One of the latest, major updates to the Google Algorithm came last April and was dubbed by many as a€?Mobilegeddona€?. Google recently posted on their Webmaster blog that they will be updating their mobile algorithm and have stated that this update will start at the beginning of May this year. Google have stated that webmasters and business owners whose sites are currently mobile friendly and optimised don't have anything at all to worry about. However, being mobile friendly doesn't mean your website is working well and converting as well as it could.
It has also been suggested that the update will happen slowly and roll out over time, as with Panda 4.2. Okay, so now you are aware of the new update coming in advance, so you have got a bit of time to prepare for it.
If your website is fairly new and was built last year or this year it is more than likely mobile friendly already and the website should respond to screen size. If your current website isn't mobile friendly then users who are finding you on mobile devices are going to struggle with usability and it may cause frustration, resulting in them leaving your website. A mobile friendly website isn't just going to keep Google happy, it also keeps your customers happy.
Hubspot And Five Other Marketing Tools For Small Businesses That Will Make Your Life Easier! Are you an Ecommerce Business Owner looking for some solid online marketing solutions to grow your e-commerce business online? Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and caters to trading in goods and services through the electronic medium such as internet, mobile, PDAs, or any other computer network.
Ecommerce includes a broad range of sites including major retail chains, Web-only stores, small local stores, and individuals selling on aggregate sites like eBay. Ecommerce marketing is one of the rapidly growing businesses that most people are now eager to run with. Below are the elements described in details regarding how exactly can you grow your Ecommerce store business online. Before creating your Ecommerce website, you need to understand why it is important for you and your business.
For your Ecommerce business to be successful with an Ecommerce Web Shop, it is important that you market it effectively. 1) Engage Customers – In general, Ecommerce websites help engage web customers by showing the advantages of your products, special deals and new arrivals in your Web shop. 2) Inform About Your Product –You need to make sure that you have linked to the appropriate pages from your home page so that people can know about the product they are going to buy, the payment methods, purchase process, the delivery service, etc.
3) Increase Trust And Confidence –While consumers read and compare product reviews before deciding which type of product to buy, these reviews focus on product quality, price and value and are necessary for increasing consumer confidence.
4) Raise Conversion Rate –They provide customers with the information which they need to feel confident in making an online purchase, and in doing so, raise your conversion rate.
3) Know Your Customers – You can understand your customers, how they feel about your brand, about their likes and dislikes, how you can improve your products, and so on. 4) Rank Higher –You can have the knowledge about quality keywords that will help your products rank higher and draw more traffic to your site. 5) Other Benefits – They help businesses establish credibility, improve their search engine visibility, and increase online sales.
I) Easy Navigation And Product Search – This is the most essential component of an Ecommerce web shop. III) Clear Product Details – Your Ecommerce storeshould highlight products that are usually on sale or clearance or new arrivals added to the inventory on the front page of the site. IV) Easy Checkout Process – Usually, a shopping cart should always be present in Ecommerce stores. V) Images and Zooming – The big disadvantage of an online store is that you cannot touch the products physically. VI) Call-To-Action Button – A good price-quality ratio and a good design will bring you few buyers if you have no call-to-action button on your web store, or if it is not easy to find. VI) Customer Feedbacks And Commentaries – By reading reviews, comments or any feedback from others who have benefitted from a similar product, people can make their own opinion.
VI)A FAQ Page For your Web store –Adding this page to your Ecommerce website has many advantages like cutting down on customer service requests, increasing conversion rates and creating a more balanced customer experience.
Google, being the most powerful and popular search engine today, offers a lot of great resources as well for making your business searchable more easily.
Nowadays, businesses are using internet as a basic tool for advertising and marketing their products online. As your website is listed on the top pages of search engines, it gets popular and is viewed by many. To popularize your Ecommerce business you need to be active in SEO process and must be aware of all upcoming strategies. Content marketing is the king of the Internet where you provide your website with some valuable product information to attract visitors and those who are looking for your products. It is very difficult to make the Ecommerce website visible in search engines and increase the ranking position for choosing certain keywords based on your website, especially for your content information related to your product. Fresh And Unique Content –While the primary goal of content marketing is to build strong relationship between the customers and increase the sale rate, you need to create fresh and unique content related to your website and convert the informative content prospects into customers. Customer Interactions –By creating valuable content and sharing information with customers you can establish valuable resource through which will help you get the wonderful reputation of customer interactions into your website. Get More Traffic –You can share your content to the blogs and get more traffic from the search engines and further push into your ecommerece business. Product Description –Putting out blogs or videos about a product complements your product description, allowing you to elaborate further and talk about what inspired the product by giving it a little history and a little depth. Researched Content –As you are building relationships with your customers and at the same time, opening the door for networking opportunities with other non-competing businesses in your niche as well which might complement yours, you need to do your research and find some topic related to your business that interests you. Build Credibility As An Expert –Providing consistently useful information will make people begin to look at you as an expert in your niche and grow to trust on you as a reliable source of information.
Human Element –Being a trusted source will also add a human element to your business which is usually hard to gain due to the anonymous nature of the internet. Many local search engines including Google and Yahoo allow you to place your business into a number of categories that would help describe what your business is all about and what it does. More Targeted Traffic –As you list your business on paid or free business listing directory, you are enhancing the chances of fetching more targeted traffic to your website. High Ranking In Search Engines –Having your website listed also influences overall ranking of the site in major search engines like Google.
Link Popularity –Often search engines decide the site rank on its link popularity or its backlinks. Business made easy -Every individual can look to a directory and select a suitable service provider.
Build Extensive Networks –It helps business owners build an extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers and channel partners.
Good ROI –Maintaining your online listing by listing your company and company URL on online websites can bring a great ROI. Build Authority –The more quality webpages that you can get your site listed or mentioned in, the more authoritative Google will begin to think your website is and can significantly increase your chances of being ranked first for a particular search term.
While advertising is an important part of every ecommerce business, Pay per click advertising is an effective way to promote an ecommerce store and improve sales.
The CPC is the cost that you pay the PPC ad network such as Google Adwords to get one click on your ad which translates to one visitor to your ecommerce website. Model Number Campaigns – The clicks are significantly cheaper due to the low competition on model number keywords, but the conversion rates are incredibly higher which will help bring your overall CPA down.
Direct Access To Product Page –When someone clicks on your model number ad, you can send them directly to your product page which offers them with everything they were looking for in just one step.
Targeting Competitor Keywords –When you create campaigns targeting competitor keywords with a simple ad making, you will be paying for less qualified traffic and when your competitor notices, he can drive up your costs dramatically by bidding just a little bit more themselves since they have a high quality score.
Paid Presence Of Keywords –If a competitor is bidding on keywords that are important for your business, you might consider getting a paid presence for those terms. Save Price And Convert Into Sales –Make sure to screen out less qualified people by setting an expectation of your pricing and by simply putting prices in your ads. Increase Sales –When it comes to an ecommerce PPC strategy, this will increase your sales while lowering your cost per conversion without any jargon-filled explanations.
Correct PPC Strategy –As ecommerce PPC is a complex undertaking, it is important to employ the right ecommerce PPC strategy to stay way forward to gaining success to your business. The consumers of an ecommerce site are just a click away from their products and do not have to travel into a store. Group Discussions –Interact with your target audience by participating in discussions online.
Rewards And Giveaways –Offer discount codes and special offers to regular members of your online audience. Involve Customers –Creating and maintaining a social media following will help give incentive to your customers to follow your brand online and will get them more involved with your products and services. Brand Loyal Customers –And sharing your blog posts in social media sites will give your company a voice and personality.

Share Links In Social Media Platforms –Maintain a blog with some useful business-related posts and share the links across all your social media platforms each time you publish new content.
Track Competitors –By monitoring what social media techniques other ecommerce companies are using to drive traffic to their sites, you can keep a close eye on your competitors and your company will be able to figure out what kind of strategy would work for your business. With the increasing usage of smartphones and tablets, mobile technology has hit the mainstream. With GPS enabled that pin points their exact location, they also expect search engine results to reflect their location, social signals and universal listings. Unique Mobile Content –Providing unique mobile content is an effective mobile SEO strategy for your business.
Product Search –As you focus on acquiring customers through product search, your incoming traffic is probably driven by a handful of top products. Short Product Name –You need to mention the product name in your HTML page titles, but keep it short as Google mobile gives you only 55 characters to work with. Local Landing Pages – Set your location or mobile pages as preferred landing pages to measure how your branded, local keywords, and location pages rank in local markets.
Competitive Analysis – You can gain the deepest visibility into the entire competitive landscape and share of voice for your brand across mobile SEO. Track Performance –SERPs on mobile vary dramatically for desktop, and often feature as few as 5 listings on the first page. Mobile Campaign Management – You can also measure the impact of off-page and on-page changes and how they affect SEO performance of pages on mobile devices. Inbound marketing is a marketing that is focused on getting found by customers by providing you with interesting and useful information in the form of blogs, webinars or podcasts, white papers, infographics, etc. By creating and publishing thought-provoking content on a regular basis, you will become an authority in the industry and get your name out there as an expert. Fedobe is an e-commerce hosting company that offers affordable hosting packages to its clients. The company allows clients to sell online by offering tools such as online stores like Shop Site, Shared SSL support.
About the authorSweta SatpathyBeyond Entrepreneurship: “A Perfectionist” Who Loves Creativity and the internet sphere! ABOUT USWe are a full-service internet marketing firm that specializes in local businesses.
Before penning an article, planning it well ahead will help you save a good amount of time.
Enterprising people are drawn into the low-cost start up of an online business immediately creating their websites out of nothing, counting on the profitable returns promised by predecessors who have amassed a fortune on a small online business venture. Everyone needs a name – your kids, pets, school or company’s softball team, your association in the community or school, and many others.
Everybody knows about how social media can boost up big businesses’ marketing campaigns but what everybody didn’t know is that social media can work well, too with small businesses.
Even in today’s digital age, the value and importance of business cards have not been underrated. Unlike big and established businesses, small businesses do not have the advantage of a huge budget allocation for marketing and advertising. So you’re starting up your own business and you have done all the preparations you need for the soft launching scheduled soon. NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe. Luciana ShortalCarolyn (NuSpark’s Executive Director Content Strategy and Creation) and I worked together to develop a content marketing strategy for the division I lead at Gartner. It focused on making sure websites were mobile friendly and those that weren't, and still aren't, could suffer loss of rankings due to this.
Basically, it is going to increase the effect of the current ranking signal, so if your website still isn't mobile friendly then now is really the time to sort it out! So if you fall into this bracket you can now rest assured that your rankings won't be negatively affected on the back of this update.
However, it remains unclear whether this means it will take a number of months for the algorithm to completely rollout worldwide, or a number of weeks. However, if it doesn't and if you have failed Google's mobile friendly test then you need to get your website updated.
However, a mobile friendly website will be extremely simple and easy to use on a mobile device to ensure the best user experience possible. They make it even easier for your potential customers and existing customers to connect and communicate with you. Having a mobile friendly website makes it easier for customers to connect with you through Social Media and apps on their phone.
This is ultimately going to keep you as a business owner happy as it will result in better user experiences, more enquiries, more conversions and more customers. More commonly, it refers to business-to-customer websites that allow customers to place orders online. It involves the use of Information and Communication Technology and Electronic Funds Transfer in making commerce between consumers and organizations, organization and organization, or consumer and consumer. More and more business owners are going for online business as it can bring more potential clients to them.
With an online web shop for your business, you are able to spread word-of-mouth messages about the latest offers and discounts in your site.
Good website navigation is important for any website in order to have the ability to browse among different categories and products easily and quickly through an intuitive navigation system. As in a web store, people cannot touch the products, you need to write a great description of the products to be highlighted that would persuade the customers to buy.
It is the first and the foremost element for having an easy checkout process that provides you a summary of the things you are buying.
Therefore, you must include images of the products as suggestive as possible, giving precise details. Such a button should be designed so as to provide a strong contrast, an integration in the layout as smooth as possible, without hurting or irritating the customers.
The product with many positive feedbacks is definitely viewed with more confidence and can convince visitors of quality than one without any reviews. It has resulted in reaching a wider audience which has increased the market share of the companies. Your website earns brand recognition, reputation and respect from viewers and customers for achieving top position.
Therefore, in order to improve your Ecommerce website you should properly choose the specific content relevant to your website keyword. You can find out the best way to create a difference of content marketing on your website through blogs. This will give you the credibility which only comes through helping others reach their goals. The search engines do not display businesses that are not categorized for particular sets of keywords. This ensures that your business is represented fully across search engines, social networks, online directories and mobile searches.
As PPC is rising dramatically in its importance, PPC listings rank second of all traffic sources, including organic search, social media, email marketing, affiliates and shopping engines. Although paid search has become a way more competitive these days, due to the ever-expanding nature of the web as well as competitors, they have become more expensive making it harder for new players to compete. This saves your ad spend for those qualified individuals who saw your prices and are much more likely to convert into a sale. They give businesses the means to direct traffic to whichever site they want, whether it be a product giveaway on a blog site or a link to a coupon. People spending their time on the internet searching for products to buy online are more likely to spend time on social media sites as well.
For this, you need to find and join groups where your desired audience hangs out and share your expertise and drive traffic to your site. Share the promotion link across your online platforms and drive additional traffic to your ecommerce site. This will make consumers relate to your business on a personal level that will increase the chances for them being brand loyal to that company.
You also can introduce the link with a click-worthy question or statement encouraging your audience to engage with you. While the smartphones cannot deliver more than the eye can absorb, here comes the need for digital marketers to optimize for mobile search and create winning mobile search strategies. Serving the same information and services to the mobile users as to the desktop users is very important since it creates a consistent brand message. So while building a mobile store you need to focus on the top 100 products and use mobile SEO to make those pages perform well in searches for those product names.
It provides you the ability to measure your true rank in mobile across devices, and inclusive of universal results to gain an accurate picture of your performance. These ecommerce go a long way in promoting a business in the professional sense and giving it status in the online business platform.

There’s no hard selling needed for someone who has previously made a decision to buy from you. Business entrepreneurs need to know how other businesses are doing that so they can learn from what can be useful and productive methodologies that can be implemented for your business. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Carolyn is extremely insightful and about the content marketing space and developing engaging content that educates potential customers and helps move them along the buying journey. The update had a large impact on a number of UK search queries and many webmasters and business owners made sure their websites were made mobile friendly. All we know is Google have said it would a€?start rolling outa€? the new algorithm update at the start of May 2016.
If not then you should take action as soon as possible in time for the update in order to avoid losing rankings. The best way to do this is to have the website made responsive instead of having a separate mobile website built. The more you can connect with your customers and potential customers and the more interactive you are, the more this helps build relationships and ultimately gets you more sales in the long run.
From a customer’s viewpoint, Ecommerce is all about finding and ordering the right products. With the growing use of internet worldwide, it is most commonly associated with buying and selling products and information via the Internet and aims at reduced costs, faster customer response, and improved service quality. People have switched over to paying all their bills online, banking online, and even shopping online. This would increase the reliability factor for your site, build stronger and closer relationship with old customers, as well as inform new and perspective customers why they should do business with you. While there are two types of customers – those who browse and those who search, more number of people browse for products than search for them. Its purpose is to display the items that the customers have chosen to purchase and the products in it are typically displayed in a table or matrix format. The images should be very clear, with a larger resolution and zooming features in order to attract customers. This button is more likely to produce sales if it is not complemented by an appealing text message.
Providing positive feedbacks after purchasing a product and ensuring valuable feedback will contribute to building a brand for your business. While creating such page, you need to break things down in a Q and A format and include as many FAQs as possible without going overboard.
As so many people are using internet for searching the products and services they require before visiting the physical store, it has become essential for the business websites to gain top position in search engines like Google.
While people trust those websites that are popular, this can take your business to a higher level and keep you ahead of your millions of competitors by making your business spread all over the world.
As online business listing being a crucial element of your marketing strategy, if your business information is wrong, then your customers are not going to find you.
This is why social media cannot be ignored as a marketing tool within the ecommerce industry. It ensures that searchers who find a page on your site will be able to find some equivalent version of that page on a mobile device. For an ecommerce store to effectively use inbound marketing, it all begins with good content that is optimized for search and tempting for people to share. Its ecommerce features shopping carts like Magento, Open Cart and Presta Shop that help build the online reputation and promote professionalism.
It assists and supports the customers to drive and convert more business by creating sophisticated, and affordable e-commerce websites.
Paul and his team have provided exceptional service and are always coming up with new marketing ideas for us to implement. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. She would be a valuable partner to any organization looking to introduce the right content to generate demand for their business. Google have announced they are going to be stepping up this algorithm and updating it in May this year. As this is a second update, it is also anticipated it won't have as significant of an impact as the original update did, but if you aren't yet prepared then now is the time.
If you are not sure whether your website is mobile optimised or not then simply check it on a phone and see how easy it is to use but always double check what Google thinks of it. You can simply contact your current website hosting company and ask them how much it would be for them to make your website mobile responsive and then ask them to do it for you as soon as possible, in time for the update if possible! It is a new way of doing business which is available to companies of all sizes to create new relationships and extensions to existing business built on relationships, networks and web of activities. Business can reach out to millions of customers instantly which is not possible in any conventional mode of marketing. For this, you need to make your online store so unique that it should draw attention of your customers.
It includes product name, short product description, price of the product, quantity box, etc. Too much information will confuse your customers, while too little information will compel them to go elsewhere and shop. It ranks a website on top which is most relevant to the keyword phrases entered by the user.
The customers can get in touch with your business anytime of the day through the internet, thus, proving to be a successful online business opportunity. They show an interest in your content and are more likely to get interested in the product you are selling.
The other features include free domain registration, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth, My SQL support, free SSL certification along with a free premium DNS, PHP, and a lot more.
You can find out more about the original update by reading our blog article here: Mobile Apocalypse: Google's Mobile Algorithm Set For April Release Date a€“ Are You Ready? There are a several things you have to consider like drawing potential customers to your store, taking orders from customers, being notified when customers place orders, accepting and processing customer payments, protecting your store from hackers, and much more. The more people get onto internet and search for information, the more opportunities begin to develop for Ecommerce. They can search for the products they want to buy and can order it through the internet marketing websites. Always ensure that the navigation menu is displayed clearly not only on your home page but on every page of the site to make it quick and simple for your customers to sort through all those products they want to buy. The fewer the pages between the product page and the order confirmation page, the higher your conversions are going to be.
For example, while a site offering for sale electronics does not require a lot of images but a more accurate description of the features of the products, an online clothing store will require more images to make you enjoy their products.
Every sentence of your page should be speaking to your customer’s needs without trying to sell your brand.
Gaining top position in search engines guarantees conversion of thousands of visitors into customers, increasing the clientele on your website.
When you publish search engine optimized content on a regular basis your social media attention increases, and so do your ranking. Besides accepting credit cards and Power Pay along with a Pay Pal shopping cart integration, it also offers for $50 Google Adwords credit, $25 Yahoo Search Marketing credit, and to top it all up, a free Submit net basic plan. This will let you know whether or not your website is mobile friendly and if not what is wrong with it. Online marketing enables the marketing company to customize its sales pitch or product offering to the customers. While offering “Create an Account” option is good always, it is wise enough to offer a checkout option that doesnot need registering for an account.
As customers visit these pages for help, just be yourself and make the FAQ page easily accessible in the footer of your website, including links to different pages within your Ecommerce store. While the online financial transaction capability has given a significant push to Ecommerce, the online trading haschanged the way stock markets, financial markets and commodity exchanges across the world function. An effective online marketing helps Ecommerce business leverage themselves successfully in the eyes of the customers. So check out  this online marketing guide for Ecommerce store to build your own store achieve your must awaited progress in online business.

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