It’s an age-old truth that slides jam-packed with information cast audiences off into their own daydreams, but new research from Christof Wecker reveals that slide design means more to presentation retention than anyone previously estimated. As it turns out, slides with too much text create a cognitive overload that destroys presentation recall.
Concise slides, on the other hand, are so crucial that audiences are more likely to walk away remembering what was on a presenter’s slides than what actually came out of their mouth. The perfect way to apply Wecker’s research to increase presentation effectiveness is to create pointed slides that reiterate the most crucial takeaways from each section of a presentation. Scientifically proving what many secretly think, but are often too afraid to put into practice. We are a presentation agency with over 50 years of experience working with industry leaders.
See how we give companies like AMC, NBCUniversal, and Conde Nast an edge over the competition with first class presentations and a presentation solution for the iPad. Learn more about our CustomShow presentation software that is proprietary and used with many of our clients. Government delays in improving broadband internet access are having a negative impact on the country’s economy, according to rankings by the World Economic Forum (WEF) published in a report on Thursday.
In 2013, South Africa occupied 70th place in the WEF rankings of 144 countries, according to their ability to benefit from the digital era.
WEF economists said the economies of countries utilising digital technology grew faster and created more jobs.
The WEF warned however that South Africa and the other Brics members (Brazil, Russia, India and China) could be damaging their opportunities and economic prospects negatively.

According to the WEF, even though South Africa improved ICT infrastructure and bandwidth during the past year, this was mostly due to the private sector. South Africa ranked 33rd in the WEF rankings based on companies’ ability to use ICT to improve their productivity. The WEF placed South Africa in 102nd place using criteria that examined how importantly a government regarded ICT policy, state efforts to plan for this sector and the availability of online government services.
SAPASapa, or the South African Press Association, is a non-governmental news agency that was established in 1938. Microsoft Office has made a big impact in handling the nuances of small and big business document processing and management.
Office will still continue to offer macros and add-ins, which have proven to be a great success in other versions.
Along with the enhancements that this version will bring about, IT professionals can reap great advantage by using bandwidth management features.
This blog is devoted to helping businesses improve the ways in which they build and manage presentations. With Microsoft Office 2016 being released, everybody is curious to know what features and enhancements it will bring to the work environment.
Many features which had been missing in previous versions and were in great demand have now been added to MS Office 2016. Centralized sharing mechanisms have been built into these tools to help keep the office documents safe.
Support of multi-factor authentication has been added, which scales up the security and integrity of official emails.

Vital diagrams like Pivot Tables can now be constructed with keyboard shortcuts which save a lot of time and adds precision. Since Microsoft feels that these features are designed to the best of their ability, there hasn’t been any updates or changes made to them.
Using visuals is all the more powerful, as your narrative can explain the images, increasing audience engagement and recall through frugal coding of two different (but synchronised) media streams. New research suggests that purchasing attractive products improves the self-esteem of customers and opens their minds to other choices and points of view.
Authoring policies can also be applied which gives a way to restrict and authenticate the use of documents.
The search functionality has been improved to a large extent which will make it easier for professionals to search for emails from huge folders or inboxes. So all Visio images and diagrams can be protected, irrespective of whether they are online or offline. Administrators will be able to manage users and give them designated rules to activate devices.
Outlook’s performance has also been enhanced so that users don’t have to wait for their messages to download.

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