It certifies competency in key cloud security areas covering architecture, governance, compliance, operations, encryption, virtualization and much more. Cloud security itself comes in different forms and each form has its own requirements and implications. Just like the field of cloud computing, cloud security is relatively new and its is constantly evolving in order to meet the challenges and demands that are rising each and everyday. This article will act as the ultimate guide to cloud security vendors and will also include a list of those cloud security vendors in order of excellence.
Since we were in the middle of developing some really exciting Apps for Android Devices, I didna€™t quite get to those requests until now a€“ so Ia€™d just like to take a moment to apologize for the delay. Cloud security encompasses a large area of cloud computing including the security of the data stored in the cloud as well as the users of the cloud.Cloud Security VendorsConsidering the fact that cloud computing is relatively a new field of computing, there is a lot of ground to be covered in terms of scope and complexity. Everyday new companies are coming up offering security solutions to the cloud as well as software and tools are being developed every now and then to combat security issues facing the cloud. Here is a list of companies are have been selected as the best cloud security vendors.Bitium – This one of the major cloud security vendors and they usually provide cloud management tools as well as analytics. The wait is well worth the end result.Building upon my existing knowledge, and some additional research, Ia€™ve created The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Computing. They use the Bring Your Own Device policy or BYOD since as technology progresses many people are using personal devices to access the cloud.CipherCloud – This Company takes a holistic approach to the cloud security.

They have provided a platform that ensures that movement of data to the cloud goes through encryption process, malware detection, data loss prevention, tokenization and data auditing. My focus is to create a guide that anyone, irrespective of their technical expertise, can easily understand and assimilate.
The keys to that data are stored locally and are not shared with the cloud provider.IBM Dynamic Cloud Security – Being one of the biggest IT companies in the world, it comes as no surprise that IBM would want to try their footing in the cloud security business. When I began my research on Cloud Computing, I noticed that a lot of information available on the internet was loaded with technical jargon, and had very little substance. IBM aims at protecting the cloud environment from a wide range of security issues by making use of a range of solutions and strategies which are meant to cover every aspect of the cloud. Some of them include security intelligence, infrastructure protection, application and data security as well as access management. In some instances, even the people claiming to be a€?Cloud Computing EXPERTSa€?, didna€™t know WTF they were talking about.
Myself, as well as others, are just learning about What Cloud Computing Is and How It Works and How It Can Be Used In App Development. So, if I were to F**K UP somewhere, please excuse me.Also, when I say The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Computing, what I mean by that is this blog post will have sufficient information to give a beginner an idea of What Cloud Computing Is, How It Works, The Benefits of Cloud Computing, How It Can Be Used In App Development, and How Cloud Computing Will Change The Way We Interact With Information (Data). Although, how cool would it be to have a Cloud follow you around wherever you go; just put your hand in the Cloud and get a sandwich or something.

If youa€™re like me and you thought the same when you first heard the words Cloud Computing, Ia€™d like to congratulate you for possessing the ability to imagine awesome s**t. As a matter of fact, youa€™re absolutely right; minus an actual cloud following you around. Just like we use our Debit Card to access and use the funds in our Bank Account, similarly, we can use our Mobile Device to access Data stored in a virtual vault. The Computing Platform includes, but is not limited to, Operating System, Programming Language Execution Environment, Database, and Web Servers. Herea€™s the deal, if a customer is certain that all their data is safe and secure no matter what the circumstance, they are willing to pay extra for it. Ita€™s a win-win for all parties involved.Cloud Computing For Desktop ComputersPretty soon, all the Operating Systems and Software Applications that we use on Desktop Computers will be moving to the Cloud.
What that means is, you can access all your data simultaneously from a million different devices, and from anywhere in the world. So you wona€™t need to worry about the PPT or the Project that youa€™ve saved on your Home Computer (Desktop).

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