From reading this post you will learn and compare best Cloud Computing Security Companies for 2015 and be able to choose best cloud security solution for our business. This means that it has become especially important that companies pay attention to security of their infrastructure, their data, and their cloud users, and hence look at security providers that are the pioneers in this very field: cloud security. BN offers various services like firewalls, spam filtering, protection for web applications and more for popular cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Office 365. CloudPassage have built a platform, known as Halo that offers seamless security options and compatibility across varied cloud deployment models such as public, private or hybrid clouds. Offering Cloud security options along with antivirus software for both PC and mobile, McAfee is now owned by Intel.
While mainly operating as an antivirus software company, Panda also offers end-point, email, and Web traffic security for corporate customers. As the name indicates, Ping Identity provides identity and access management services to companies. Winner of SC Magazine’s “Best Security Company” award in February 2014, Qualys provides a suite of cloud security applications, which include perimeter monitoring, Web application security, compliance tools, desktop security, and internal scanning which allows companies to monitor their infrastructure without any hardware to maintain, high scalability and data security. SafeNet is a relatively older company as compared to the other cloud security players, and has been around for 30 years.
Symantec offers services like security for data centre servers, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, data loss prevention, encryption of data, endpoint protection for virtual machines, Website security by using SSL certificates, and user authentication services. Trend Micro offers various solutions for large and small enterprises which include: central control manager, which provides monitoring for endpoints and messages, data loss prevention services, detection of threats in the network in real time, security suite for virtual and cloud machines, and web application security.
Webroot aims to provide lighter security solutions than its competitors by taking out the hardware from the process using its BrightCloud security suite. Please, Comment your question or opinion below regarding top Cloud Computing Security Companies ranking.
The driving factors for adopting cloud services are nearly the same for all company sizes, shows the poll. Another result of the survey is that leaders of smaller companies list Cloud Computing as a priority at the same rate as executives in larger companies. As show on the graphic above 72% of the businesses said that they use web hosting, 54% use email hosting, 32% use database hosting, 30 use application hosting and 21% use hosting providers for online storage. All major industries such as financial services, retail, social networking, health care, manufacturing, IT service providers, marketing and advertising, non-profit sector and city governments are represented in the survey. Two thirds of the survey participants believe that Cloud computing will have a moajor impact on the IT industry.
Cost savings, uptime and high availability, and performance are the key factors that make companies to start using Cloud Hosting technologies. More than 75% of the survey respondents said that only 6% of It service they will use within the next 12 months will be delivered form a cloud platform. 70% of the survey participants answered that web applications are the service which is best suited for cloud hosting environment. 32% of potential users of services delivered from Cloud Computing prefer to pay on monthly basis. The results from the survey illustrates the need of additional education of the uses and benefits of the Cloud Computing. Create SEOBack-links: On the Internet, a backlink to your content is a vote on its popularity as a useful, valuable or entertaining resource.
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Any business that hires a cloud computing company will greatly appreciate security of their important data. Cloud computing companies have multiple backup servers, where they backup their customers’ data safely and securely. Modern cloud computing companies use advanced data encryption techniques to protect the data of their clients.
However, it has been observed that the contracts often contain technical terms or clauses that the clients do not understand. In addition to offering better services to their clients, top cloud computing companies give excellent monitoring of the data. The company has been around since 2002 and it has over 47000 corporate clients around the world which get cloud benefits from.
McAfee offers various security options for corporate customers, such as database security, data centre security, email and Web security, and data encryption and protection. They provide capabilities of single sign on (SSO) to employees of the companies, so they can continue to work from their smartphones or tablets. It provides a set of applications for cloud security, which include: identity protection, securing transactions, data encryption, and protection and control of data in virtual environments.
It has been around for 14 years and mainly provides services to US Army and Department of Defense, and other such commercial organizations. They also offer two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions and OTPs (One Time Passwords) for secure access to networks without using hardware devices. They offer various analysis techniques namely: binary static analysis, dynamic analysis, monitoring and discovery of web applications, behavioural analysis, and manual penetration testing.
They provide firewall and threat management services to corporate clients, which includes packet filtering, application control, prevention of loss of data, a gateway antivirus service, a spam blocker, and a web threats blocker. Through this suite, they provide all-round security services from the cloud, such as a service to block phishing sites, a service that allows customers to integrate Webroot’s threat detection service into the client’s network, a classification service to protect against web threats, and a service for real-time security.
It laso shows that business sizes does not play a big role in the process of adoption of cloud technologies. Small businesses are likely to receive a greater amount of IT services from a cloud platform.
This includes reduced costs, increased scalability, improved service level agreements for customers, and higher availability. Until now the expected primary source for increased revenues was large corporations, specifically for test and development environments.
Contrastingly, 22% were familiar with the term but did not thing that it would provide value to their company.
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Top rated Ping sites creates High quality Backlinks and submits to quality search engines and  web directories . Most businesses have highly sensitive information that they want to keep protected from corruption or loss. They have their customer’s sensitive and confidential data, and want these data to be kept in utmost privacy. Therefore, if you are hiring a cloud service and do not understand the terms or conditions in the contract, you have the right to ask them to explain that to you. The growing popularity of cloud computing in the recent past has meant that people are becoming more and more dependent on the cloud infrastructure, and the very nature of a cloud computing environment indicates it as a target-rich environment for individuals and organizations with malicious intentions.
Some other offerings of this company include message encryption service from sender to receiver, and even a disaster recovery service for client emails. They also provide easy integration facilities to customers so that they can leverage their existing infrastructure.
Its Safe Access software has been in use in the DOD intranet since 2006, with more than 700,000 users. Via these analysis techniques they offer optimal accuracy in identifying threats via their cloud based platform. The survey also says that an increased education on cloud benefits, solutions and design is very important to be mastered from businesses of all sizes. However, over the past several months decreased revenues and operating budgets have driven small businesses to explore and implement production cloud environments. More that 40% of them are holding CXOs, president, vice president titles or are owner on the companies. 64% of survey’s participants work fr companies with annual revenue less than $10 million, while 13% of them manage businesses with more than $100 million annual revenue.
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If you are planning to associate with a cloud service provider, you must know about the uniqueness of services offered by the top cloud computing companies. They hire a cloud computing company to save these because they know that backing them up in external drivers or PCs alone will not be wise always. It also allows the customers to claim for compensation if their data is corrupted or leaked. They also provide APIs and software development kits (SDKs) to facilitate faster app development.
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This way, you can know in advance whether the cloud service provider you are associating with is reliable or not. 39% think that 1% to 10% of the IT services they use will come from a Cloud Computing platform.
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