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Do you know letter a tattoos designs is most likely the most popular topics on this category? Do you know kitchen designers salt lake city has become the most popular topics on this category? Save Elephant Foundation is working within the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to protect and conserve 1 million acres of jungle habitat, approximately one hour north of Angkor Wat. Initially, this project will focus on tree planting and restoring the region's forest and combatting the illegal logging that has taken place. The Ecological Programs Coordinator administers the Society’s ecological restoration programs, including invasive species management, throughout New England.
Arrange and implement projects and contracts with conservation partners (land trusts, state conservation agencies, private conservation groups, etc.) to develop ecological management plans for natural areas. Oversee management of the Society’s sanctuaries and act as staff liaison with Sanctuary Committee. Assist with seed collection, rare plant searches, documentation, and other ?conservation activities of the Society. Strong knowledge of the flora of New England and demonstrated ability to perform ?botanical inventories.
At least five years’ hands-on experience in invasive species management and ecological ?restoration projects. Ability to perform strenuous, hands-on restoration activities including invasive species ?control. Send cover letter and resume to: Bill Brumback, Conservation Director, New England Wild Flower Society. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a green NGO working at the European level in Brussels. The EU funds policy officer leads the work in the area of greening EU funds and related policies to help them became the engine for transformation to a sustainable low carbon energy system.
The letter of motivation should clearly describe why you want the job and demonstrate how your skills and experience are relevant to the job requirements detailed above. Britain Yearly Meeting is a radical church with a deep commitment to peace, integrity, equality, simplicity and sustainability. One way to make your visit to the tropics a valuable experience for yourself and for the environment too, is to volunteer at Los Yapas Botanical Park. Botanical Park Los Yapas needs volunteers and interns to lead projects related to refrestation, food sovereignty, human security, agroecology, organic agriculture,rainforest restoration, coaching, personal restoration, etc.
Reforestation, experimental silviculture of tropical trees, development and maintenance of the botanical park.
Hiking in the surrounding jungle, collecting seeds, plants and learning about taxonomy and the Amazon from a local guide.
Aid in the design of the herbarium collecting, storing, labeling, describing plants and fruits. Cooking and other chores are done on a voluntary rota basis.Saturday and Sundays are days off. Volunteers need no scientific background, just bring a sense of adventure, good humor, your enthusiasm, willingness to learn and be prepared to get your hands dirty! Interns need a backgroud in the field they want to carry out their internship and the permission of a supervisor. This is an exciting opportunity to become the Press and Communications Officer for the Green Group of the London Assembly. Working closely with the Team Coordinator, two Research and Support Officers and two elected politicians in a dynamic, friendly team you will be responsible for promoting the policies and strategies of the two Green Assembly Members.
London's diversity is its biggest asset and we strive to ensure our workforce reflects London's diversity at all levels. We are committed to being an inclusive employer and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements.
STENAPA is a non-governmental nature conservation organization based on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. An integral part of the work placement is the opportunity to conduct a project of the applicant's own choice (if desired).
Established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation and development non-governmental organisation (NGO), Frontier has been an innovator in creating quality volunteer programmes across the globe. We are seeking an experienced researcher with a proven ability to direct field research and write up results for our marine project in Madagascar to begin September 2016. The successful candidate will have a good MSc in a relevant environmental discipline and experience in underwater marine survey techniques, statistical anaylsis and report-writing as well as biodiversity or conservation research experience, ideally in a tropical setting. The role will include implementing and developing the research programme and will involve the daily supervision of volunteer Research Assistants, data collection, analysis, and report-writing.
Europe’s leading philanthropic foundation dedicated to the mitigation of greenhouse gases, the European Climate Foundation, has appointed Johannes Meier as its new CEO, taking over from Jules Kortenhorst. In a recent interview AGCI Professor Joyeeta Gupta comments on the slow progress of international climate change negotiations. Professor Joyeeta Gupta states that despite the fact that Climate Change has become an important item on the political agenda, no concrete measures have been taken to limit our CO2 emissions. AGCI professor of environmental policy at the VU University, Frank Biermann, has been appointed to the High-Level Expert Panel in a new foresight initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme. This panel shall inform the UN system and the greater policy community about the global environmental issues that need most attention over the next years.
This is the eighth Russian Federation fishery to enter assessment and the first on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which accounts for one-fifth of the Russian Federation’s seafood. The fishery entering full assessment is located on the Southwest Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, in FAO statistical area 61. UK retailer Waitrose has this week helped the Marine Stewardship Council to tip the balance on 9,000 ecolabelled products worldwide.
Waitrose currently stocks over 30 MSC certified products ranging from South Africa hake fillets on the fish counter to luxury MSC certified Coquille Saint Jacques in the freezer department. Attendees of the Certification Consumption and Change Conference will hear a conversation between Ms.
The Government has recently launched a consultation on the proposed scrapping of a whole range of regulations, known as the 'Red Tape Challenge'.
In short, it seems Government is considering getting rid of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the Climate Change Act, and 278 environment laws (among thousands of laws and regulations). Environmental regulations fall under "general regulations" on which the Government are inviting comments throughout the process.

The Government's website invites comments either as an individual or as an organisation, about the need to protect our environment.
Butterfly Conservation and Marks & Spencer have launched a national Planting for Butterflies campaign to encourage people across the UK to introduce butterfly-friendly plants to their gardens. Mike Dilger, wildlife reporter from the BBC Television's The One Show, marked the launch by helping Bristol Grammar School students create a butterfly garden in the school's grounds. Butterfly numbers in the UK have been declining for decades and in recent years this trend has been accelerating. Sadly, development and intensive farming have caused a significant drop in numbers over the last 50 years.
He added: "Five species of butterfly have already become extinct in the UK and more than half of the 56 remaining species are threatened with extinction. Sir David Attenborough, President of Butterfly Conservation, says he is aware there are far fewer butterflies in his own garden these days. These plants should all be in full bloom by July to coincide with this summer's Big Butterfly Count (16 to 31 July).
Butterfly Conservation is hoping to persuade tens of thousands of people to participate in the event which it hopes will be the world's biggest-ever butterfly count. Butterfly Conservation and M&S will be joining forces with the National Schools Partnership to encourage schools to take part in the Big Butterfly Count.
The Planting for Butterflies launch marks the second year of Marks & Spencer's partnership with Butterfly Conservation. The partnership between M&S and Butterfly Conservation is part of the retailer's eco-plan, Plan A, to be the world's most sustainable retailer by 2015. Richard Gillies, M&S Director of Plan A, commented, "We want to lead the way in making a positive contribution to the environment and society across everything we do and everything we sell. Butterflies and moths are very sensitive to environmental change, which makes them a very good indicator of the health of the countryside. Nine Wildlife Trusts, including our own, is going into partnership with UK Power Networks, to help preserve and develop wildlife habitats.
As part of the new arrangement, UK Power Networks is supporting each trust financially and intends to arrange 27 employee team day events each year, three for each wildlife trust. Today the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) decided to provide renewed financial support to the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).
A new research report shows that African households are ready to switch from biomass to ethanol cooking stoves. The project spans 25,000 acres and aims to protect the land and all of the native species, flora and fauna, that call it home, including tigers, monkeys, buffalos, and of course, the Asian elephant. Other goals for the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia are plant and wildlife identification, seed collecting, trail-making and educational outreach. The Coordinator reports to the Director of Conservation and supervises staff, interns, and volunteers in implementing these programs. You will be working in a highly respected and growing campaign organisation, as part of a vibrant European network. The EU funds policy officer is further responsible for strategic coordination of EU funds campaigns across the Bankwatch network. We need well-presented, energetic people with science based graduate or A Level qualifications to join us as an Environmental Analyst within our monitoring department.The candidate will need to be able to demonstrate common sense, clear communication skills and maturity within the office environment and site work. Based at Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, you’ll conduct and teach field science at a fully equipped ecological research station, contributing to our understanding of this unique ecosystem. You’ll be served three meals per day, and have free access to a laundry service, Wi-Fi and Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca leisure activities including horse riding, kayaking and beach volleyball. You’ll be contributing to ground-breaking research in Paraguay, while enjoying all the benefits living on a clear lake in a beautiful nature reserve has to offer. Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW), is a hub within the organisation for action on peace and social justice.
Finally it is a unique experience showing that living in direct contact with nature is a way to be happy.
People can collect seeds and plant saplings, monitor reforestation progress, maintain saplings, identify plants, birds, insects and fungi; help with trail building and the constant maintenance and development of the infrastructure, work with children on environmental education projects, develop organic farming techniques and give worshops. This involves working with machetes, planting trees, park upkeep and other such manual work. One of our desires, with the help of our volunteers, is to create a vegetable garden where volunteers will be able to pick their own vegetables for cooking as well as maintain it for future volunteers and staff.
The doors of Botanical Park Los Yapas are always open; there are no deadlines, schedules or timetables to meet.
We welcome applications from everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith or disability. We are usually assisted by volunteer groups (numbers vary), which requires a level of maturity and responsibility from the successful candidate.
Since then, Frontier’s has grown to operate over 330 capacity building conservation, community and adventure projects in over 60 countries spanning 5 continents.
Further to this, experience of managing overseas projects, volunteers and research camps is beneficial.
The 9,000th product – is MSC ecolabelled Waitrose Oat Crumbed Scottish Mackerel Fillets.
I look forward to working closely with Waitrose and seeing more MSC certified products on their shelves in the future. Coughlin manages the operation, growth and success of the MSC’s sustainable fisheries certification, commercial partnerships and marketing programs in North and Latin America, as well as the Russian Far East. Coughlin, Jennifer Martin, Executive Director for the Center for Resource Solutions (Green-e), and Han de Groot, Executive Director of UTZ CERTIFIED. This was launched by Vince Cable on 7 April 2011 in a bid to boost short-term economic growth. These Acts are essential for protecting key wildlife sites and species from development and have been developed after long campaigns by wildlife NGOs. The Cabinet Office is 'crowdsourcing' proposals for which laws should be scrapped, with Ministers facing a basic presumption that laws and regulations listed in the Red Tape Challenge should be scrapped.
The website lists the 278 environmental regulations under scrutiny and your comments can be left under 7 broad headings. Data collected by Butterfly Conservation volunteers show several once common species have declined dramatically over the last decade. They are sensitive to environmental change and their well-being tells us a lot about the health of the countryside.
It will help scientists determine where butterflies are thriving and where others face extinction.

M&S will offer a range of butterfly-friendly lavender plants for customers to buy in store, with a donation from the profits going to Butterfly Conservation. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers and children across the UK to help butterflies.
They are essential for the pollination of plants, and caterpillars provide food for many birds and other wildlife. Teams of employee volunteers will help the trusts with activities such as coppicing and digging drainage trenches. We took this picture from the web we believe would be one of the most representative images for graduation hairstyles for short hair. We took this image on the internet that we consider would be probably the most representative images for letter a tattoos designs. We had taken this image from the web we feel would be one of the most representative pictures for kitchen designers salt lake city. A full driving license with a minimum of 2 years driving experience with no penalty points is required.We offer full training for industry relevant BOHS qualifications and also welcome applications from people already experienced in UKAS-accredited asbestos monitoring works.
You can design and develop your own project wherever your interests lie, including mammalogy, herpetology, ornithology, botany and entomology. Through a weekly meeting, help them to analyse their data and prepare reports and presentations on their work. We support Quaker witness in local communities in Britain, internationally and represent Quakers at national and international levels to government, business and the general public. Responsible for supporting the development and documentation of procedures and best practices related to grant making and grant management and sharing with local teams as appropriate.
If you have your own project ideas, we can discuss them and we can help you to make your ideas come true.
The ability to plan and deliver great copy and effective content for publications, launches, new media and social networks is a key part of this job. Over the past 25 years Frontier has volunteers of more than 30 nationalities take part in projects all around the world, making Frontier a truly international organisation with a global impact. This has led some NGOs to call for more research into the options for national to international litigation.
WWF provided technical as well as financial support for the National Rhino Census.This is a fine example of working together where all conservation partners and local communities are contributing to the conservation efforts of the Government of Nepal, says Krishna Prasad Acharya, Director General of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. The mackerel is sourced from the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group western mackerel fishery, certified in 2008.
Amazingly this includes most of the wildlife legislation that we and our partners have worked so hard to get on the statute books in recent years. Scrapping them would results in immeasurable damage to species and habitats, including butterflies and moths. Once the nation has had its say, Ministers will have three months to work out which regulations they want to keep and why. Numbers of Small Tortoiseshell have declined by 68 per cent and the Peacock by 30 per cent during the 2000s. If you change the environment to help butterflies, all sorts of other wildlife benefits too. Globally, an estimated 2.4 billion people rely on the traditional use of biomass fuels for cooking. The recruitment process will also include a Skype interview, and a written project proposal for the project of your choice. We have created an exciting new role to help QPSW coordinate and communicate its work and engage, inspire and support Quakers to express their faith through action.
Support the development and implementation of programs with non-profit partners and development agencies in the areas of affordable nutrition, healthy lifestyles, access to safe water and sustainable agriculture. This internship will mainly focus on work in the Botanical Garden which has been neglected due to drought conditions.
Joyeeta Gupta, among other speakers, discussed litigation options that are available for those who feel that the climate change negotiations are not addressing the climate change problem fast enough. This is despite the fact that environment minister himself admitting that one-third of the tiger population resides outside protected areas (PAs).
Support received from WWF Nepal is appreciable and we are hopeful that this support will continue in the coming years with more vigor, Mr, Acharya added.The positive result of the National Rhino census 2011 is an indication of the successful conservation efforts of the Government of Nepal in partnership with conservation partners. Stakeholders with an interest in the fishery are encouraged to provide comments and information for this assessment process.
The conference will bring together 150 representatives from top brands that source certified ingredients and eco-label their products, leading ethical certifiers, government agencies and NGOs, and the service providers that make reporting and compliance possible. This heavy dependence on biomass has serious health, socioeconomic, climate and environmental consequences.In an effort to support the transition to clean and safe cooking fuels and stoves, SEI researchers developed a survey tool to better understand the choice of cooking stoves at the individual level. You will work with others to develop our communications tools to better serve the needs of Quakers and meetings and to contribute to change in the world.
You will also play a central role in the life of the department, by initiating and overseeing activities and projects to improve coordination of the work.Are you capable, flexible and enthusiastic, with knowledge of and sympathy with Quaker values?
Why is it that well-designed, efficient and clean stoves often fail to penetrate the market in developing countries? Together, fisheries already certified or under full assessment record annual catches of close to seven million metric tons of seafood, representing more than 12 percent of global capture production for direct human consumption. Reducing high demand for rhino horn from neighbouring countries is however remains the critical long term goal . The fisheries already certified catch nearly four million metric tons of seafood—more than seven percent of the total global capture production for direct human consumption.
Submissions: Work with environmental subject matter experts on targeted submissions, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Water Disclosure Project and the Forestry Disclosure Project.
Based on this encouraging result now we need to come up with strategies to build a thriving population in the Terai Arc Landscape, Dr.
Non-Financial Goals: Work with Public Policy team and Sustainability plank leaders and Subject Matter Experts to help manage public commitments and goals.
Provide particular guidance and oversight on environmental goalsExternal Communications: Partner with Corporate Communications to provide data, positions and background necessary for use at Annual Meetings, Annual and Sustainability Reports and media inquiries on environmental policies and sustainability initiatives.

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