The appearance of a flying saucer UFO-shaped cloud formation over Las Vegas in New Mexico on Monday sparked a brief, but snarky, exchange between UFO researchers and a local meteorologist who insisted it was only a lenticular cloud. Some residents of Las Vegas in New Mexico were thrown into panic on Monday after spotting a flying saucer-shaped cloud formation hanging low over the city. According to UFO hunters, aliens often disguise their UFOs as clouds because they know that it fools naïve meteorologists like Torres. But Scott Waring, a well-known UFO blogger, claimed that the UFO belonged to Tall Whites, another alleged extraterrestrial race believed to have worked with the U.S.
Alien and UFO hunters who promote the Project SERPO conspiracy theory claim that a 3,000 page top-secret document dating back to the 1970s leaked in 2005 by anonymous whistleblowers from the U.S.
Share your research, theories and personal encounters with aliens, UFOs and other unexplained mysteries and phenomenon.

A Bill Cooper Lecture in which he explains Aliens (their presence among us, our collaborations with them, the Alien Treaties), Secret Governments, the Trilateral Commission and an insight into Sercret Government plans to leave the Earth.
Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. But some UFO hunters argued that the cloud was actually an alien UFO manned by Tall White aliens linked to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reveals that the Roswell UFO originated from planet SERPO in the zeta reticuli system, populated by a people called the Ebens.
Other conspiracy theorists have linked the Tall Whites with the Israeli military and, oddly, the Nazis. Maybe this time, a group of Tall White visitors on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada, missed the way and ended up in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Location: Baden-Wuerttemberg, Agency of Audio Color World own all distribution rights of the uploaded videos on our YouTube channel. Others argued it was a Project SERPO alien spaceship that missed the way to the city of Roswell.

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