Brandi Passante wants the world to know that she won’t get naked and give anybody a computer virus. And, perhaps worse, the suit alleges, the video placed a virus on viewers’ computers. The suit goes on to claim that Moore is capitalizing on Passante’s name and likeness by selling merchandise.
Alleging false designation of origin, dilution by tarnishment, defamation, commercial disparagement, commercial fraud, and other offenses, Passante is seeking all available damages, plus attorney’s fees, and a judgment to impound and destroy and computers, servers, or other equipment owned by Moore that contains the pictures and videos.

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District Court in Central California last week against Hunter Moore, former operator of the website Is Anyone Up, claiming that he published fake photos and video purporting to depict Passante in pornographic situations. District Judge issued a temporary restraining order demanding that the video and pictures be removed from any of Moore’s sites, and barring Moore or anyone associated with him from publishing them. Keywords: storage wars, storage wars texas, storage wars fake, storage wars fight, storage wars texas cast, storage wars maverick girlfriend, storage wars canada, storage wars cast, storage wars mary, storage wars new york, storage wars star files lawsuit over fake porn video .

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