The Big Data Virtual Summit will comprise expert keynotes, real world case studies and interactive discussion panels led by senior IT practitioners who will share their tips for Big Data technologies and data management strategies.
The most successful businesses are those with confidence in their ability to store, access and use data effectively. This review looks at why small businesses need to stop being complacent about their networks and at what they can do to maintain their competitive edge as they follow the big boys down the route of increasing collaboration and other bandwidth-hungry applications likely to impact on network performance and availability.
The government has revealed that over 1,000 public buildings, including libraries, museums and sporting complexes, will be fitted with free WiFi hotspots as part of efforts to make the UK as digitally connected as possible. The hotspots are in Aberdeen, Belfast, Brighton & Hove, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Derby, Derry, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bradford, London, Manchester, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth and Salford. The move is designed to provide fast, secure internet access in as many locations as possible, which digital minister Ed Vaizey has described as essential to the UK. London's National Gallery, Imperial War Museum and National Portrait Gallery are among the locations that will offer free WiFi, along with the Central Library and Moss Side Leisure Centre in Manchester. Some locations have already gone live, and the remainder should be online no later than March 2015. 127 nodes were built discretely onto lamp posts and street signs in the area to create this monstrous mesh and advanced technology means users will be automatically switched between hotspots should you wish to stay connected on the move.

Like most WiFi networks it will be open to multiple broadband providers which will charge users a variety of rates. 350,000 people work and live within the City of London (not to be confused with London itself, obviously). Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
Global Reach Tech is world-renowned for its progressive and forward thinking ideas, and for its commitment to breaking the mold.
Cloudessa will add to Global Reach Tech’s value because it will extend Global Reach’s footprint in the US and bring in extra functionality to Odyssys®, the carrier-grade cloud WiFi from Global Reach. This entry was posted in California, Technology and tagged London, Mergers and Acquisitions, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Software Engineering, Strategic Planning, Tumblr, WiFi, Wireless by WorldwideNews.
The rollout and installation of the networks is being funded by the £150m super-connected cities scheme unveiled last year. Virgin Media has installed access throughout the London Underground, and BT now boasts more than five million WiFi hotspots around the UK.
That said, the first month will be sponsored by Finnish ugly handset maker Nokia and users will simply need to register here to get their username and password.

For years, Global Reach Tech has been lauded as a cutting-edge software modernizer and a foremost provider of carrier class cloud WiFi and Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 services.
Spencer’s talents—which, when merged with those of his colleagues, prove valuable—are an asset to the telecommunications industry. Chris Spencer, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, specializes in wireless operations, mesh networks and municipal WiFi, hotspots, network control, and business analytics, to say the least.
Odyssys® is their cloud WiFi software solution that provides businesses large and small with private and public WiFi.
Comprised of a team of dynamic experts who are all knowledgeable in the areas of e-commerce, networking and software engineering, a London-based Global Reach Tech rapidly mushroomed by amalgamating location information, Internet Protocol networking—particularly over wireless and intelligent software applications.

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