Dropbox has been the reigning king of cloud storage and syncing for a few years now, but the competition is getting intense. Cubby is rolling out slowly in beta, so you're going to have to sign up and wait for an invite. Does it suffer from iPhone stupidity or can you actually sync folders on an Android device as well? I tried Dropbox for Android, you can share files to the app and download files but not actually specify a folder to keep synced with the cloud. Just downloaded and the app asks me for my LogMeIn ID, which I do not have, so yes, quite a bit pointless!
Works well, doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN. Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks. Smartphones have replaced digital cameras as the primary way millions of people take photos. As for what Everalbum brings to the table, it's largely what you're already used to, just presented differently.
I kept reading, waiting to see the unique feature, but it turned out to be a list of everything that Photos does already. The big thing this has that Google photos doesn't is unlimted full res photos whereas Google photos uses however much drive storage you pay for for full res photos. When specifically talking about photo storage, how is 1TB of universal storage better than unlimited full res photo storage? I agree that unlimited is "better" than 1 TB, but for the sake of argument: suppose my average picture file size is 4 MB (rough estimate from 180 phone pictures I have available right now). As it is I rather trust Google to still exist seven years from now than Everalbum (which I'd never heard of before this article). My whole point is that if I or any other photographer didn't mind backing up their photos on the cloud then this is the better choice between this and Google Photos since this has significantly more full res storage for cheaper than Google Photos.
That this app is geared toward phone users, not (semi) professional or amateur photographers. And so that means the case for it being used by photographers to back up their photos in comparison to Google Photos can't be made? The article doesn't mention it, but this app lets you back up your photos from your Facebook, Google photos and Instagram as well. No, Google Photos gives you unlimited compressed back up, but full res photos take up your google drive storage. The other thing I'm looking for is something that recognizes families; that we want to pool our photos (and other stuff but that's off-topic) but we don't want to use hacks and workarounds to do it.

On the desktop I've used digiKam, Shotwell, XnView, and now kicking the tires on Aftershot. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I can't believe people actually take so many pictures from their smartphones that they find it hard to manage and even have the need to sort them out based on several criteria.
You sure can, as long as you'll let me know why you're curious, and what you make of my response!
Most frequently, I have this weird situation where the alternate size options are somehow larger than the original file.
I wish I could turn off the resizing element of Piktures' share process, but I don't see any way to do that in the settings.
On March 29th, my startup is launching a physical product to save you and friends' pictures, without a subscription fee.
LogMeIn, which is best known for its remote access apps, has just launched a cloud storage solution of its own called Cubby. Cubby, however, takes a page from other apps like SugarSync and lets you choose multiple folders and designate them as "Cubbys." The 5GB limit applies only to what is stored in the cloud at any given time.
But these days, many devices don't let users pop in a microSD card to store their photos as they would on a dedicated device. Dropbox, Microsoft, and most any other service that lets you back up files remotely will gladly host all of your photos too. Already Everalbum is seeing its fastest growth take place outside of the US, and this is bound to increase that trend. Everalbum automatically backs up your photos, but it provides the option to clear up space on your phone as you do. Upgrading to Everalbum Plus will let you save your photos at full resolution and store an unlimited number of videos. I know that this did it before Google Photos, but if you're paranoid enough not to trust Google with your pictures, I doubt you'll trust this random company.
Remember MS's experiment where you could upload a photo of yourself and it would guess your age? For photographers who don't mind backing their photos up on the cloud, that's a pretty big deal.
They all do a much better job of letting you tag your photos, sort through them, and find the ones you're looking for. However, I understand some people do happen to do so, in that case cloud backup shouldn't be their primary backup choice.
I'm using QuickPic on my device and everything was cool and all until Cheetah Mobile bought them. I tried piktures but didn't like the look and i was looking for a hide featurw but couldnt find 1 so I deleted it and installed focus.

Not only does Cubby come with 5GB of free storage to Dropbox's 2GB, but it also implements a peer-to-peer sharing system that will help you get around that limit.
You can still use Cubby to push files to multiple computers without leaving them on the LogMeIn servers to eat up your space.
Companies have come up with an alternative solution by letting you upload and store your images on their servers. Everalbum says much of its adoption is happening in Australia, Brazil, India, Taiwan, and the UK. This means immediately giving up your local copy and entrusting your images to an icon of a hot air balloon. I've been doing photography for 4 years now and I've got about 4TB worth of photos to back up. With the other "auto backup" options, editing a pic means the pre-edit version (that I don't want, hence the edit) gets uploaded too!
Do local backups every so often and let Google Photos do cloud backups every day when your phone is plugged in so you have the piece of mind that at least your originals that aren't backed up locally yet are safe in case of loss or damage. I had other apps from Cheetah mobile but I recently decided to delete all Cheetah Mobile apps from my phone because of the bad wrap that they get.
I paid for the full version to get the vault feature but that didn't work so I got a refund, u installed it, and just accepted that if I want to get what I want, QP is the best app for me. You won't have access to those files from the web, but you do get unlimited syncing out of the deal.
But you have to be sitting in front of your computer - you can't do it from your phone, tablet, or via the web.
When sharing to gmail, it simply goes to the compose screen without the picture being attached. Organization of the backed up photos is often proprietary and won't carry over to another service. For syncing edits and deletions between devices, I used Google Drive (and Folder Sync on my phone).
And for searching, I use Google Photos, but I don't use the Google Photos backup feature or rely on it for anything but search.

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