Hallo, auf unserem server (windows 2012 r2) haben wir symantec backup exec 2014 installiert.
Veritas backup and recovery products protect, locate, and recover more information in less time, across any combination of platform, application,. Find out if symantec system recovery or backup exec is the right backup solution for your organization's needs.. How remove reset backup job history information backup exec system recovery symantec system recovery.. Symantec backup exec™ 2012 licensing guide read paper guide learn license symantec backup exec™ 2012, symantec backup exec. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective replica rolex daytona trademark owners. The problem is a glitch in Backup Exec 12.5 and the only way to fix it is to uncheck the GRT box under the Microsoft Exchange Tab. Obviously this will not allow you to use GTR, but then again it wouldn’t have worked anyway, so what’s to loose by eliminating this annoying error message. This Week In Techdirt History: August 7th - 13th August 13, 2016Awesome Stuff: Time Is Running Out For Two Techdirt T-Shirts! As DCIG, LLC has noted previously, the goal for virtualization is not to solve one problem but create a new one somewhere else. After scores were compiled, solutions were assessed and ranked either Best-in-Class, Recommended, Excellent, Good, and Basic across functionality and capability relative to the overall market landscape.
CommVault Simpana 10 achieved the Best-in-Class ranking making this the second consecutive time that it has earned the top spot in the DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer's Guide. Providing an objective, third party evaluation of virtual server backup software that evaluates and scores their features from an end user's perspective.
Scoring and ranking the features of each virtual server backup software solution based upon the criteria that matter most to end users and then presents these results in an easy to understand tables that displays the products' scores and rankings so they can quickly ascertain which virtual server backup software solutions are the most appropriate for their needs.
Providing a standardized data sheet for each of the 22 virtual backup software solutions from 18 different backup software providers so users may do quick comparisons of the features that are supported and not supported on each product. Providing insight into what vSphere APIs each virtual server backup software solution supports.

Giving any organization a solid foundation for getting competitive bids from different virtual server backup software providers that are based on apples-to-apples' comparisons. In every case every, the participating vendor had the opportunity to review and respond to the survey and the information regarding their product displayed on the data sheets included in this guide. There were some cases where backup software providers elected not to respond to DCIG's inquiries or requests. DCIG also spoke to various end-users to get a sense of how they would weight their needs in these various areas. Backing up data is challenging, especially for SMB, who want faster backups, smaller backup windows, and faster recovery.
Combining media server deduplication with client deduplication on selected systems results in a cost-effective solution for small businesses, and investments in tape can continue to be leveraged for offsite backup and archiving. This solution delivers up to 10 times the performance and twice the capacity of the company's first product, the OneBlox 3308, extending the company's storage suite. Unlike scale-up storage which is both costly and difficult to manage, Exablox's patent pending architecture solves businesses' common storage pain points: complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, lack of data security and forklift upgrades. Based on recent end user surveys, backup projects continue to drive interest as a key way to handle datacenter consolidation and regulatory and compliance requirements. As companies consolidate and virtualize servers and each physical machine hosts multiple VMs, each with its own application, the benefits gained by consolidating virtually should not be offset by disrupting existing data protection processes. After an initial questionnaire of more than 50 questions was completed, participating companies' capabilities were assessed from the questionnaire and from information available in the public domain.
The intent for this guide, as with all DCIG Buyer's Guides, is to provide an 'at-a-glance' comparison from which end users can select the most appropriate solution for their existing needs. While those products were still covered in this guide, the information as presented in this guide may be incomplete or not represent all of the product's capabilities. DCIG then evaluated the vendors' capabilities by applying weighting indicated from our conversations with these end-users.
DCIG encourages any organization that is considering the purchase of any solution included in a guide to do its own in-house testing.
Deduplication eliminates redundant data and makes backup to disk as cost effective as backing up to tape.

Combining Drobo for disk backup and deduplication as a component in backup media server software provides a solution that is less than half the cost of any entry-level deduplication solution. The OneBlox 4312 provides customers a choice for scale-out storage capacity with enterprise features at a price affordable for all customers. Without the shackles of a legacy storage architecture, company's clean-sheet approach combines the OneBlox appliance with OneSystem, a multi-tenant cloud-based management service. It is no surprise then that when coupled with the number of companies virtualizing their applications and the number of virtual OS instances approaching staggering numbers, backup software has had to adapt in order to best protect these environments.
The ultimate objective for any IT organization is to both reap the benefits of virtualization while optimizing key processes such as backup, to do less with more. Solutions were then evaluated for more than 80 characteristics, and weighted after conversations with end-users. The guide also provides perspective on how solutions from less well known storage providers compare against established and better known brands.
In cases where no responses were received, a notation is included on the bottom of that product's data sheet indicating that all information displayed is strictly drawn from publicly available sources. No vendors, whether clients or not, were afforded preferential treatment in the Buyer's Guide. With recent developments and innovations, deduplication options are now integrated into backup software, making it more affordable.
With integrated in-line deduplication, continuous snapshots and remote replication OneBlox enables organizations to address a range of use cases. OneBlox leverages a flexible scale-out ring architecture that lets customers add more capacity and pay as they grow, ensuring optimal storage utilization. All research was based upon information provided directly by vendors, research and analysis by DCIG and other publicly available information. In addition to support for archiving and certification from Veeam, Symantec Backup Exec, Unitrends, and others, OneBlox supports technical applications, unstructured data such as documents, images and videos.

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