The series returns for a second season with brand-new buys, all-new finds, and a few new faces. TEEN MOM 2 PHOTOS Javi Marroquin returns home from deploymentAfter a six-month deployment for the US Air Force, Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has finally returned home — and of course he shared numerous photos and videos after reuniting with sons Isaac and Lincoln!
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Dog told him not to go, but Charles went anyway, skipping to Oregon against the terms of his bail.
Kristine had a string of gambling and forgery charges before she jumped bail leaving Dog "holding the bag" -- in this case a $20,000 bond.
Dog and Beth have to be at the state capitol bright and early to receive an award for their fight against ice in Hawaii. The co-signer on this bond is seven months pregnant, and she says that the man she bailed out has threatened her safety and has been running amok on the streets. Dog thinks he's got an average day of bounty hunting ahead of him, but he couldn't be more wrong. Kolani's on the run, left his wife to look after four kids and left Dog holding the bag for the $10k bond.
Dog is tracking down Cecilia, who's wanted for aggravated car theft, but she's nowhere to be found. Dog, Beth and the team are in Colorado and today they face a special Chapman challenge--getting the kids to camp. Following four Dallas storage unit hunters, this series has all the intrigue of the original "Storage Wars" in a landscape chock-full of cowboys and oil tycoons.
Her pockets may not be deep, but she is a doggedly determined bidder when she sees a unit she wants. In season two, "The Rangers" Ricky and Bubba aim to expand their franchise across the great state of Texas. Ricky and Bubba are ready to pick up where they left off — dominating the auctions, scoring the best lockers and piling up the most cash, but this time around there's some new cowboys in town. First, he and Beth receive a special gift--a painting of Dog's recently deceased daughter, Barbara Katy. He continues his legal battle to fight extradition to Mexico in connection with his 2003 capture of fugitive rapist Andrew Luster. He begins by giving encouragement to a group of handicapped children and making them honorary members of his posse.
Tim failed to appear in court on a $25,000 bond and has a string of theft charges behind him. Dog's after him for failing to appear in court and his only lead is Jen, his co-signer and girlfriend. Now it's time for Dog to call in some chits of his own, getting the help of trusty informants he's helped out over the years. The first is a woman whose family wants her back in jail, the other is a former choirboy whose family ties are strong. Afterwards, they're inspired to start the hunt for Shanna, an alleged ice user and identity thief with $80,000 in bonds. Apparently the lure of the streets and other women have drawn him away from his commitments. She's one of Tim's bonds and the entire Dog crew knows that means trouble--or at least a long and difficult chase. Dog is in search of a potentially dangerous fugitive, he's only 19 and charged with kidnapping and menacing. With precious few leads to follow Dog turns to the fugitive's on again-off-again girlfriend, but she's initially reluctant to join the hunt. Maybe they could have shown an exciting montage of past moments, or maybe another one of those trailers featuring the bidders and a bunch of explosions.

No job is too big for her right-hand man Jerry Simpson, who is always there to lend a hand and share a few laughs. New buyer Jenny Grumbles enters the fray — using her southern wits to revive old furniture for massive payouts. Kenny Stowe is a firebrand from East Texas who buys lockers by the dozens and relishes the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with Ricky and Bubba. It’s the question of our time, thanks to a genre-shattering 2016 presidential race and a cauldron of speculation that continues to roil a year after Kanye told the world he fully intended to run for the highest office in the land in 2020.
Dog and the team then start their search for Jacob, a fugitive who's abandoned his wife and children. When the team hits his apartment, they find a boot print on the door -- a souvenir of a police raid from only days earlier.
When they hit her house she's nowhere to be found but her brother informs them he's worried because Michael has a history of abusing women and fears for his sister's safety.
This troubled legend has been losing his struggle with the "Big H" and Dog's search to find him is a voyage through the murky waters of homelessness and despair.
Their tips will send him and the team on a multi-day tour though the low-rent hotels and illicit gaming houses of the Hawaii few tourists ever see.
Darlene's been busted for third degree promotion and her sister, fed up with her behavior, wants off the bond. After meeting with the cosigner they hatch a plan to use several of John's friends to lure him to a high rise apartment. To complicate matters, this fugitive lives in a tightly-knit community, which means that while almost everyone the team talks to knows Roger, not all of them are going to give Dog good information.
As the hunt starts, Tim's got nothing but a photograph to work with until an informant calls to say he knows where Holly is at that very moment.
Just when the trail goes stone cold, a friend with an ax to grind leads the team to the cosigner's empty apartment where they hatch a plan to lure her back. It is up to Dog to try to calm her fears and convince her that getting Kimo into jail is in the best interests of all concerned.
I realize that A&E made 26 episodes for season three, but only aired 20, so this episode should have belonged to season three. Seasoned bidder Ricky Smith has been in the business since the age of 14, and says he is here to stay. Matt Blevins is a laconic ex-bull rider whose Texas blood flows stronger than the Rio Grande. True, he was high at the time, but Kanye probably wasn’t still toked up when he reaffirmed his intentions in a new interview with the BBC.
But when Lyssa points out that the fugitive in Dog's next case has the same birth date as Barbara, Dog takes a special vow to capture the young woman so he can persuade her to avoid the same mistakes his daughter made. Demoralized by his arrest on the extradition warrant, Dog questions whether he really has the hunger to ever bounty hunt again. When the hunt leads Dog to a meeting with Jacob's family, he asks Jacob's kids a question: If he could grant them one wish, what would it be? He needs someone Charles won't recognize to track him inside the airport when his plane lands.
As the hunt stretches out, Dog amps up the pressure putting the squeeze on the very gaming rooms Kristine frequents.
Dog will do his best to straighten her out but he has his doubts about making a difference. And with good tips and some hard work, Dog finds Shanna and her boyfriend living in a van next to a cemetery just as the sun is going down.
But when night falls, their plan goes awry -- leaving a member of the team alone and in harm's way!
So Dog and the posse have to charm this protective community by playing with the kids and reaching out to old friends. So their pursuit on this case takes them into some parts of Ohau, and the human heart, that few of us will ever see.

Tim's anxiety mounts as he tries to get the team on the road before the informant loses track of Holly's whereabouts.
In less than the time it takes to say "regulators mount up" the once elusive cosigner is on the phone, looking for a fight and speeding home. This wild chase is full of surprises--Dog and the team hit a series of addresses, search the rough terrain of an open prairie and confront a jealous husband--and Beth is in the middle of all of this while also on the phone trying to help homesick Garry stick with camp. But the case takes an unexpected turn when the Chapman clan ends up in a confrontation with the suspect's family. That’s possibly why it felt more like a middle-of-the-season episode than a season premiere. He has spent the past 20 years teaching his nephew Bubba, who attends the auctions with him, the tricks of the trade.
An accomplished auctioneer, he knows the locker world better than anybody and he's ready to ambush the big boys and make off with the loot. To get the job done, he'll find himself on an unusual journey before a unexpected tip leads to a surprising finish. The team decides that Baby Lyssa is it, so with a little help from Beth and a sexy brunette wig, the team is soon barreling towards the airport with the brand new weapon: a petit brunette in sunglasses who even Dog doesn't quite recognize. But when the hand plays to a close, Dog is in for a surprise when he discovers that he and Kristine share a common past. The following day is Dog's birthday but that won't stop him from chasing a fugitive named Fred who is facing firearms charges. Can Dog convince Shanna to give up her bad habits before her graveyard address becomes permanent? Will things get out of hand or will Dog use his legendary sliver tongue to avert a violent showdown? But Dog's sixth sense tingles when he hears a puppy scratching at the door of the apartment; he knows it's worth sticking around. New York native Victor Rjesnjansky relocated to Texas, where he bids on storage auctions to fill the shelves of his store.
Moe Prigoff looks to his old friend Mary Padian to save him from his newfound hoarding problem. Dog doesn't relish the thought of going after an alleged gunslinger on his birthday but he's never one to avoid a challenge.
And as Dog learns more about the fugitive and his case, nothing is quite what it appears to be. The "fabulous" Moe Prigoff has been collecting modern furniture and antiques for over 30 years and is always on the lookout for new items to sell in his exclusive antique gallery. Mannequins to Motorcycles, Swords to Solar Panels — these buyers are takin' care of bid-ness. Will the team succeed, or will the mysterious power Michael seems to hold over Jen keep her from doing the right thing?
Dog's hunch is that Fred is a mama's boy, and while he has some doubts, in the end will his instincts pay off? Rallying the crowd of high bidders is fast-talking auctioneer Walt Cade, who will do whatever it takes to move the units — and land one storage hunter a shot at hidden treasure.
Jenny Grumbles is back and she's polished up her cowgirl boots ready to prove she's here to stay.
She charms, schemes and outbids her competition and finds some truly amazing treasures along the way. It's "Storage Wars" as only Texas can present it — larger than life and more fun than a buckin' bronco!

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