The museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has three permanent collections, the History of Surgery Museum, the Dental Collection and the Surgeons’ Hall Pathology Museum. We’ve all read stories about finding buried treasures of gold since we were children.
Featuring an amazing collection of vintage hats from the personal collection of Jessica Lindsay Phillips! The Cabinet of Curiosities shop is closed this Saturday and Sunday for Christies Antique Show on Saturday. Shortly before noon on August 4, 1892, the body of Andrew Borden, a prosperous businessman, was found in the parlor of his Fall River, Massachusetts, home. A man creates a museum, and later he becomes a part of that museum himself… on display there at Lombroso Museum in Turin is his own head in a jar. Storage Wars Canada Hits Dundas!Ursula Stolf of Storage Wars Canada was in the shop today filming an episode segment with us! Live blog from The Canadian Screen Awards honouring the nation's best in film, television and digital.
Academy CEO Helga Stephenson speaking of this 6 billion dollar industry and 65 years of history within it.
It’s amazing to reflect on the fact that it has already been four years since the last episode of Canadian Idol, and how the entire scope of alternative programming has changed in this country since then. After screening tonight’s premiere episode of Storage Wars Canada, I can tell you that I was wrong. Storage Wars Canada will succeed because unlike the American spin-offs, the shows does not deviate from a formula that has already been proven to work.

I know that the cast will hate me for typecasting, but certainly the similarities to the original Storage Wars cannot be understated.
Storage Wars Canada will breathe new life into OLN and I have every confidence that it will quickly become the network’s flagship show. Murtz Jaffer is the world's foremost reality television expert and was the host of Reality Obsessed which aired on the TVTropolis and Global Reality Channels in Canada. 100 stories of Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy and everything in between, each told in exactly 100 words. We will be at booth D1 with the most amazing collection of antiques and oddities you will ever see anywhere!! In 1970, a woman shopping in a thrift store bought a Raggedy-Ann style doll for her daughter, who was in college. I believed that the format of kooky characters bidding on delinquent storage units and almost always finding a hidden treasure of some sort had become tired. The Mississauga resident already owns a successful courier company and uses the auctions as both an outlet for his expendable income and to collect items for his man-cave. Fans watching the show will almost always be pulling for Cindy and Rick as their genuine nature and kindness resonate through the screen.
Full Preview & Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Son of Havoc, Brian Cage, The Mack, Texano, Vampiro & Many More! Certainly audiences must be sick of the ‘storage saturation’ on their televisions every day especially with the launch of New York and Texas spin-offs currently airing as well.
It seems like he enjoys antagonizing the other contestants more than he actually does winning the auctions that he does.

Both are the outsiders at the auctions and are capable of pulling off some surprising finds.
While Cindy initially locks horns with Ursula as the attempts to mark her territory, it’s clear that she is still the heroine of the series. With that being said and is the case for every show, Storage Wars Canada will live and die by its characters and in that regard, it isn’t just Ursula who is the knockout. It continued with CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada which currently boasts the highest level of production value ever seen on a Canadian reality program. I didn’t think that there was room for another, even if it was emanating from a different country.
Ursula is also very good-looking and on a show that sometimes feels like a boys club fraternity party, her presence is definitely needed.
While Shaw Media and Bell Media have both pulled up their proverbial boot straps of their reality programming, Rogers has now laced ‘em up as well with the premiere of Storage Wars Canada on OLN tonight. There is no doubt in my mind that the success of Storage Wars Canada, rests solely on the shoulders of Roy Dirnbeck.

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