Having learned (perhaps the hard way) that backing up your data is a vital chore that must be done regularly, you may be looking for the best backup storage device. There are a number of options and price ranges among backup storage devices; the best one for you depends on your computing environment and habits.
A better option for home and small business users that have lots of data to backup would be an external hard drive.
If you have multiple computers on a network, at home or at the office, a network-attached storage (NAS) device may be the most convenient way to keep all the computers on your network backed up automatically. A simple NAS can be put together with an off-the-shelf external hard drive and some free network backup software such as Karen's Replicator. Tape drives are still used in enterprise (corporate) backup systems, but they are not used much by home or small business users, as the cost of magnetic and optical media is far less than tape.
Using one or more External Hard Drives is easy and in my opinion "essential" for home and small business users.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Internet connection speeds will continue to rise dramatically, as they have done over the past 15 years. The mobile workplace of today requires many business professionals to carry their office around with them.
MyPCBackup is a free tool which will automatically backup your whole computer, saving your documents, photos, music and more.
You will then be able to access all your computer files online from any computer or phone so you no longer need to carry memory sticks to store your data on.
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Once upon a time, we backed up our computers with hard, flash, and floppy drives, magnetic tapes and even RAID setups. While this website is here to help you weed through the jungle of cloud options, it’s also important for a cloud shopper to know what he or she is looking for.
Where an online backup service stores copies of your files in an off-site cloud server as a backup, a cloud storage service gives you an online box to store whatever you want.
Many of these services are also supported by apps, allowing you to access your files from any internet-connected device including TVs, game consoles, and tablets. Many of these services, like Dropbox, Syncplicity, and OneDrive will integrate with your computer so you can access and work out of your cloud drive just like any other folder in your computer.
But, unlike most online backup services, most cloud storage services have a free starter plan that gives you a limited amount of space that may be enough for the average person.
When considering which type of service best fits you, it’s best to consider how you work with files. On the other hand, a cloud storage service is best for those who are constantly on the go and opening their files with multiple computers, smartphones, and tablets. Mike has nurtured a passion for all things tech for over ten years as a hobbyist, retailer, tech supporter, and spreadsheet jockey. Common Cloud Storage Backup Issues and Possible SolutionsOctober 22, 2015While cloud storage backup is indeed one of the solutions companies have when it comes to data storage and back-up needs, it is not an infallible one.
A CD holds about 700 MB of data while a DVD may hold 4 GB (about 4000 MB), and DVD discs are not that much more expensive than CDs these days.
Yes, flash drives do wear out and start losing data - but it's the repeated re-writing of data that wears them out, not holding data in a steady state. A NAS device is basically a large hard drive with an Ethernet adapter or other network connection device; it is assigned an address on your network just like a printer, computer, or any other device. The external drive will have to be connected to a networked computer, as it will not have its own built-in network adapter.

Those newer backup media are also much faster when it comes to backing up and restoring data.
There is also the fact that you have to be online to restore, and that could be a major problem.
Notebooks, smartphones and netbooks offer ways to stay connected to your colleagues and your data.
With just the click of a button MyPCBackup will optimize your PC, remove potentially privacy risks and free up disk space.
Recording can be done using virtually any form of energy, spanning from manual muscle power in handwriting, to acoustic vibrations in phonographic recording, to electromagnetic energy modulating magnetic tape and optical discs. But now we have networks of servers and administrators with a singular purpose, to securely receive your data and to keep it safe in case of the inevitable computer crash.
These days, the chaos of the cloud frontier has coalesced into two disparate categories: online backup and cloud storage. A program makes a backup copy of your files, and then saves them on a secure online server. Dropbox, one of the most popular and well-known of these services, was created by a college student who got tired of losing flash drives with his valuable school files. These apps will let you download and play media files, but you can also share a secured link to a file to your friends, family, and co-workers rather than dealing with e-mail file size limits or the security issues of sending a full-sized file. In the background, the service automatically syncs any changes made to the files in that folder to the online server. Most cloud drives are limited to being a small amount of extra storage, and upgraded storage isn’t all that cheap.
Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage, Google Drive and OneDrive offer 14 GB, and MEGA offers a whopping 50 GB of free storage.
For instance, an online backup service is best for those who don’t need their data everywhere they go.
If you find yourself constantly e-mailing files to yourself or to others, or loading up your flash drives with pictures, movies, and slideshows, you probably want a Cloud Storage drive. An online backup service is a great way to protect an archive of work files or the family computer’s treasured memories, but a cloud storage drive gives you the flexibility to take what’s important to you right now to wherever you are going. He’s been an optimistic evangelist for the power of the cloud since the days of server-aided file sharing.
There are some issues that a lot of providers won’t tell you about upfront, and these hidden problems may bring about headaches when time comes to recover your backed-up data.
Also, you can use re-writable CDs, erasing your oldest backup set and replacing it with the latest.
That computer must be left on at all times so that the backup software can access other computers on the network during scheduled backup times. In terms of sheer portability and accessibility, however, nothing beats USB-based storage systems. PCM understands that data storage is the key to keeping you in business and our experts can implement better access, backup procedures, and critical loss prevention. Devices that process information (data storage equipment) may either access a separate portable (removable) recording medium or a permanent component to store and retrieve information.
And while this new era of “the cloud” made backup as simple as a push of a button, it also created hundreds of different cloud services. Neither category fits everyone, as each type of service offers a very different feature set, but knowing the difference can help you to understand what to expect and what to look for in a cloud service.
If something happens to your computer, you just load up that program again on your new computer, hit the restore button, and all your data goes back to where it was in the first place.
The backups are computer specific and will not sync your files across your computers and other devices.

Cloud storage drives follow that same example by being like a flash drive that won’t get lost and can be accessed from any internet connected computer.
So, when you login to another computer, your smartphone, or a tablet, all your files are exactly how you left them. If you only have one computer, or you have multiple computers that don’t need to have the same stuff, like a work and a home computer, an online backup will keep each set of data separate and keep everything organized the way you like. Having both will allow you to fully take advantage of both the flexibility and power of the cloud.
In his spare time he loves reading and writing about faraway lands, playing games within them, and has a slightly unhealthy obsession for Star Wars. What are these hidden issues and what are the possible solutions for these?One issue that you may not think about at the beginning of your stint with a cloud storage service provider is when they suddenly go out of business. Even if you use a flash drive like a re-writable CD, you should get up to 100,000 write cycles out of it before the flash drive begins to fail. You can also specify which files, folders, and types of data files are to be backed up and when.
You may not even be able to get to your backup files from another computer outside of a lengthy restore process. Cloud storage providers are, after all, businesses too, and they depend on revenues to keep things running. And most importantly, the data is off-site, secured by redundant backups, encrypted with enterprise-level security and maintained by teams of well-trained IT administrators. Also, while online backup services quote “unlimited storage,” since these backups copy files instead of taking them off your computer, you’re still limited to the storage available on your computer.
If they do not have enough clients to ensure that their business continues, the possibility of closing down is indeed there and is a threat to your company’s backed up data.The solution to this issue is a simple talk with your provider and an assurance that should they contemplate shutting down their business, that they inform you ahead of time and give you options for transferring your company’s backed up data to other sources. While some cloud storage services like OneDrive and Amazon Cloud will offer unlimited storage, they come with caveats like a smaller feature set or a higher price tag. Another option would be to ask them to inform you of this closure so you can get your stored information yourself and you can find other alternatives to their storage offerings. Knowing about this event is probably the only thing that can spell the difference between lost data because of closure and recovered data before that happens.Another problem that may arise from using a cloud storage backup is security. You are essentially passing on responsibility for the protection of your data to other people and if these providers are not that careful about the data that is being stored, you may find the backed up data compromised. One solution to such an issue is to get your provider to ensure that your data is indeed protected from security breaches.
You need to make your provider accountable for the security of your data and have high set of security standards for your data.Another would be for you to encrypt your own data before sending it into the cloud for backup storage.
This will ensure that should some security issues arise with your cloud storage backup provider, even when your data is accessed by someone else, they cannot make any sense out of it since only you and your company can decrypt it. This may be a rather labor intensive move but it does make sure that your data is totally safe while it is in the cloud.For you to also avoid these issues when it comes to cloud storage, it might be a good idea to utilize more than just one cloud storage backup provider. There are backup strategies that are ideal with this ideal, like the 4-3-2-1 backup strategy (keeping 4 copies of very important documents, stored on three different media types, and backed up on two different cloud backup service provider, with one extra copy stored off-site in a physical server). This will keep important data intact, and your information safe from whatever issues may arise, both in your place of business and in the cloud.

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