How to adapt to the new marketing climate and manage customer relationships across all channels?
Building a strong brand presence through Digital Media Channels requires both strategy and imagination, and we do this to build strong relationship with the brands.
I am responding to a few conversations, that I have had over the last couple of weeks with eyecare providers about Internet competition. That said, we have done quite a few posts on competing on line- and I thought I would take this opportunity to review a few of our articles.
FACT- Online optical retailers are employing social media such as blogs, twitter, facebook and myspace to grow there business.

FACT-On-line retailers are utilizing FREE PR websites to announce new products and services.
FACT- Online Retailers have caught the eye of such media as Yahoo, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Kiplinger, FOX News. FACT- More and more online eyeglass retailers are offering affiliate programs so more people can sell their products on line. FACT- Online Eyecare Retailers are using such technology as Skpe, showing they are in the Tech mode and able to cost effectively reach global markets.
FACT- Many of online optical companies feature a sustainability or cause related marketing program.

As online optical retailers become more and more prevalent, we will continue to address this segment of the ECP competition as well as ways to overcome.
The conversations have been about online optical retailers, the use of the Internet to promote business and and a general feeling that the ECP is procrastinating taking action. Taking action is not hard- it’s about baby steps and working towards recouping some patients.

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