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Ivy attempts to keep his winning streak alive while Darrell and Rene play mind games with each other. Brandi is ready to close the Long Beach store, but Jarrod is determined to save it by scoring more lockers. Darrell is up to his old tricks again, but it's Ivy who ends up pranking the competition while Rene and Casey space out. Ivy is racing against time to score a locker and get home; otherwise, he'll be in the doghouse. Darrell's warehouse is just a stone's throw away from the auction, so he and Brandon plan to sweep up the units while Ivy and Rene team up in an attempt to shut them out. Rene and Casey make a statement by bringing a caravan of trucks, but will they buy big enough to fill them or go home with an empty caravan of trucks? Rene is hoping that lightning will strike twice in Fontana, but will his superstitious attitude help or hinder him? Darrell pays a visit to Ivy's backyard to remind him who the king of storage buying really is. Ivy is on the hunt for high-end in Moreno Valley, and Jarrod reveals to Brandi an alter ego known as MAX PROFIT! Casey tries to put a leash on Rene's spending habits, while Darrell and Brandon rely on their intuition to soar above the competition.

Ivy is revved up and looking for high-end lockers, Rene and Casey are at odds over what to buy, and things get a little hairy for Jarrod and Brandi. It's spring break and Jarrod and Brandi decide to bring their kids to the auction, will they be a help or a hindrance? At an auction in Montclair Ivy rakes in the dollar bills while Darrell keeps things old school and finds something that will launch him to new heights. Jarrod and Brandi are determined not to let Dave distract them from a good score while Darrell wants to find out more about the elusive Mogul.
Darrell and Brandon are excited to return to West Covina as it is a hidden honeypot for the tank-topped duo. After one ends up at a crime scene and the other takes a trip back in time, things get a little foggy for Jarrod and Brandi.
Meanwhile, if Jarrod and Brandi don't score a major profit, their new Long Beach store may have to close. Rene spends the most money of anyone, but it's Darrell and Brandon who paint their way to success. Darrell tries to blast his way through the competition while Jarrod and Brandi get back in the locker saddle, but will their pocket-sized profits be enough to pull them out of their slump? Darrell comes armed with donuts in an attempt to distract the competition with a sugar rush, while Jarrod and Brandi plan a four-year anniversary party for their Orange Store.
Darrell takes a cue from Brandon while Ivy gets a leg up on the competition by trusting his gut, but it's Jarrod and Brandi who get the last laugh.
Meanwhile, Darrell tries to distract the competition with some old-fashioned pranks-- who will be the brunt of the joke?

Darrell and Brandon hope to be on par with a victory, while Casey tries her hand at bidding. Dave shows up with even more bluster and Ivy uncovers a treasure that promises adventure on the high seas. While it's off the beaten path, Jarrod and Brandi decide to follow Darrel's lead deep into the Inland Empire. Meanwhile, Brandi learns that Jarrod is facing a problem that affects more than just their business. Darrell tries to get Brandon in "top-tip" shape, an injury forces Ivy to change up his game and Jarrod and Brandi score a unit that leads to a wild ride.
And despite his fight with Laura, Dave just won't stay away and ends up hacking the competition.
Darrell and Brandon discover a piece of history that takes them to the airwaves and Ivy's bad day ends with a bang. Meanwhile, Darrell and Brandon jump ship and Ivy gets a score that could change his career.

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