A number of Hewlett-Packard PCs are getting new cloud options through a partnership with Box today. Box offers enterprise cloud storage and file sharing services and is partnering with enterprise hardware makers for an easy in to those companies’ customers. HP took a hard turn toward the enterprise market earlier this year with the purchase of Autonomy, an enterprise software company.
The Microsoft Azure Circle Partner program has expanded with the addition of SaaSplaza and Syntel.
Gallery of 30 top small home bar cabinets, sets and wine bars made from oak, birch, walnut, cherry wood and more.
Installing a small home bar is pretty easy these days because there are many pre-built models you can choose from. As with most furniture, there are quite a few styles to choose from (we feature several styles). Some are designed to be placed against the wall, while others are designed to be placed away from the wall creating more of real bar with stools.
Closed storage (that locks):  If you would like to lock up your alcohol, look for locking home bar cabinets (many offer locking features).
Foot railing:  This is a great feature to have because it makes sitting on stools much more comfortable.
One or two tiers:  Some home bar sets have one counter while others have a lower bar accessible from behind the bar as well as a front, elevated counter.

This particular model is very popular with more than 50 customer reviews (33 of which give 5 out of 5 stars, which is impressive). The front is elegant while the rear storage is very smartly designed to store a great deal of wine, liquor, dishes and accessories. Other unique decor and basement office ideas to consider: Picture (6) shows a wall covered with chalkboard paint. Can you tell me what paint colour was used on the walls in the picture for #8 (office nook under the stairs)? The offers include 10 GB of cloud storage plus the option to upgrade, with HP’s Compaq Pro 6005 and 6200 series PCs. Since then, the company has experienced a directional upheaval as it changed leadership from former CEO Leo Apotheker to current chief executive Meg Whitman, decided whether or not to keep its WebOS division and considered killing off its PC division altogether. Microsoft Dynamics cloud services provider SaaSplaza and IT and knowledge process services provider Syntel have both joined the growing program of Azure partners. If you have a large basement you could create a separate room for the home office, and the rest of the basement can be used as a family room, gym, entertainment room, etc.
Popular ideas are to use either floating wall shelves or free standing book cases, or have cabinets built in.
Recessed ceiling lights or hanging pendant lights would be an ideal choice, along with table and floor lamps (Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options). Here you will find a growing collection of interior design and decor mood board guides I have put together.

A decision still has not been reached on WebOS, but for now HP PCs are no longer facing the chopping block.
One way to close off the office is to build walls, but a simpler way would be to hang up curtains.
You don't need to be an interior designer to turn your home into a great looking, and relaxing space. Or if space is limited, how about creating a closet office (Creating a Workspace At Home: Closet Office Ideas)?
If you are remodeling the basement and tailoring it to a home office, remember to place electrical outlets in convenient locations. SaaSplaza fits into the program as a partner specializing in global cloud services based around Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, and the company noted it has experience working with Azure to provide cloud Dynamics services around the world.
Or you can go down the custom building route and have a desk built into the office space (kitchen countertops are a good choice).

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