Powerful: Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies and reach clients.
Hyperscale: Barreleye is an ultra-powerful, highly-efficient server built with OpenPOWER technologies (including POWER8 processors) to an Open Compute Project specification. Plan, Execute, and Maintain: With a 3-to-1 engineer-to-sales ratio, Mark III is uniquely positioned to not only help your enterprise plan and implement your IT infrastructure strategy, but also to provide ongoing assistance and expertise throughout the life of your investment.
Hear it in Their Own Words: Since 1995, Mark III has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. With a very strong staff of Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and developers to complement our long-tenured sales team, Mark III has always placed an emphasis on helping our clients be successful throughout the life of any solution that we help a client architect and implement. Let Mark III take a look at your current direction and infrastructure and lend our perspectives to your overall strategy.

Mark III plans to offer not only availability of Barreleye to enterprises and service providers, but also guidance and services around the platform and assistance on integrating with existing technology strategies, leveraging our 20+ years of experience with IBM and POWER-based technologies. All of Mark IIIa€™s senior engineers were formerly lead system administrators at large enterprises and, accordingly, can offer up uniquely comprehensive perspectives on solutions and challenges that align with your long-term priorities. Whether it be a major healthcare system, a large municipality, or one of the largest multinational oil companies in the world, Mark III has consistently delivered for our clients in all phases in the IT infrastructure lifecycle.
Whether it be a routine healthcheck, a proactive roadmap planning meeting, or just a friendly call to see how things are going, we truly believe that any partnership with Mark III only starts with the initial implementation. Come read about why many of our clients from our early years are still clients almost two decades later. We definitely encourage you to reach out to us and see what the a€?Mark III Differencea€? is all about!

For nearly 20 years, Mark III has invested and maintained its status as an IBM Premier Business Partner and developed core competencies around this IBM partnership to service our clients at a rare depth that is truly impactful to their operating success. Accordingly, Mark III has been recognized by IBM with numerous awards over the years, including a prestigious worldwide IBM Beacon Award in 2010 and 2013.

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