Symantec brings easy restoration and virtualization to the crowded backup software market with Backup Exec 2012.
Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC) lanseaza astazi Backup Exec 2014, solu?ia completa care protejeaza datele critice ale companiilor prin asigurarea unui backup si recuperare performante si flexibile, atat pentru mediile fizice, cat ?i virtuale. Backup Exec ofera backup ?i recuperare de date la viteze cu pana la 100% mai mari[1], suport extins al platformei, o interfa?a u?or de folosit ?i capabilita?i de migrare optima a datelor.
Backup Exec 2014 permite organiza?iilor sa adreseze intr-un mod facil ?i eficient cele mai importante provocari de gestionare a informa?iilor, in contextul exploziei volumului ?i complexita?ii datelor digitale din ultima perioada.
Symantec Backup Exec 2014 este disponibil la nivel mondial incepand cu data de 2 iunie 2014, in re?eaua distribuitorilor autoriza?i ?i partenerilor Symantec din intreaga lume.
A?adar, in principiu, teologia (indiferent de confesiune ?i religie) a decis: Pokemonii nu sunt demoni.
Backing up data is challenging, especially for SMB, who want faster backups, smaller backup windows, and faster recovery. Combining media server deduplication with client deduplication on selected systems results in a cost-effective solution for small businesses, and investments in tape can continue to be leveraged for offsite backup and archiving. Tape continues to be part of the strategy for offsite protection and long-term archiving, and for many small businesses, the only strategy because of its lower entry cost. With recent developments and innovations, there are new deduplication options integrated into backup software suites that lower the entry cost of deduplication. Comparing approaches to deduplication in which Drobo provides the simplest and most affordable solution for disk-backed backup.
Three easy steps to enable deduplication with Backup Exec 2012: install option, define dedup location, target backups. SAN storage is a must when you need to consolidate storage for disk backup, enable virtual machine mobility, or both. Drobo provides superior data protection with BeyondRAIDa„? technology in a package that is very affordable.
Sign up today for our weekly newsletter that contains the latest product news and exclusive promotions for our customers. Compared to traditional backup, Symantec's approach enables 100 times faster backup, eases management and simplifies recovery if a disaster occurs, helping customers realize significant cost savings while better protecting their business information. Symantec recently surveyed more than 1,400 IT professionals worldwide on their backup practices and their ability to recover information in the event of a disaster. According to Symantec's 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey, SMBs are not making disaster preparedness a priority until they experience a disaster or data loss.
Key components to Symantec's unique approach to data protection are the NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 software and cloud solutions, designed to help Symantec's more than two million backup customers address backup issues common to companies all over the world. Change the Operating Model of Backup: Symantec's strategy is to eliminate 80 percent of the operating cost of backup by delivering an integrated platform that replaces multiple solutions typically used in backup today. Stop Putting Tapes on Trucks: With the help of Symantec NetBackup technology, organizations can modernize their disaster recovery strategies and stop the practice of shipping tapes by truck. Unite Virtual and Physical Backups: Reduce operating costs around virtualization with patent pending Symantec V-Ray technology that enables organizations to have deeper visibility into their VMware and Hyper-V machines for virtual backups with a single product. One Product for Any Recovery: Symantec provides one solution for all backups whether they are based on tape, disk, or in physical or virtual environments.
Eliminate Complexity: Backup Exec has eliminated backup management complexity by simplifying the user interface, utilizing insights from millions of users, policies and licensing. Easy Backup: Symantec introduces Backup Exec Small Business Edition ensuring smaller companies can set-up proper data protection in less than 10 minutes and in three simple steps. Using graphical gadgets, administrators can populate the home screen as they see fit to create an at-a-glance dashboard.
The product focuses on offering everything needed for physical and virtual server backups, while incorporating disaster recovery elements that speed data recovery times from hours to minutes across corporate data centers and networks.

Noua versiune a solu?iei completeaza caracteristicile ?i func?ionalita?ile de varf ale solu?iilor anterioare Backup Exec cu performan?e imbunata?ite precum viteze de backup ?i recuperare cu pana la 100% mai rapide1, intregrare cu Windows Server 2012, vizibilitate optimizata in administrarea activita?ilor de backup ?i recuperare, suport extins pentru mediul cloud sau simplificarea capabilita?ilor de migrare ?i update. Numeroase companii se a?teapta la o cre?tere impresionanta a volumului de informa?ii digitale in urmatorul an, astfel ca s-a creat o oportunitate extraordinara care vine insa ?i cu o serie de provocari. Administratorii de IT pot salva timp ?i pot simplifica crearea proceselor de backup prin administrarea mai multor servere intr-un singur panou de comanda.
Printr-o interfa?a intuitiva ?i o serie de panouri de control eficiente, Backup Exec 2014 este u?or de implementat, folosit ?i administrat – indiferent daca se face upgrade de la o versiune anterioara sau daca trecerea se face de la o solu?ie alternativa. Deduplication eliminates redundant data and makes backup to disk as cost effective as backing up to tape.
Combining Drobo for disk backup and deduplication as a component in backup media server software provides a solution that is less than half the cost of any entry-level deduplication solution.
This is especially true for smaller organizations who want faster backups, smaller backup windows, and faster recovery. With new technologies such as data deduplication, or dedup, the amount of data stored on disk can be drastically reduced 9:1 on average. Building a storage pool that can be accessed by the backup servers in the environment enables the cost of disk storage for backup to be shared across multiple applications for both primary and secondary storage. Using the media server that is already required for backup, deduplication can be performed for all clients centrally, with no added complexity. Everyone wants fast backup and recovery of data, but many cannot invest in enterprise-class solutions.
Without the cost burden of features built into the product, small customers have the freedom to combine best-of-breed technologies that are tailored to their needs. Over the last 20 years data has exploded, virtualization has become widely adopted and SLA's have become near impossible to meet.
Half of respondents do not have a plan in place and 41 percent said that it never occurred to them to put together a disaster recovery plan. Symantec backup appliances can drive down costs more than traditional appliances by combining backup software and deduplication into a single solution supported by a one vendor, that is fast to deploy and easy to manage. Knowing when information can be deleted can significantly reduce costs and management burdens on IT.
NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) allows customers to eliminate volumes of physical assets and prioritize files that can be sent over the network, while significantly reducing the chance for human error. Integrated in NetBackup and Backup Exec, V-Ray delivers load balanced virtual machine backups to eliminate backup storms, improve virtual machine performance and reduce storage by deduplicating data everywhere, whether it is on VMware, Hyper-V or physical servers resulting in up to 90 percent storage reduction. Customers can recover any application or system to a virtual machine whether they have the hardware or not. This allows IT administrators and SMB owners to have a professional data protection strategy without being backup professionals.
In addition Symantec expands Backup into Europe providing those customers who prefer a simple, automated and hosted backup offering a reliable, secure solution. Integrated physical-to-virtual (P2V) support allows the product to function as a virtual server migration platform as well as a server backup system.
Dificultatea in a gasi cea mai buna solu?ie pentru a face backup datelor stocate pe platforme ?i in medii diferite, fizice sau virtuale, proliferarea datelor nestructurate, diminuarea bugetelor departamentelor de IT ?i tendin?a de virtualizare a serverelor au un impact semnificativ asupra modului in care organiza?iile adreseaza activita?ile de backup ?i recuperare a datelor.
With recent developments and innovations, deduplication options are now integrated into backup software, making it more affordable.
The most popular backup architecture for several years has been backup to disk versus directly to tape.
A small amount of disk can now store the same amount of backup data that tapes with 2:1 compression can storea€”making the total cost of disk lower than tape in addition to all of the other benefits.
Small businesses also need this shared storage in order to achieve high availability (HA) for virtual servers.

For client systems with the right resources (CPU and RAM), deduplication at the client can also reduce LAN traffic between clients and backup server. SMBs don't have the budget for Fibre Channel SANs and deduplication appliances, and even the lowest-cost iSCSI storage and smallest entry-model appliances are expensive by most measures. Combining Drobo for disk backup and deduplication as a software component in their backup media server provides a solution that is less than half the cost of an entry-level deduplication solution for enterprise customers.
These challenges also affect the smaller businesses that struggle with backup complexity and are at risk of data loss due to a disaster.
When combined with trying to integrate new technologies, it adds up to a disruptive environment with a huge impact on IT teams. The survey data reveals that the cost of not being prepared is high, putting an SMB at risk of going out of business.
New backup search capabilities in NetBackup give IT the ability to separate out what is relevant to legal or compliance investigations while keeping the rest of the backup infrastructure running on a more typical 30-60-90 day backup cycle.
Unifying snapshots and backup with NetBackup gives organizations the speed of snapshots with the recoverability of backup.
Physical to virtual recovery is now included for free in Backup Exec, simplifying disaster recovery by automatically creating a virtual machine when recovery is needed.
In acest context, metodele tradi?ionale nu mai indeplinesc in mod neaparat necesita?ile ?i cerin?ele actuale din IT. Known as "disk to disk," "D2D," and "B2D," disk backup eliminates tape media loading and positioning resulting in faster backup and recovery. While disk continues to increase in capacity and decrease in price, backup to disk with dedup is still a challenge.
Use deduplication to eliminate redundant data and make backup to disk as cost effective as tape alone. Combining media server deduplication with client deduplication on selected systems meets the challenge, resulting in a cost-effective solution that small businesses can afford. The current approach to modernization introduces an ever-growing collection of point solutions resulting in added complexity, increased costs and headaches for backup administrators, network administrators and executives.
Organizations small and large need a holistic protection strategy, a single platform or solution, to handle the variety of data types and workloads as opposed to integrating a number of disparate point solutions, which proves to be costly and time consuming," said Dave Russell, vice president of Storage Technologies and Strategies, Gartner. New backup to virtual (B2V) technology is also available to accelerate the migration from physical to virtual servers as part of the backup process. Physical, virtual and hybrid server support is included, as well as a new process for creating server groups. Symantec ofera companiilor posibilitatea sa adreseze aceste provocari printr-o solu?ie unitara, care gestioneaza eficient date complexe din medii diferite, ?i sa dedice astfel mai pu?in timp mentenan?ei IT ?i mai mult inova?iei.
Small companies can invest in backup but they do not have the budget to invest in the same technologies and approaches to backup used by larger organizations.
Small businesses know they want it to save money but cannot afford the minimum investment required to reap the benefits. Only one unique instance of the data is actually retained on storage, and redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy. Other notable capabilities include drag-and-drop task definitions that eliminate the need for manual policy creation and improved restoration wizards that bring simplicity to the disaster recovery process.
Priced at $1,662 per license, Backup Exec 2012 now includes bare metal recovery and P2V capabilities, which were once additional-cost items.

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