Because PCs are still the most commonly used desktop computers and arguably the easiest to program software for, most cloud storage services will happily integrate with your PC.
If a cloud storage service has been designed exclusively for the PC, you might run into problems if you’re attempting to sync your data to a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone. The average price for the most basic cloud storage service for PC will set you back as little as $5 to $10 per month.
We asked our panel of experts to consider the available cloud storage services for PC and select their top five choices. Backing up files is one of the most important things a computer user can do to ensure that no document is lost to the many problems that come with the use of technology. When looking at the benefits of cloud storage providers, many people do not understand what exactly these services can do for them.
While these are just some of the most important benefits, you can be assured that any data is always available, even if you lose your equipment to unforeseen disasters. There are variations of cloud services that are free and can meet most of your storage needs, but if you have a lot of files to backup, then this can be a cost-effective way of keeping your data secure. We engaged the best cloud experts in the world to conduct a review on each cloud provider and find the top 10 services. Two types of cloud storage service currently exist in the digital world: consumer and enterprise. Consumer cloud storage solutions are services that can be accessed just like any other utility on your computer, but are delivered over the internet.
Consumer cloud storage is easily accessible and can be used to share files with other people or retrieve them on alternative devices, such as laptops or cell phones. Enterprise cloud storage solutions are generally the option of choice for businesses and organizations that need to store corporate data and keep it safe from disaster, theft and viruses.
Whether you need a consumer cloud storage solution or an enterprise storage solution depends entirely on the width and depth of your needs.
As the healthcare industry encounters several rapid changes pertinent to reduction in costs and enhancements in clinical outcomes, healthcare organizations, as a recent measure, are transforming to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The main reason behind this discrepancy among American healthcare providers is the security, accessibility, and cost associated with EHR systems. As mentioned in an article on Wired, hackers or cybercriminals show particular interests on healthcare information or data, as its dollar value happens to be relatively substantial.
As the healthcare industry tends to adopt higher standards of medical images like 3D imaging, better image resolution, and video, there is a further increase in the amount of data that has to be processed and stored. The various advantages offered by cloud computing are apparent: enhanced agility, flexibility and efficiency, highly accessible resources, lower costs, and simplified management. Howbeit, when it comes to moving to the cloud, the two major concerns to healthcare professionals are availability and security.
With cloud based storage for medical or healthcare data, it has never been easier to protect all streamlined data and applications, in addition to protecting the same from intrusion and virus attacks.
In addition to such concerns pertinent to the physical security of sensitive medical data, cloud solutions serving in the healthcare industry must also offer a strong physical infrastructure that contains several redundant layers for various aspects like connectivity, cooling, and power in order to ensure constant availability of the cloud. Cloud services has made it possible for users to share, store and host data onto the Internet atmosphere and bypass mainframes, as well as your own hard drive.
More people are sourcing there data storage to cloud providers because of the cost savings and ease of use, as well as makes accounting, payroll and employee management simpler. This is a cloud service that requires little administrative controls and can be accessed online by any anyone you authorize.
After deciding which type of cloud service you want to use, you need to choose the provider you want to use. Google Cloud Storage is the best option for application developers looking for effortless, cloud-based storage and access for their data. Backup or archive data: Google Cloud Storage presents a highly available and highly reliable data backup solution, which is also easy to maintain. Share data with partners and colleagues: Google Cloud Storage allows data owners to swiftly construct and manage Access Control Lists (ACL).
Serve websites with static data: High performance and availability makes Google Cloud Storage the best option for storing and serving websites with static data, which is inclusive of user-generated content. Examine and determine large quantity of data: Google’s analytic tools like Google BigQuery Service and Google Prediction API are supported by Google Cloud Storage. Though it offers so many advantages to its users, the pricing of Google Cloud Storage is still reasonable. Similarly to other Districts and Independent Schools in British Columbia, Richmond Christian School provides students in Grades K – 12 with a variety of online services, which are managed by the school, to help support the educational programs being delivered at RCS. Many of these educational services host and store our student data on their servers which are located outside of Canada.
Questions about privacy and security are always paramount as we create, store, connect and interact online. Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Ideal for individual students as well as whole classrooms, Keyboarding Without Tears is a multi-sensory curriculum for grades K-5 that teaches pre-keyboarding, keyboarding, digital citizenship, and general computer readiness skills. Essential Skills is an early learning teaching software for teaching of reading, spelling, phonics grammar and math. Accelerated Reader, which is used in about 30,000 schools worldwide, is a reading management software program that supports individualized reading practice by providing more than 145,000 multiple-choice quizzes for students in grades K to 12. If you have any questions or concerns about the online services used at Richmond Christian School, please email our Director of ICT in Education. When compared to other services, the launch of Google Drive was a bit late, but the service had enough strength to turn to the choice of geeks. This is yet another awesome platform for online file storage, which can be accessed through multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. As far as we have seen, most of these services have distinctive features, which in turn suit them for different needs. This means that you have almost too much choice to make sense of when it comes time to make a decision which cloud storage service to go for.

If you’re largely interested in investing in cloud storage for PC because you want to make sure your data is securely and properly backed up, you’ll want to search for a service that places the most importance on encryption, security and ease of data recovery. The exact price, of course, will depend entirely on the amount of data that you are looking to store in the cloud and most service providers will offer you tiered packages based on amount of storage space. Businesses are even looking at this valuable service as a way to save money on storage equipment and making those client documents available to their employees around the world. If you have ever lost your files to corruption, viruses or hackers, using a cloud storage service will come in handy.
You can make a determination of whether this service is for you if you know everything about these providers.
With so many saying they offer you the best service, you can get confused about which ones to join. We gave each one of these experts a list of the quality standards we expect from a cloud service and these experts graded them on this criteria.
The two differ in several fundamental ways, with enterprise options offering more features than their consumer counterparts. The cost to use them is based on the amount of data you want to store, with most consumer cloud storage services offering pricing packages that bill you only for the storage space you need – if your consumption drops, so does the price. It’s a service that’s generally used by individuals with limited storage needs and includes well-known services including Dropbox and YouSendIt.
They offer storage on demand on a scalable basis and are both cost-efficient and easily available ways for a large number of sensitive or important documents.
This transformation is mainly to manage and systematize patient and all other medical data and records. In addition, there are two challenges that have to be addressed: one is the need to provide the necessary availability and performance for handling large sets of data, and the other is to protect sensitive healthcare information so that they meet certain industry regulations, like those dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
For instance, a person’s social security number would be worth just $1 while the same person’s medical identity would be worth $50, a significant increase in the value.
In addition to the processing and storing of medical data, healthcare organizations must also take steps to protect those data. The cloud can be used by those top executives of healthcare organizations, who aim at augmenting patient care as well as generating revenue for the organization while reforming the meager resources of IT, to offer cost effective application support and capacity. This is because the IT administrators of healthcare organizations are required to protect the constant availability and security of medical data in order to meet the uncompromising standards. However, there is still one visible feature of security that is often neglected, which is the data center’s physical security.
This new industry is a combination of synchronized servers that allow you to carry out sophisticated computing processes. Individuals are using cloud services to protect their important data and share videos, as well as pictures with others.
You get the same security, but don’t need to maintain the system as much as you would with a private cloud. You can customize your features and insert the applications that meet your needs, as well as the resources that work for you. This can be a complicated decision, but our cloud storage experts have completed a quality review of each cloud service. The process generally includes: storage disks, backup copies, data servers, disaster recovery provisions, and firewall. All you need to do is sign in to the Google APIs Console, enable Google Cloud Storage and you can start uploading your data on an HTTP interface. These analytic tools allow data owners to quickly examine and determine terabytes of data for obtaining effective business insights.
It can be purchased for a relatively low monthly fee depending on the amount of data you wish to store and manage. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. As time progressed, Cloud Computing has acquired its practical form, and now involves in our everyday tech life directly or indirectly – most big brothers in the internet industry has moved to cloud computing from the traditional counterpart. The service, however, offers a storage space of 15GB, despite the fact that this amount is the whole capability of Google account.
Even though the primary reception was a bit sad, as Microsoft managed to integrate the service with Windows 8 devices, the popularity of SkyDrive has received a drastic growth as well as more users. When we compare the service to others, Dropbox seems quite minimal in design as well as with functionality, but it would be just right for your purpose.
The service includes a superb synchronization tool for Windows-based services, and using the tool, keeping your documents in tough with online is a damn easy process.
The service offers free storage of 10 GB, and you can use several applications to access the service.
To help you make your final selection, we asked our experts to tell us what the most important features you should be looking for are to find the best cloud storage services for your PC. If, on the other hand, you want to use your online backup to share files and folders with other people, you will need a cloud storage service for PC that has created easy ways to do this and will allow you to grant password access to individual folders or documents. When you’re choosing a cloud storage service for a PC, it’s worth bearing in mind what other operating systems you may need to access it from and checking to make sure that you can. Before you select a cloud storage service for PC, check how much data you need to back up so that you can properly compare your different options. However, once you find the right one, then you will discover that the benefits outweight the risks, if it is the right provider. Both allow you to store your documents and access them anywhere, from any device, but an enterprise storage solution gives you more options and features to help you do so – and will allow you to store a whole lot more documents. With the conception of this new system and various other IT systems in the healthcare industry, health organizations must focus on digitizing and storing large amounts of sensitive medical data.
By possessing such medical information, criminals obtain the ability to carry out medical identity theft, which typically means receiving goods or services using the personal medical information of a different person, causing destruction in that individual’s records, making service providers liable and raising expenses for everyone involved.
As the amount of digitized medical data increases, so does the chances of being maliciously attacked. Storage on the cloud ensures organizations on pay-as-you-use services, reduced costs, and enhanced agility, enabling them to enjoy all possible external IT capabilities which they may not otherwise contain in-house.

The cloud storage system selected by the healthcare organization must implement onsite security systems, such as biometric scanners, armed security guards, and key cards, which will reduce the number of employees containing direct access to the stored sensitive data. The systems convert your important data onto a cloud provider, which can be remotely accessed and cuts down on the space you use on your personal hard drive. You don’t need a rigid integration with your business needs or private storage concerns.
The most important data can be kept on a private cloud, while the less important data can be stored on a public cloud and accessed by a host of people remotely.
Our quality check was designed by the leading experts and we narrowed down the large list of cloud providers to the top ten services based on a host of criteria. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a group, you can easily store and concert access to large amount of data, with Google Cloud Storage.
Google Cloud Storage relieves you from this mishap, and allows you to store, share, analyze, and retrieve your data, regularly, without having to be concerned about firmware upgrades and maintenance. You can also use the Google Cloud Storage API to build applications that make use of facile HTTP methods to store, manage, and share data from all over the internet. The usage of bandwidth and storage are estimated in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB = 230 bytes. A teacher can assign and grade work on Edmodo; students can get help from the entire class on Edmodo. There are over 20,000 schools using the program to motivate students and individualize instruction. Moreover, field of cloud computing is acquiring appropriate timely upgrades, and you can use authority blogs like Online Backup Mag if you would like to keep yourself up-to-date with those changes. The service has come up with several options to share your files safely, and they include word ‘protect’ in their tagline. Unlike other services, Box offers different plans for a number of categories such as Personal, Business, and Enterprise IT etc. Before you choose between them, you simply need to decide how much data you want to store, how secure you need it to be and how easily you need to be able to access it. However, despite the constant insistence of industry experts and government, the adoption of EHR still continues to lag behind among several healthcare providers of the US.
In order to deal with the increasing frequency and cost of data breaches and also to comply with the different industry regulations, healthcare organizations and providers are found to be highly driven to take measures for protecting their sensitive medical information. When developed properly, cloud storage can also meet every other demand of the healthcare organization, including data security.
This process will help in the reduction of internal data breaches by employees who are likely to be displeased.
Both work good, but primarily for businesses, not individuals, unless you are running a smaller home-based company.
Google’s distinguished cloud storage system offers a wide range of benefits to your business, some of which include: innovative functionality, nearly unlimited scalability, and reliability, inclusive of sophisticated data-analysis tools and standards-based security features. Google Cloud Storage also enables you to share data with your authorized partners and colleagues. With so many excellent features and benefits, Google Cloud Storage is definitely worth the money.Here is the list of top 10 cloud storage providers.
With any cloud-based or online service, there is a level of trust one must take when it comes to knowing the created and saved data is safe and secure.
Parents can also join the class to bring a level of transparency that is difficult to achieve without technology. One of the prominent services of Cloud Computing in perspective of a normal internet user are online storage services, which let users save, share and edit (optional) your files while being online.
As you can guess, G Drive is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Just as Google Drive, the service also offers editing of files through these applications as well as the web-based platform. However, if you have friends who have yet not signed up for Dropbox, you could get extra storage through referrals.
Since the company uses AES 256-bit encryption to store your files, the company can assure that your data is perfectly safe from vulnerabilities.
In the second and third plan variants, Box could provide the optimum abilities of Cloud Computing for business-based need such as FTP alternative, cloud platform et. Below you’ll find a comparison chart to help you get started comparing some of the very best cloud storage services available.
It has been found that, as of late 2012, only 69% physicians of the United States reported to have been using EHR systems for storing their data. You have more administrative control and can design the system to what you want it to accomplish in the way of business needs.
We even have a comparison and selection tool you can use to view your chosen providers next to each other or find the services that meet your needs.
As it houses your data in many, superfluous, high-availability data centers, data access is speedy and reliable.
However, since there are multiple services for the mentioned purpose, you might face some doubts while choosing the online storage for you. In addition, Google Drive is integrated with other Google services such as Gmail in such a way that you can manage your email files using the storage service. Apart from these, through some APIs, Dropbox has some productive applications that are quite useful in the web world. In spite of the fact that Box does not allow editing of files, considering the 10GB, it is a great service. While in other countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and the Netherlands, there are way more than 95% of healthcare providers who have been found to use this system.
In this post, we like to list out top five online storage services, which can do prominent contributions in converting your office into virtual mode.

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