Versioning :A With this feature enabled, it is possible to restore an older version of a file. Encryption :A You can now configure file encryption so that all files stored on the server are encrypted, and thus only accessible with the correct password.
Drag and drop uploadA : The ownCloud web service now supports the dragging and dropping of local files to a directory on the server. ODF ViewerA : Open Document Format files are now supported by the viewer, and can be read right in the web browser without the need for plugins or programs.
Application StoreA : This makes it easier to install new applications, like the encryption or versioning application on the server.
MigrationA : Options to migrate user accounts between different ownCloud instances, for instance between a primary and backup server.
GalleriesA : Control over galleries have been improved, including sharing per email options and sort oders. Thanks for your very illuminating post, is very clear and easy to follow, but I have some problems with the dependencies. I have noted php5-sqlite is required even if you only like to use MySQL as database backend. Adobe Brackets require libgcrypt11 in order to install it properly on Ubuntu 15.10 and later. Just download any of the two files according to your system architecture and double click the downloaded .deb file and install it with Ubuntu Software or right click and install it with old ubuntu software center. Then go to Brackets download page and download the .deb file for the latest version of Brackets for your computer according to your system architecture. Double click the downloaded .deb file and install it with Ubuntu Software or right click and install it with old ubuntu software center. After the successful installation restart ubuntu and click the Dash home from unity launcher.

BBC iPlayer is an Adobe Air based Desktop software which allows downloading your favorite BBC programs without being connected to the Internet. Note: BBC iPlayer is restricted to UK and can only be used by users from outside UK via a VPN service like TunnelBear or a similar workaround. This entry was posted in Linux and tagged Adobe Air, Debian, Desktop, Internet Radio, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Windows 7 by admin.
With Dropbox, you can not only store or send the documents worldwide, but you can also put the back up data into the Dropbox. This would prompt 'Dropbox Setup' window, where you would be asked to login if you are already having dropbox account. You would also find a Dropbox icon on the top panel wherein you can edit your preferences, open the Dropbox folder, Exit the application and so on.
Impostare il RAS (Remote Access Service) con Windows XP Ecco come predisporre un PC per una connessione remota via modem.. Linux & Open Source - Se siamo stanchi del solito wallpaper freddo e statico, possiamo dotare il desktop del nostro Ubuntu di uno sfondo animato che raffigura una galassia in movimento, in puro stile Android. Affascinato dai Live Wallpapers su Android, un blogger di nome Ilap ne ha realizzato uno analogo per Ubuntu ispirandosi al celebre Galaxy Live Wallpaper.
Il wallpaper funziona solo su Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat", inoltre occorre soddisfare alcuni requisiti. Se non lo abbiamo ancora fatto, apriamo il terminale ed installiamo Compiz Config Settings Manager con il comando sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager. Iscriviti gratuitamente alla newsletter, e ti segnaleremo settimanalmente tutti i nuovi contenuti pubblicati su! Major changes in ownCloud 4 include support for file versioning, allowing users to restore previous versions of a file or view a files history, and the addition of an integrated viewer for ODF file. A core advantage here is that you can configure the versioninig feature, which you cana€™t do at third party cloud hosting and synchronization services.

This is good text editor for web designer.It comes with a Creative Cloud Extract for an easy way to get CSS straight from a PSD with no generated code. Programs can also be download from BBC streams to enjoy your favorite BBC channels offline.
If you're using Google Chrome, you'll have to download the image to your hard drive and then set is as a desktop background by going to Control Panel -> Personalization.
But, there is a limitation to the maximum size of files those can be attached to an email, which generally is a few MBs. Una volta conclusa la lettura, assicurati di condividere con tutti anche le tue impressioni! You will have to install Adobe Air (if not already installed) to use this software, so make sure that it is installed on your computer. So, when it comes to sharing a large chunk of data, say an entire movie of 1.5GB, you would not be allowed to send it as an email attachment. Read below how you can set this this image as the background of your desktop computer, laptop, mac, tablet or smartphone. Tap on it and then then tap on the icon in the lower left corner and choose "Use as wallpaper".
This file can be used to install BBC iPlayer on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating system.

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