It is possible to install Redis server and php extension php-redis to your Synology NAS, in order to support file locking in owncloud. If you have it in different location, please modify any scripts or examples given here accordingly. Note: If you decide to take this recommendation and setup your Owncloud data folder outside the web folder (makes upgrades, backups etc. OwnCloud uses a RFC 4086 (“Randomness Requirements for Security”) compliant mixer to generate cryptographically secure pseudo-random numbers. Clear the whole open_basedir input box, and while keeping the customize option still checked, apply changes. This option b where open_basedir is disabled for Owncloud – is actually the recommended approach by Owncloud documentation if Owncloud is running in 32bit environment.
I would highly recommend you choose Apache as your webserver for your Owncloud virtual host. 9)  After installation you need to assign more strict folder permissions back for Owncloud folders. Please follow closely and Owncloud Github for further configuration, setup and any other topical issues. Note:  It is possible to install Redis server and php extension php-redis to your Synology NAS, in order to support Redis caching and file locking in owncloud. Guide for installing Fail2ban for Synology NAS devices and configuring it for web services like Owncloud or WordPress. Please familiarize yourself to domain names and host names, and how they relate to IP addresses, and continue from there what exactly is virtual hosting and how to do it. I have though written a longish post about enabling https, where I also open up deeper the HSTS and also re-direct principles in general. It is anyway the decision for everyone to make if mandatory https is something you need to do or not for your service. I got myself a Synology DS216j and installed ownCloud 9.1 without much trouble, eventhough I never worked with most of the software and systems used here. This is good stuff for anyone interested in different options to encrypt data in Synology device.
1) It seems you have not defined your data folder to be outside web folder, as I instructed in my guide.
2) if you get the error no input file specified when trying to open web page, then it seems that your web server cannot serve correctly browser with the correct files.
Considering the issues you have faced, it seems you have failed to follow the steps on this guide – and it is pretty much impossible to give you a proper solution for your issues. This was only mentioned in your section 2b, not 2a so I just didn’t execute 2b at all after completing 2a. Every feedback I receive is a satisfying reward for publishing these guides – appreciated a lot!
This guide will have detailed instructions for installing Owncloud 9 to Synology NAS device with DSM 6.

If you are planning to do upgrade, please see my other blog post about Owncloud upgrade procedure and the things you should consider when doing the upgrade.
Please use the web address that you want to use when using Owncloud, so that during installation your domain will be automatically added to allowed domains in Owncloud config.php file. Please see my other blog post for installing phpredis into Synology NAS  running DSM6 without bootstrapping. Packed with years of experience leading Enterprise level IT development teams within the biggest companies of Technology industry. It can be hosted internally in your LAN, if you have setup your own DNS server pointing into your server. This is one of those things that you just have to figure out yourself in order to really grasp it. I wanted to upgrade to 9.1 OC, but I already have a great instance that must be updated via the command line. HSTS is permanent by nature in browser, not sure if you don’t have certificate installed, can you still configure it into your virtual host? I am not sure if that’s easily doable with those shared folder and the encryption option. If you have customized open_basedir enabled, and paths defined on allowed list(but not ALL required paths)- php sites will not work in your webserver. Unbelievable that it’s nowadays possible to set up a webserver, database engine and fully functional cloud on a computer with a few clicks, some scripts and about an hour of messing around. However – these changes are valid only if you want to access your Owncloud through Synology hosts from the WAN side. Nginx will require more configuration, especially the re-write rules might prove to be challenging (some users have reported 404 not found error after installation). Also I have posted a guide on how to configure Owncloud to use system CRON in Synology NAS (DSM 6 RC). Watches closely start-ups and new disruptive innovations in order to stay on the cutting edge. OR it can be external – provided by your domain hosting server, if you are paying for some external provider for a domain name that is pointing to your server in the World Wide Web.
If you can, then site perhaps cannot be reached if browser requires https but server cannot provide it. That is why I in the introduction section require testing that .php sites will open in your webserver. I do have one post about enabling Redis cache and PHP redis module – that is one way to enabling caching. problems worksheet
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