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Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers to look at things differently. We all know that a tree doesn’t always have green leaves, water is not blue and clouds are certainly not always white and puffy. Cloud formations such as mammatus or lenticular among others, are perfect examples of how intricate and different nature can be.
In this post, we take a look at some amazing photographs of the weirdest cloud formations that you’ll ever see, that are destined to inspire your design work and surely blow your mind.
To read more information about any of the photos, just click on any of the images below to be taken to its source.
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Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! We at Alien UFO Research are always on the lookout for real UFO and alien sightings and reports, and get many sent in every day. A beautiful 16" X 12" full color parchment certificate personalized with the star name, date and coordinates. A Personalized 16" X 12" sky chart containing the star name, star date, the constellation and the location circled in red where the star is in the sky.
This contest is meant to not only be fun, but to be a chance to be creative and show off your skills.
Absolutely no information will be shared with any third party except for the star registry to send the winner their prize and all personal information will be deleted immediately after the contest by us. Judging will be done between April 30th and May 5th and will consist of judging on two simple criteria.
How real it looks - It's a fake UFO contest, but we are looking for pictures that could be played off as real. After winning we will attempt to reach the winner at the email address of which they entered the UFO picture. The winner of the fake UFO contest chosen by our guest judge Professor Phelyx is Reilly from NL, Canada! Click the pictures to enlarge them, but some of the pictures are quite large because the artists were going for the best possible quality.
How I made it: The image is made up of two separate images, done in Photoshop CS4, while the UFO was created in Rhinoceros 4.0 Happy alien hunting! How I made it: This was taken a year ago with an old flip phone, I know the contest says fake, but this is not I snapped it while driving and have seen multiple more.

I took part of two Poze IV Terminus night photo walks in Brussels, in January and in April 2012.
The UFO guy is an unintended reflexion of a small cardboard robot (with a special lens in it, see the photo in the appendix.). How I made it: The picture I attached is a photo I took on the plane while travelling from Singapore to Hong Kong on a vacation. How I made it: This was made by using a photo I took of a model kit I’d built – photo is also attached. This photo was then further edited using Corel Paint shop I edited the UFO to remove the landing gear.
How I made it Pic 1: Simply took a toy from my son's room, tied it to a plant hanger on our light pole on our patio, took the picture and edited it with a clone tool to take out the fishing line and added motion blur effect. How I made it Pic 2: I simply took a toy from my son's room, tied it to a plant hanger on our light pole on our patio, took the picture and edited it with a clone tool to take out the fishing line and added motion blur effect and a light source to look like engines.
How I made it Pic 1: In reality this is an image of a reflection from a glazed metal on the wall. How I made it Pic 2: Seen in the image an overhead night lamp lighted, resembling just like a UFO. How I made it: This UFO was made through Rhinoceros, using a curved 3D line tool to make a curved line.
How I made it: I created my UFO by just using simple photoshop because our program that I was going to originally use would not work, but I made it as creative as I could hope you like it. From clever camera tricks, to props, photo manipulation, Photoshopped images, to even lights in the sky. It's considered cheating if you use anyone else's images without their consent or steal a previous UFO picture off of the internet and pass it off as your own. I altered the color of my paintbrush to give it a blurred look and drew the UFO while I used the blur tool to give the building an out of focus look as most UFO pictures are out of focus. I cannot guarantee that I have remembered the process completely, as I made worked with the photos before deciding to mail them to you in a hope for eternal fame. I added the UFO to the photo with the help of an iPhone application :D I tried to place the UFO above the cloud and made the size of the UFO smaller, so that it looks as if it is really high up in the sky and a distance from the plane. Again, using PSP I then resized the photo – then added blur effects so the UFO was not too clear and looked “typical”. Moreover, the small lights seen from the upper part of the lamp add a drama to the image making it more like an ufo. I selected that line and used the revole tool, in the surface tab and made another line from one endpoint of the curved line to the next.
The prize for the best fake UFO picture is you get your very own star named after you by the International Star Registry. A lot of the fake UFO pictures out there are nothing more than someone taking an object, tossing in the air, and snapping some pictures from different angles until it looks like it's farther away then it really is.

I created the shape of the UFO using sphere shape in psp and filling it with green and pink and adding a bit of fog to it to make it look like it's glowing. I then added a layer to make it look like an old black and white grainy picture, then gave it a green hue to make it look like a night vision photo. The other two photos are supportive material, as you asked for a how to do it -explanation.
I made the UFO not too opaque and not too transparent, so that it looks real and it is not blocked by any cloud.
We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Background images from open source places like Wikipedia or other stock photo sites are allowed. Here's a few fakes to get your creative juices flowing but we're sure that you can all do better! I also placed the UFO in the middle of the picture because it will look as if the photo was taken with the UFO in real life and focused at the UFO.
This is the outcome of the keen eye always looking for something extraordinary, otherwise such subjects are often oversighted. It is only the imagination of the photographer which comes out with an eye catching image from an ordinary looking subjects. We're also hoping to show how difficult it can be to manipulate images to look like real UFOs to bring a little credit to some of the real ones that are out there. I then went to picnik and used a few settings like Ortonish to give the whole picture a bit of a glow, airbrush to soften and blend the UFO more, and Circle Splash to create the rays coming down and softened the sky to make it look a little foggy. The middle bulging on both sides of the image is due to the rounded design on the reflecting surface making the shape like a ufo. Moreover, this image has not taken any help of the modern software, still has a good impact. The opacity and structure was changed so that it would blend into the sky so that it will appear as a real UFO. 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes!This Is real footage from space. Following this Knowledge leads you to the essential relationships that you will need to find and to fulfill your purpose in life.STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE provides the lessons and practices necessary for learning and living The New Message from God. Presented in a self-study format, it contains 365 daily steps that teach you how to see, to know and to act with the certainty and the authority that the Creator has given you. It is the consummate study in Inner Knowing.STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is for people who are ready to undertake their greater work in life and who realize that they are here to make a contribution to the world at this critical turning point in our history.

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