The Armagard 700 series rackmount server enclosure is a protective cabinet that can house conventional rackmountable equipment up to a maximum capacity of 18U. The Armagard SPRI-700 series rack mount cabinet manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and is sealed to IP65. Used across Europe to house servers and other rackmountable devices the 700 series server cabinet can be supplied with surge protected mains power block, air circulation fan and optional heater unit for cold environments.

All Armagard enclosures are constructed according to European IP and International NEMA standards, ensuring protection from liquids and particulates. Built to IP65, this stainless steel server cabinet can protect the enclosed equipment from wet or humid conditions and is ideal for food processing or washdown areas. It is suitable for any standard EIA 19" rackmountable device that needs to be operated in wet or washdown locations.

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