A&E's top-rated nonfiction franchise is heading to Dallas, Texas where the units, bankrolls, and buyers are bigger. The four “professional buyers” in this reality based program offer up plenty of laughs as well as some serious buyers envy when they find treasure troves of merchandise in repossessed storage lockers. Dan Dotson, real time auctioneer, offers up some intriguing lots each week and the “pro buyers” who follow him around include Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Dave Hester, and Jarrod Schulz (the youngest collector).

Of course they also get “stung” a certain amount of the time because it’s not a perfect world after all. Each episode depicts the challenging world faced by collectors and also shows how so much of someone’s life can be left behind in storage.
Whether they bid on lockers containing an extremely valuable collection of comic books, old collectible cars, or junk jewelry it is just by chance that they luck out and find a treasure among the trash left behind by those who failed to pay their storage locker fees.

The main buyers on this show, along with some intrepid newcomers to the bidding process, take their chances because they cannot enter the locker or open any boxes inside.

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