WiFi Hotspots from The Cloud lets Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect and Fibre customers stay online with free and unlimited wireless internet in thousands of popular places throughout the UK. For free and unlimited WiFi access on your Android device, download the Sky Cloud WiFi app and follow the simple Sign Up. When you’re out and about, the app will automatically connect your device to Cloud WiFi Hotspots when you’re in range so there’s no need to re-enter passwords or login details once you’ve signed up. There are over 20,000 Cloud hotspots throughout the UK in many of the places you visit regularly from shops to cafes, pubs and train stations.

If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly.
Use it to create your free Cloud account and then register your compatible device for automatic connection* when in range of thousands of Cloud hotspots. The Cloud WiFi is fast and really easy to use, and by switching to it you could save money by avoiding using your mobile data allowance. If you would like to surf the web, simply open your web browser and hit a€?continue onlinea€™.

Device registration is required to claim venue offers, additional terms and conditions will apply.

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