Microsoft Azure is both an infrastructure and a platform made specifically for Cloud Computing. Microsoft has been managing its data centres for almost as long as anyone can remember and the company itself has been increasing this load minute by minute.
Azure will also be supporting third party frameworks and tools along with Microsoft recommended ones as well. The amazing quality for Azure is that it allows developers to work on their Programming Languages simultaneously through an online infrastructure that can run on Linux and Windows.
The API provided by Azure is basically built on HTTP, XML and REST which in turn gives the developer the opportunity to interact directly with Microsoft Azure. Now cloud computing is basically going to be provided with such an integrated operating system that the whole idea of managing and working on it will not get the developers ever upset. The future as we speak is being built on this idea that is going to change the life of this world as we know it. When you need to connect all this data you use emails or USB devices, here comes cloud computing which will allow you to access all your data sitting in one place.

Public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) has acquired Nice, a company in Italy with a web interface for scheduling and monitoring high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. The NICE brand and team will remain intact and will continue to develop and support the EnginFrame and Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) products. But even with that said, the Nice acquisition was not big enough to be material; Amazon did not disclose the terms of the deal.
Since early 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. Microsoft Azure as the name says is a global oriented network which will help in maintaining, launching and building applications and its services through the perfectly run channel of Microsoft servers. Since its release back on 1st Feb, 2010 Azure has been taking over the programming industry like a forest on fire. Azure is also working on SQL servers available on Microsoft so seamless integration with M System Centre and Active Directory can be manageable. Now for all those who are new to Cloud Computing it is a simple way of connecting all servers and data storage onto one place so you can access different things from one door directly.

All your networks will be linked together to give you a seamless connection of unlimited data. The software must really be something, because it has picked up usage from a long list of enterprises. Customers will continue to receive world-class support and services, enhanced with the backing of the AWS team. It’s more star-studded than those of some other recent AWS acquisitions, including Amiato, AppThwack, and ClusterK. And it’s not hard to imagine the deal leading to deployments of large-scale HPC jobs on AWS servers. From kids to offices and corporations, everyone is using data that is stored in mobile devices, laptops, desktop’s and online on either emails or storage spaces.

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