Get simple, secure online backup and recovery from Symantec, the preferred provider of data protection solutions. Please note:You cannot install a Backup Exec server on a computer that runs the Windows Server Core installation option of Windows Server 2008. Note: Disk space requirements may vary depending on the operations performed, the options installed, and the specific system configuration.
You can use storage media drives, robotic libraries, removable storage devices, and non-removable hard drives. Backup Exec 15 delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery that is designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. Backup Exec enables you to meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives by significantly reducing the time it takes to backup and recover your data.
Backup Execa€™s flexible global data deduplication helps you solve for growing data challenges, regardless of how much your data changes.
Registered Office: Technology Building, Insight Campus, Terry Street, Sheffield S9 2BU, UK. Et si vous passiez A  Symanteca„? Backup Exec 2014, disponible dA?s maintenant chez Insight? A travers Sauron, une operation de cyber-espionnage etatique est menee depuis 2011 de facon tres personnalisee et tres ciblee. Decouvrez chaque jour des offres d'emploi 100% IT et profitez de toute la puissance de LMI pour promouvoir votre carriere. Parler du Defi H, c'est avant tout parler de l'insertion professionnelle des personnes handicapees. Introduite l'an dernier, Backup, la solution de sauvegarde hybride de Symantec, tire sa reverence. L'editeur Symantec a annonce son intention de fermer son service de sauvegarde Backup Les solutions de backup cloud se multiplient Les plates-formes cloud dediees a la sauvegarde des donnees et stockage de fichiers en ligne ont prolifere ces dernieres annees et pris une importance croissante avec la multiplication des employes travaillant a la maison et sur la route. La sauvegarde en ligne qui a gagne en popularite ces dernieres annees, est egalement devenue plus complexe au cours des dernieres annees , a declare Eran Farajun , vice-president executif d'Asigra, qui fournit des logiciels et des services de sauvegarde en ligne a des firmes comme Hewlett-Packard ou Terremark . Axcient, a disaster-recovery and business continuity solutions provider, recently unveiled a new program specifically for Backup customers. To help Backup customers immediately make the transition, Axcient is offering a migration campaign with a free setup and implementation package worth $2,000. Axcient's migration program will involve virtually zero downtime and comes with a Dedicated Backup Exec migration specialist. BUMI There, a fully-managed, turn-key cloud backup and recovery service that does not require any onsite equipment, allowing businesses to outsource their entire backup system to the BUMI cloud. BUMI Here, which allows organizations to create their own private clouds for backup and recovery on their existing IT infrastructure.
BUMI Everywhere, a hybrid cloud backup that offers onsite data protection with offsite mirroring and setup. The company's Symantec Trade-Up program includes complimentary backup and recovery consultation, a migration plan with best practices recommendations, and two months of BUMI There cloud backup service for free.
Zetta, a three-in-one backup, archiving and disaster-recovery solutions provider, offers Backup customers higher performance and reliability at discounts of up to 50 percent.

To help users transition from Backup smoothly, Zetta is currently offering a 20 percent discount on its annual cloud backup contract. Quorum, a one-click backup, recovery and continuity provider for small and midmarket businesses, is offering its Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution to help Backup users implement a more-robust alternative. The service also offers additional features, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and automatic and on-demand testing, at no additional cost.
KeepVault, an online backup software and service provider, offers an easy, secure and affordable alternative for Backup customers.
KeepVault backs up data at its secure, online Tier3+ data centers, and encrypts all data before transmission. Use Symantec Backup to protect your critical data by automatically streaming it, encrypted to Symantec’s secure, off-site data centers. You can only install the Backup Exec Agent for Windows on Server Core computers.You cannot install SQL Express or SQL Server 2005 on a Windows Server 2008 computer that is configured in a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) role. Support is available for the first drive in each robotic library when you purchase Backup Exec.
Sofern Sie Ihre Browsereinstellungen bei der weiteren Verwendung unserer Webseite nicht anpassen, akzeptieren Sie hiermit den Empfang unserer Cookies. With Backup Exec, you get fast, reliable backup and recovery of data and systems at every level and advanced integration with the most recent releases of VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. With Backup Exec you can mitigate the risk and cost of downtime by using a wide variety of flexible backup and recovery methods. It minimises backup windows, decreases network traffic, and reduces the disk space required for storing backup data. Les clients sont invites a recuperer leurs donnees pour les transferer sur une plate-forme alternative. Cette plate-forme est une solution hybride - cloud et locale -  concue a l'origine pour accompagner les petites entreprises et les travailleurs independants desirant sauvegarder avec simplicite leurs donnees.
6, 2015, to migrate to a new service, plenty of backup and data recovery service providers have taken the opportunity to offer Backup users with more-robust and affordable options. To participate, users will be required to verify their Backup service and must sign a 12-month agreement. Unlike Backup, Zetta also offers SQL, Exchange and VM plug-ins at no extra cost.
The service gives users complete control, enabling businesses to create categories and to either select continuous backup or schedule the types of files that should be backed up and when.
KeepVault is also currently offering Backup users 32 percent off with a two-year plan. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. So easy to set up and use, you can get started in minutes and no hardware purchase is required. The Read Only Domain Controller role does not let you use the local accounts that are required for SQL Express and SQL Server 2005. To enable support for each additional robotic library drive, you must purchase the Backup Exec Library Expansion Option. Für weitere Informationen sehen Sie unsere Cookies und unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen ein.

In a matter of minutes, you can recover anything including VMs, applications, databases, files, folders and singular application objects. In addition, you can easily create stand-by virtual copies of your physical systems for disaster recovery in minutes or for general P2V migrations. Backup Exec deduplicates across all your virtual and physical backup jobs, eliminating the need for purchasing multiple solutions and managing separate storage silos. Backup est en effet un systeme autonome axe sur la protection des donnees pour les entreprises sans personnel informatique. Pendant ce temps, le prix au Go dans le cloud a diminue alors que le volume de donnees concerne ne cesse de croitre.
Du coup je vais rebondir vers une societe Francaise qui fait de la sauvegarde en ligne depuis une dizaine d'annee cela devrait etre une solution perenne. Axcient also claims that companies can eliminate data loss, keep critical applications running, and ensure employee productivity at a fraction of the cost.
It offers unlimited upload and download speeds for faster backup, though users can also limit bandwidth usage. Subscription-based pricing lets you stay flexible in today’s business environment - buy only the data protection you need and pay no per-user licensing fee. Protect one to thousands of virtual machines and servers all from the same user console for optimal performance and efficiency. Backup Exec also addresses VM sprawl by automatically identifying and protecting new VMs as they appear so you can be assured your VMs are protected from day one.
Backup n'a pas ete concu avec ces caracteristiques», indiquait la FAQ supprimee de Symantec. Cependant, il y a encore de la place pour des solutions de sauvegarde en ligne autonome, estime M. In the event of a disaster, it can immediately take over failed servers for instant recovery and reduction of downtime and loss. Should disaster strike, keep your business up and running by restoring critical files from anywhere. Backup Exec saves time, money and helps ensure your critical information is always protected and easily recoverable.
Dies vereinfacht und beschleunigt die Wiederherstellung, wenn Sie es am dringendsten benötigen.
Les donnees des clients en ligne seront supprimees apres l'expiration de leurs abonnements. Toutefois, les utilisateurs ne devraient pas avoir a telecharger toutes les donnees apres l'expiration, car elles existent deja sur leurs propres PC et serveurs, a indique la compagnie.
Le service est en effet une sauvegarde a court terme qui maintient normalement les donnees pour 90 jours seulement.

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