The driving factors for adopting cloud services are nearly the same for all company sizes, shows the poll.
Another result of the survey is that leaders of smaller companies list Cloud Computing as a priority at the same rate as executives in larger companies. As show on the graphic above 72% of the businesses said that they use web hosting, 54% use email hosting, 32% use database hosting, 30 use application hosting and 21% use hosting providers for online storage. All major industries such as financial services, retail, social networking, health care, manufacturing, IT service providers, marketing and advertising, non-profit sector and city governments are represented in the survey.
Two thirds of the survey participants believe that Cloud computing will have a moajor impact on the IT industry.
Cost savings, uptime and high availability, and performance are the key factors that make companies to start using Cloud Hosting technologies. More than 75% of the survey respondents said that only 6% of It service they will use within the next 12 months will be delivered form a cloud platform. 70% of the survey participants answered that web applications are the service which is best suited for cloud hosting environment.
32% of potential users of services delivered from Cloud Computing prefer to pay on monthly basis. The results from the survey illustrates the need of additional education of the uses and benefits of the Cloud Computing.
Cloud computing is becoming popular in a very fast pace by being utilized in many different forms. Cloud computing helps the users to log in to a web service that hosts all the programs that the user requires.
With cloud computing done mainstream, today’s businesses are pointing to one question and it related to which cloud service to choose. Using multiple services leads to increased cost and difficulty in maintenance and resource tracking.
Though Big Data and cloud computing looked like competitors fighting to prove who would make the news headlines, service providers and customers have found the benefits of combining those two. The biggest disadvantage of cloud computing as seen by SMEs (Small and medium enterprises), is the cost. At the initial stage of cloud launch, IT managers were quite concerned about the performance and the reliability of the service. With more people ready to participate in the behavior analytics participation and other processes, the gamification is gaining more popularity. Tata consultancy service is one of the leading cloud computing service provider to IT sector. Infosys  is an Indian multinational corporation which offers business consulting,information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services and a popular company in cloud service provider.Cloud system defines the way of business and IT services are delivered and consumed. Wipro is the primary name in the list of cloud computing companies in India.Wipro is one of the popular IT industry that offers cloud based services like virtual cloud lab solution, gateway, custom cloud platform engineering. Insta compute is the newest member of TCS portfolio.Tata communication company offers a cost effective cloud computing solution.
Zenith InfoTech is one of the leading security, cloud computing and IT solution provider and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .It provides two solutions called Tiger Cloud and BDR-G14 for cloud service, storage, for disaster recovery and backup data.
CipherCloud, the most trusted and leading brand in cloud information protection in india.It offers to insurance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and technology industries. It is one of the top cloud computing agencies which offers software implementation, development, Integration, maintenance and design.It has more clients including Leads berry, Makessence and DC design. Ctrls Datacenters Limited is one of the top 10 cloud computing companies in India.They provides many services that include datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers. App India is the best cloud computing companies which is established in Bangalore.It is a software development organization helps the IT organisations like IBM and Microsoft for software development and design. If you are thinking about using cloud storage for your business, then you could be getting in on one of the biggest trends today.
Regarding which cloud storage provider to choose, there are many different service providers, and also some important things to think about when you are selecting which company to trust with your critical business data. If you lose access to your data for even a short while, this could be a significant impact to your business, so make sure that the company is going to stand behind their service, and give you speedy technical support if you need it. Think about your future needs now, since it will be more difficult to switch providers in the future.

Does your provider allow various levels of password protection, such as passwords at a folder, subfolder, or file level? Reading the user agreement of a data storage provider is boring, and most companies don’t even bother to check it out. When the system versions your files, it means that whenever you update the file and save it, it creates a new version or copy of the file, rather than overwriting the old version. Before making a decision, you are advised to check a provider’s references, former customers, complaints, and so on. Remember to click the link from Feedburner in your email inbox to ACTIVATE your subscription. It laso shows that business sizes does not play a big role in the process of adoption of cloud technologies. Small businesses are likely to receive a greater amount of IT services from a cloud platform. This includes reduced costs, increased scalability, improved service level agreements for customers, and higher availability. Until now the expected primary source for increased revenues was large corporations, specifically for test and development environments. Contrastingly, 22% were familiar with the term but did not thing that it would provide value to their company. 41% of the respondents think that their database servers should be hosted on cloud computing systems, and 37% said that they would host application server in cloud environment.
There are still a large number of people that consider Cloud Computing as a Buzzword or are just unfamiliar with the term.
It looks like most people do not understand cloud computing at all and will use cloud computing driven services only because companies have already started heavily to promote them. Unfortunately, one cloud service sometimes may not be able to satisfy all the requirements of a company.
With Big data, no matter how big or small the company’s size and resources are, it is scalable and cloud providers help to overcome the technical obstacle by transforming Hadoop to an enterprise ready service from an open source platform. Cloud computing is easily affordable by large companies and thus pushing SME’s, out of the arena. The gamification is the process of applying mathematical game theory on individual actions to understand how the actions of an individual affect another.
It requires IT organizations to adjust current working processes along with established technologies. Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs, a way to increase capacities or add capabilities on the fly without investing in a new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. They offer various cloud services like cloud advisory, cloud development and migration, cloud development and assurance, cloud environment build and management and disaster recovery services.
It is one of the leading cloud companies in India providing flexible payment, security access and round-the-clock technical support. More and more businesses of all sizes are moving to cloud storage because of its convenience, simplicity and scalability. One of the main reasons to move to the cloud is so that you don't need to worry about hackers, software patches, data security and backups yourself.
Also verify whether that company's own employees will have access to read your unencrypted files.
If you have a problem accessing one of your files (or all of them), what kind of technical support do they provide? Instead, make sure that you know how you can expand your storage when you need it, and how much that will cost. If you can’t decide on a provider or have further questions, reading the terms and conditions will clear things up.
The big advantage of this is that if somebody accidentally deletes part of a file, updates it in error, or overwrites it with something else, you can revert to one of the older stored versions.
The survey also says that an increased education on cloud benefits, solutions and design is very important to be mastered from businesses of all sizes. However, over the past several months decreased revenues and operating budgets have driven small businesses to explore and implement production cloud environments. More that 40% of them are holding CXOs, president, vice president titles or are owner on the companies.

64% of survey’s participants work fr companies with annual revenue less than $10 million, while 13% of them manage businesses with more than $100 million annual revenue.
The companies are trying to coalesce their internal systems with cloud for getting a long term strategy and the developers are trying to improve the benefits like big data analytics and application services on the other hand making business even more competition filled for small and medium businesses.
The reports provided data that there are many companies that use multiple cloud services to cater to their multiple requirements. Hybrid cloud provides a mix of public and private cloud from a single provider thereby eliminating the above mentioned disadvantages.
With Big data as a service and cloud computing as a solution to the technical barrier, Big data analytics is a great success. Though cloud computing is advertised to help SMEs, it has catered to the needs of large businesses alone. With SME application protection, companies can scan their source code on the web application and track and cyber attack or changes.
However, today, the cloud performance is very reliable and the main emphasis on the cloud computing, is its performance. The results of gamification provide very important information that can help companies to take up crucial decision in marketing, branding and other fields. With adapting technologies, the cloud computing continues to evolve forward and become more creative in the ways a business could use it in every means, to gain a high return on investment.
In those circles, “cloud computing” usually refers to the use of scalable and virtualized resources.It is often associated with a pay-as-you-go model that allows users to take up only as much server space as they need, and ramp up or down in real time. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription based service that, in real time over the network.
Your cloud storage provider should handle all of this for you, so it is important to check how they handle things before signing up with any company. It should be a simple matter of calling the company and specifying how much more storage you need, then they just put it online for you and raise your monthly bill accordingly. As boring as that may seem, eventually you’ll stumble upon vital information that could help you make a decision. Most cloud storage providers do have some type of file versioning, but they may maintain a limited number of versions, or save them for only a specific amount of time.
Cloud storage solutions are the newest trend; however, not all services are properly secured up in the cloud.
This is the basic concept of how cloud computing works, today, this concept is being used in many aspects of business to cater to many different needs of the customers. With no company ready to scale down to one service and rejecting the benefits of another, hybrid cloud is the best business solution for those large organizations. Businesses want the service to be reliable at the critical time and its capacity must be up to their expectations. This means that instead of running a bank of servers or storage units, only some of which is used at a given time, companies can pay for virtualized services with a much smaller carbon footprint.In December, Pike Research reported that the adoption of cloud computing will lead to a 31 percent drop in data center energy consumption between 2010 and 2020. Android apps and games companies also using cloud computing to make faster and reliable Apps. If you have a promotional offer to start with, you could find that the price increases significantly when you move up to a larger plan. 39% think that 1% to 10% of the IT services they use will come from a Cloud Computing platform. With advanced technology, cloud has overcome those disadvantages and many companies trust its sensitive applications to cloud computing. Even if a hacker could gain access to the files, they couldn't read them because of the encryption.
The energy grid in that area derives uses less than five percent clean energy, Greenpeace said. Companies all over the world are moving to higher frequency data collection and calculations.

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