. For personal, there are countless of songs and videos to store in computer, not to say photos.
Reliable Cloud Storage ServiceI guess nobody will against me if I says our life is digitalized.
We have our important data such as priceless pictures, valuable ebook, funny movies and security data that are stored in digital format. As such, a reliable storage is a must to keep everything safe without worry of losing any of them. No matter how much extra storage you purchase or how anti-damage your external hard drive is, I’m sure you are likely to exceed the space limit in the future.
Apart from that, the external hardware storage are expose to risk like hardware failure, virus attack, malfunction, etc.For reasons like these, cloud storage services is become a valuable service to many of us.
You need to look for a trusted company that provide such a storage space and reliable service to you.

With the unlimited storage space, you will have a peace of mind that you won’t need to worry the increase of the amount of data. You can rest assured that everything you store in cloud storage is fully secured.Convenience to Our Daily ActivitiesApart from the risk of losing our valuable data, there are plenty reasons of features to make our daily activities more convenient if you choose to store your data in the Cloud. Obviously, you may not have your external drive, usb or computer with you all the time when you need to access the data. Cloud storage service will offer you such flexibility that you able to have full access of your data from any device that have Internet connections. This features is benefits for every individual that working in mobile way.If your need a lot collaboration in your daily activity, cloud storage service is none other than the option for you. You don’t have to copy and paste from computer to another every time changes is made. With unlimited cloud storage services, you can collaborate your data without worry the size of your file.There are many companies offering unlimited cloud storage such as MyPcBackup, Justcloud and Carbonite.
These companies are leading in cloud storage provider that bundle along with great features.
They provide cost effective and features rich cloud storage solution to both individual and corporate users especially for those looking for unlimited cloud storage space.There is always pros and cons of using unlimited storage space plan. It’s worth the time to consider deeply about your needs and goals well before you committing to any plan. Bear in mind that, in many cases you can choose to upgrade your existing plan to unlimited plan, once you find the company offer you the best service. Advantages of Unlimited Cloud StorageData amount has increased extensively around the world that surpass the work purposes. You can install a program in your desktop or apps to your mobile phone to access your account.Data synchronization is yet another useful features that made your everyday life easier. The data that you store in the cloud is made accessible if you login to the cloud to download it but with sync features it will be automatically sync across to all devices that link with your account.
The competition for cloud storage is huge that each company will give their best to win customer.Many cloud storage company offer a reasonable price for unlimited cloud storage, such as Justcloud. Some provider will delete archived files if the files are not accessed after a certain period of time has elapsed. Make sure you are aware of the term of service of every company or you may ask their sales representative carefully for the things you concern the most before you sign up to any plan.If you need to subscribe for unlimited cloud storages plan, I strongly recommend you can choose from Justcloud, MyPcBackup and Carbonite.

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