Right click on the desktop of your Windows 10 laptop or desktop, you will get a pop-up menu. From the above screen to rotate computer screen in Windows 10, you can also find the shortcuts or hot keys to quickly rotate screen in Windows 10 by pressing the key combinations on the keyboard. If the hotkeys or shortcuts not workig and Windows 10 still not rotating computer screen, the hotkeys might be disabled.

If your computer screen is sideways, upside down, you can follow below steps to rotate computer screen on Windows 10 PC. Choose Graphic Options from this menu, then choose Rotation from the sub-menu, and choose from four rotation modes in Windows 10: Normal landscape, 90 degress, 180 degress, 270 degrees.
For example, if you like to rotate screen 90 degrees, you can simply use the hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Left).

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