Just who are the bidders hoping to find hidden gems and fortunes in lock-ups across the country in Storage Hunters UK? When they're not bickering on Storage Hunters UK, this married couple from Cheshire can be found running a kooky antique shop called Anterior of Astbury from a converted barn. They specialise in a wide range of eclectic items including antique furniture, taxidermy and even 'Gentleman's Antiques'.
When it comes to the bidding process, John tends to hold back if he doesn't like an item while Natalie will be straight in there if she thinks there's a profit to be had.
From scrap cars to jewellery to er, burger vans - there's nothing that Dan won't try his hand at selling if it means turning a profit.
The Del Boy-style wheeler-dealer from Surrey has that potent mix of confidence, arrogance and charm that will win him both admirers and enemies. The 47-year-old has been buying and selling professionally for 20 years and is a well known face at the auction rooms in her local area. She's ultra-competitive and isn't afraid to take risks meaning she's definitely one to watch. Customers at one of George's Lady Kentmores shops in Scotland or Sussex should expect to find a quirky and flamboyant selection on display as this chap likes to express his personality in the items he buys and sells. Having grown up on a fairground, will he prove to be a big dipper when it comes to putting his hands in his pockets to outbid his rivals?
Internet tradesman Heavy D (real name - Colin) is prepared to take a risk on just about anything. Is it this knack of spotting hidden treasure that means he has an unsettling affect when he turns up at auctions? Beneath Jesse's slacker demeanour and luscious sideburns sits a brain crammed with knowledge about what sort of goods are likely to make him the most money for the least outlay.
In Suffolk a petrolhead's dream bin causes fisticuffs between Darren, Barry and Scotty.

Dan and Louise Hill carry the babies through a snowy grotto to make their Christmas complete even though at just 10-months-old they are completely oblivious to the thousands the TV presenter and dog groomer are showering on themLouise said: 'That's been the main expense.
Peachy: Chloe Mafia, 25, showed why she's been such an online hit when she flaunted her sizable assets and pert posterior on Tuesday night's Celebrity Big BrotherTeaming the garment with a small pair of panties, she proceeded to pull a different pose for each month of the year as she carried out a mock calendar shoot as part of the the Big Show-off task.
Compere Christopher Biggins, clad in a bejewelled suit jacket, held up a pink frame behind which Chloe did her thing.The former X Factor hopeful certainly didn't lack confidence, as she utilised a variety of props including a lollipop, lighter and Christmas decoration to bring her show to life. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
There has been huge amounts of speculation as to which stars will enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.
The first celebrity to enter the new look house was Christopher Biggins dressed dapper as always in a white double breasted blazer.
Frankie Grande was the third housemate to enter and it took him just 12 seconds to mention that his sister is Ariana Grande. As expected Ricky Norwood, aka Fatboy from EastEnders, thinks he may get some romance in the house and admitted that he does have a game plan.
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Hunters Knives is an online store based in Manchester England, our online retail outlets are committed to our 'Best Practice Guidelines' to ensure secure online ordering and our ongoing pledge for total customer satisfaction. It's all part of her masterplan so she can snap up winning items at the last minute from her rivals. He'd be the first to admit that he often doesn't have any idea what he's buying but somehow he usually still manages to come out on top.
He's been in the auction game since he was a nipper, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the resale value of even the most obscure goods. Find out what the other Storage Hunters UK bidders think about loudmouth bargain hunter, Heavy D.

I take her for champagne picnics in the park and on fancy nights out.'It's no huge surprise that a woman who spends that much on her dogs appreciates the luxuries in life.
Biggins said the only game plan he has is to be himself throughout the show, and if the other housemates aren't tidy he may lose his temper with them! She was the runner-up on the first series of The Apprentice in 2005 and she went on to co-present The Martin Lewis Money Show. That is more likely down to his over the top personality and ability to irritate just about everyone he meets.
Never afraid to play dirty, Jesse's been known to bid on items just to push the price up and his canny tricks occasionally land him in hot, punch-flavoured water. The bubbly actor and all-round entertainer has reportedly been offered a whopping £150,000 to take part in the three-week series, according to The Sun. She's most well-known for being a panellist on Loose Women and her costars gave her some advice. T-Money is a Detroit boy, and while we have a sense his ghetto knowledge is at least partly picked up from watching repeats of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he's pulled off enough impressive wins to have the attention of the others, even if they're never sure whether his cheques will bounce. He often makes headlines thanks to his colourful wardrobe and he also has his own perfume which he launched with Ariana. Saira said that no subject is taboo and she'll speak about anything and everything in the house. Once she entered she admitted to Biggins, whom she'd met before, that she was incredibly nervous.

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