The Oosah website is developed in Flash and features a clear, slick design that makes it really easy to use.
Oosah is specifically designed for multimedia files, meaning you can only upload image, video and audio files. Yunio is a free online file storage service that provides 1 TB free space that will keep growing with 1 GB limit per day, if you will login to your Yunio account once in a day. Like similar data backup and syncing software, you need to install a desktop client for Yunio using which you can create online backups, sync files, can create & access shared folders.
Note: Pro version of Yunio provides more handy features, like 5 TB space that grows with 5 GB limit per day, 15 GB limit to upload a single file, 20 shared folders for a single device, 20 number of synced folders, and much more. After registering yourself, you can open its interface, and you will receive 1 TB free storage space plus 1 GB extra storage to keep your files and folders. After this, you can upload files or folders to your Yunio account and all added files will be available on My Files option (same option will be available on its web interface to access files). Synced folder: Using this option, you will be able to create a new sync folder that you can sync with a local folder available on your PC. To share your folder with friend(s), you need to email the invitation link using your email id. Notification center: Any messages, like your friend applied to join your share folder, will be available in notification center.
Very handy cloud storage service that provides 1 TB free storage space that grows with 1 GB per day. You can create 10 different synced folders that you can sync with local folders available on your PC.
It is quite useful cloud storage service using which all your important files and folders will be available for you using its web interface. To get started, signup for the Tencent QQ account and install the Tencent Cloud (Weiyun) mobile app.
And the catch, is that they will go through all your data and deliver it to the Chinese government. Does it matter if you do not save sensitive information on it, which at the first place you should not on any sort of cloud storage?
When you get 10 TB for free, enjoy it & don't crib about the Chinese government or any other crap.
This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. Besides the file manager, there are other tools which enable you to create a photo slideshow and syndicate your contents, and which are also very intuitive.
There are also some limitations as regards file size (200 MB for videos, 50 MB for images and 9 MB for MP3) but all in all it’s still an excellent way to manage your media collection. You can store your files on this cloud storage service, can sync files with PC, and can share files with friends. Above screenshot shows its desktop client (at left part) and web interface at right part, which are quite similar to use. After this, both local folder and created folders will remain synchronized to keep files of both folders updated.
Once you have created a folder, you will get an invitation link that you can give to your friends so that they can join your shared folder.
Its 1 TB storage space that grows continuously with 1 GB per day limit in free account is unbeatable till now.
The company announced a shocking 10TB worth of free storage on their cloud storage service (Weiyun) for everyone, the best part is you get native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms to access the storage on your mobile devices. Now, click the big blue button on Weiyun’s promo site shared in the links below and you will instantly get 1TB worth of free space quota.

Also, this offer is primarily for Chinese users only as there is no English translation provided by default and it will take additional efforts for users to register and use the service.
The NSA's spying activities are so virulent that no portal is safe anymore from their prying eyes.
Nobody is asking you to save there your pictures or your PDF copies of your bank statements. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
But Oosah is not just a file storage; you can connect it with some of the most popular social sites available nowadays (namely Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Youtube) and seamlessly transfer content between them and your Oosah account. One unique thing about this Shared folder option is that you can add people to block list as well, in order to keep unwanted people away from accessing that folder.
Weiyun, the cloud storage service from Tencent is offering a massive 10 TB (10240 GB) free cloud storage to its new customers. As this space gets filled-up users account will get upgraded to more storage quota as per the table shown below, when a user hits the figure in first row shown below their account will automatically get topped-up to the value in second row upto a maximum of 10TB free storage.
The service has also developed a special version for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which means you can access your Oosah account anywhere with your mobile device. After installing it, it will start running on your system tray and its interface will open in front of you.
Even if you have a high-speed Internet connection, it takes lot of time to upload files, like songs, video files etc. Once the receiver has applied to join your folder, you will receive a notification to confirm the approval. So just use the 10 TB of free cloud storage safely (which they've given out generously in the first place).
The safe thing about this is that there is very unlikely situation that these services would comply to any request from companies to release information about IP address and what is stored there. The 1 TB free storage limit is outrageous which continuously grows with 1 GB per day, facility to create 10 different sync folders, 5 different shared folders can be created, and maximum 20 members can join shared folders. Now the very first thing you have to do is create an account with Yunio to avail benefits of this cloud storage service. I think Oosah online storage services perhaps is the biggest online storage offers in the world. And Chinese would rather keep you coming back as they have no chance to expand their services, so unlikely they need to comply with copyright watchdogs here anytime soon. It has huge reputation at stake and it wouldn’t just shut down overnight taking away all your data along with it. Also See: How To Get 36 TB Free Cloud Storage From Qihoo 360 Yunpan (Cloud Drive)?How To Get 10 TB Free Cloud Storage From Weiyun?1. A quick Google search turned up a list of terms and conditions which also makes mention of a separate privacy policy. The first entry is your email id associated with QQ and the second entry is the password of your QQ id.4. Now, go to Weiyun and click on the large blue button to get your 10 TB free cloud storage.5. Log in to the Weiyun cloud here to enjoy your 10 TB free storage.The above link takes you to the English language Tencent Weiyun website. So, now is the time to explore the cloud and take full advantage of your 10 TB free cloud storage. If only an english language option was available in the phone app, or even a guide for the app at least. Reply Link Martin June 3, 2014, 15:59The Power Upload option should let you upload files up to 32gb.

Reply Link Michael Sisk June 3, 2014, 23:16How did you get past the Chinese prompts to install the Power Upload option?
Reply Link s2law June 10, 2014, 21:28All set up and working (or at least I think it is).Like someone else has mentioned below, if this had an english app it would be EPIC! Reply Link Padi Phillips June 10, 2014, 23:17Seems like a good service, and who could fault 10TB of storage! Bolting down some of the new smart phones for security is almost imposible, Computers are just as risky where data is exchanged and the servers want to use your processor (CPU) I assume they mean Computer.
I do not claim that I have never down loaded or wathched anything that I was not sure was not legal as the laws these days are complicated and now wiyth the trans pacific agreement companies have tried to get more lagal rights then the Governments even in Western Democratic countries.
Even to the point of pushing for the right to fine offenders $7,000 per offence without legal due process. Currently I recall this can be a $750.00 fine per offence, however, they can wait for the offenced to build up for repeat offenders. Here is the crux, the ISP providers are trying to evade their responsibilities, so the Cloud Server services would more than likely fall into this category.
It is good that some people have been shut out, or services were shut down without notice due to abuse. The One World scenarion is upon us and we do not know how many countries are actually participating in the data collection and exchange agreements in between thge authority or Police bodies.
Everything we do on the Internet leaves a foot print, and very few can avoid all the pitfalls. Hiding on the network is harder now then it has ever been and we have the Terrorism war to thank for that as it was used to open the flood gates for more security and peeping legislation. However, the same information gathering principals can be used against every Internet user.
Here is something I wanted to know, if we can not down load or view a lot of materials why did the ISP providers offer huge download packages?
Should the other users not be able to down load from the cloud server with out your computer or them sharing or using your processor and network resources? Nevertheless, the User acknowledges and agrees that Tencent can not provide any warranty therefor.
Reasonable however, shared with partners (Cooperate) so thge users be aware of the legal wording used here? Reply Link youngnan July 27, 2014, 07:19When I get to the page where I have to put in the 4 letter verification code, an error in Chinese pops up. If I put in the wrong code it just recycles the captcha, but then I put in the right code, I get the error and it takes me back to the previous email and id page.
If I put in the wrong code and press the blue button on the right, it changes the captcha also for me to try again but if I put in the correct captcha and hit the blue button on the right, it takes me back to the name an id input page.This is happening on the app.
So I installed the tencent cloud on my phone and logged in, but I still get this message that all requirements aren’t fulfilled. Cheers for this info ?? Reply Link Kawal Jeet Singh September 29, 2014, 05:10Dear sir When i go through the registration process. Reply Link Pesho October 3, 2014, 16:58As Kawal Jeet Singh mentioned the verification code is not being sent by the company and i am really sad now. If I must install an application on a PC, I’ll simply do so on a sandboxed virtual machineCan you tell me, once the account is registered, do I need to use their software to upload to their cloud? Reply Link Ricky November 7, 2014, 17:12I can no longer upload any video file regardless of size.

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