Sofenet Backup esta disenado para ser completo y economico para negocios pequenos y medianos.
Al minimizar la complejidad y posibilidad de error humano, Sofenet Backup hace que sea facil lograr copias de resguardo mas confiables y mejor proteccion de sus datos. Sofenet Backup le ofrece un producto que es adecuado en terminos tanto de funcionalidad como precio. Sofenet Backup ofrece un software de backup mas economico porque tiene un modelo de precio que le permite pagar solamente por lo que usted necesita. Hagase la siguiente pregunta: Si su proveedor actual de software de backup sale del mercado, ?Podra usted recuperar sus copias de resguardo? En lugar de reinventar la rueda, Sofenet Backup construye sobre la base de las mejores tecnologias de backup existentes — programas estandares que estan probados y soportados ampliamente. Con Sofenet Backup, usted obtiene los beneficios de una solucion de copiado de resguardo mas eficiente, a una fraccion del costo, sin comprometer la calidad. If you would prefer your treasured photos, documents and media under your own control and not located on a remote cloud storage service managed by another company. The box has been specifically designed to provide users with a powerful mini server and personal cloud storage box that comes complete with embedded media management software.
The box system allows you to safely store your files and photographs and provides faster methods of locating that required image or document.
The box project is currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $25,000 in pledges and still has 18 days to run on its campaign.
Using you will always find the photos and files you are looking for, right when you need them. Using you can share your photos with customers, colleagues and friends – quickly and securely. In a series of blog posts, this being the first, David Lef, principal network architect at Microsoft IT, chats with us about supporting a network as it transitions from a traditional infrastructure to a fully wireless cloud computing platform. David Lef explains the key factors and strategies involved with implementing and supporting a network infrastructure that enables modern work styles such as constant connectivity and mobile productivity. Smart phones and tablets have given people Internet access everywhere they go, whenever they want, and that expectation naturally extends to their work environment. For example, our customer relationship management (CRM) solution is now hosted in the cloud, so our sales people can be productive without having to connect to our corporate network. For example, there is significant variety in the operating system version across Android devices in our environment, and we had to account for how we would manage that. Q: How do you manage resistance to adoption of new technology or processes you implement in this space?
Q: What is the biggest impact on traditional network architecture from this shift and how are you addressing it? Many of our physical sites were wired when they were built or, in some cases, were retrofitted. A: In 18 months, most of our physical locations, with the exception of datacenters, will be wireless-first. Alt Tech Inc is a Sherwood Park based IT Consulting Company that has been responsible for the design, installation and support of computer systems and networks for the past 10 years in the greater Capital Region. Alt Tech Inc is a Sherwood Park based IT Consulting Company that has been responsible for the design, installation and support of computer systems and networks for the past 10 years in the greater Capital Region.
It’s other features are Social Networking Services And Apps, Private Mode, OneDrive Cloud Storage, Stylus Pen Support, Quick Connect, S Health, S Finder, S Voice, Smart Gestures, Noise Cancellation. Hi Friends This is Himanshu Grewal Owner & Founder of PhonePrices - I Love Blogging Blogging and Blogging. The iPad Pro is more like a laptop than ever before because of its bigger screen and optional keyboard dock. The choice of laptops is much broader now than in years past, with hybrids (2-in-1s), touchscreen models and your basic non-touch laptop. For many people this is an exciting prospect because you can do everything on one device, and you need only buy one device. If you’re used to using a laptop (Windows or Mac) for business you may struggle to get used to its lack of ports and slots. The laptop’s greatest advantage used to be portability, but that went out of the Window when tablets arrived. The iPad has a different skillset, and is by far the better tool if you’re doing anything that requires a touchscreen. You can also buy a Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro which takes power from the iPad and is just a few millimetres thick.
Third-party keyboards will be available, of course, and some are bound to allow you a variety of tilt angles. For productivity, then, it depends on what you need to do as to whether an iPad Pro or laptop will be best for you. Obviously, battery life will depend on what you’re doing with any computer, so using the screen at full brightness and running apps which hammer the processor could mean you wipe several hours off the maximum possible time between charges.
In fact, given that the Pro weighs roughly the same as the original iPad at 713g, it has one of the best screen size:weight ratios of any device.
That means you don’t have to wait for it to boot up, nor for apps to get the latest updates. But there will always be a specific tool, program or utility that works only in Windows that means you can’t rely 100 percent on an iPad for everything.
It’s also a great choice for more general use including web browsing, games, editing and sharing photos, catch-up TV, movies and all the other things you already love to do on an iPad. Really, it’s a case of making a list of priorities and then choosing between a laptop and iPad Pro based on those.

Le da a usted una solucion de proteccion de datos basada en las mejores practicas con un clic del mouse, proveyendo copiado recurrente automatico para todo el rango de productos de servidores de Windows en un solo paquete que cualquiera puede utilizar. No se requiere ninguna certificacion para usarlo y no necesita un grado en computacion para entenderlo y nuestro servicio incluye su gestion e instalacion. Le dara exactamente lo que usted necesita a un precio que usted puede pagar, ya sea que esta configurando su primera copia de resguardo y necesita una solucion basica, o si esta buscando una solucion completa que cubra sus copias locales y basadas en internet para recuperacion de desastres, control de versiones en el tiempo, y proteccion continua de sus bases de datos SQL, multiples servidores, oficinas, y mas.
Usted adquiere una licencia base y anade mas funciones segun crecen las complejidades de su ambiente de informatica.
Esto significa que sus copias de resguardo estan siempre disponibles, en lugar de lo que hacen otros proveedores que pueden encerrar sus datos en formatos propietarios, haciendo potencialmente dificil extraer estos datos en el futuro.
Muchas empresas de copiado de resguardo gastan una fortuna creando programas nuevos y obscuros.
Microsoft IT is responsible for supporting 900 locations and 220,000 users around the world. My team supports almost 900 sites around the world and the networking components that connect those sites, which are used by a combination of over 220,000 Microsoft employees and vendors that work on our behalf. It started small, with email being the biggest request a while back—but it has expanded into all aspects of being technically connected to work resources. The whole organization is following the same strategy: internal apps and business functions have moved or are moving to the cloud, improving access and productivity for the entire organization. The influx of mobile devices that users wanted to connect to our network and the huge number of different devices caught us a little by surprise. We caught up primarily through intentional communication: we went out and got to understand what users wanted and how we could best implement it.
This means keeping in contact with groups that depend on us, making sure we’re aware of how the network is being used, and anticipating changes in users and technology. There are a lot of misconceptions about cloud computing out there, and we want to make sure that we can show our users that their data and apps are just as safe, or safer, within the Microsoft Azure environment or any other cloud technology that we’re using.
We have a lot more bandwidth at the edge than before, because so much more traffic goes in and out of our corporate network with the move to Internet-facing access points for apps and portals. We want one hundred percent conversion of our information worker clients to be wireless-first. Our team of professional IT consultants and network analysts offer a wide range of small, medium, and large business computer support services to service your business like no other. It’s Battery Model is Li-Ion 3000 mAh and Stand-by Time is 400 Hrs, Unofficial and Talk time is 15 Hrs Unofficial and Music Playback Up to 38 Hrs so you listen music for long time and Video Playback is 10 Hrs enjoy more videos for long time.
Its box contains are Handset, Battery 3000 mAh, Charger, USB Data Cable, 3.5 mm Headset, User Guide, Warranty Card. Here we explain the pros and cons of an iPad Pro versus a a€?propera€™ laptop so you can decide which to buy. With Microsoft’s Surface Pro and now the iPad Pro, is there any reason to replace an aging laptop?
Before we dive in, bear in mind that we’ve yet to spend any serious time with the iPad Pro, so this advice is based on what we already know about it and other similar devices.
The iPad Pro is great at many things, but the fact it has no USB port nor HDMI output can make life difficult. Like other iPads, it should get you through a working day with some power spare for the commute home. It’s also bigger than the MacBook, which also has a 12in screen and a similar resolution to the Surface Pro 3 at 2304x1440.
Again, iOS 9 helps out a little here by adding iCloud Drive as an app so you can see folders and files. And no matter how many apps are in the App Store for the iPad Pro, there will always be a broader choice for Windows (and Mac).
Leaving aside traditional hard disks (with their large capacities but slow speeds) you’ll still get a 128GB or 256GB SSD. Ofrece soluciones de backup locales y basadas en internet, la habilidad de copiar todo desde archivos individuales hasta servidores completos (incluyendo Active Directory, Exchange y SQL), ademas de control sobre ambientes fisicos y virtuales, asi como soporte para todo el rango de dispositivos de copiado de resguardo. Le enviara un correo diariamente con un reporte del resultado de las copias y un recordatorio de cuando tiene que cambiar los medios utilizados o si el espacio esta a punto de llenarse.
Y no importa que tan complejo sean sus requerimientos de copiado de su ambiente de servidores Windows, Unix, Linux y Apple, encontrara que Sofenet Backup simplemente hace el trabajo mejor. Pero con Sofenet Backup, nuestro presupuesto de investigacion y desarrollo es invertido completamente en maximizar su inversion en tecnologia Windows y haciendola trabajar mejor para usted.
Additionally, you can filter your media by date, GPS coordinates, size, orientation and many further characteristics.
The main issue with it is however that it is not well suited for uploading photos in bulk.The desktop uploader that Google has created resolves the issue. David is helping to define the evolution of the network topology to a cloud-based model in Azure that supports changing customer demands and modern application designs.
The change started five to eight years ago, but the change is ongoing as new technology emerges. For most of them, that means moving to the cloud on Microsoft Azure and other services, such as Office 365. Almost all of the smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.) in the marketplace are wireless-only, so we need to have appropriate wireless coverage and bandwidth to ensure that our employees can work in the way that best suits them.
Different devices have different methods of access, and we had to make sure our network design provided appropriate protection for and from these devices. In this field, a five-year plan for implementation just doesn’t make sense, because everything changes so quickly. We have a User Experiences group that’s dedicated to the relationship with our internal users, who ultimately are our customers.

Compared to the network infrastructure required to implement wireless, it’s way more expensive.
Our app portfolio is constantly moving to the public side, on Microsoft Azure or software as a service (SaaS) solutions, such as Office 365. Our goal, is to provide proper system and infrastructure designs to our customers that will ensure reliability and high system performance with ease of supportability and use.
It’s harder to connect an iPad to a projector, harder to print and harder to quickly share files with others.
Such features are available with Windows 8 and Windows 10, but even if you do buy a new laptop you’ll still have to open the lid to see notifications!
Things are getting better: even Microsoft has thrown its support behind the iPad Pro so you can run Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
If you want a highly portable device for editing video, the iPad is again a brilliant (and powerful) tool.
Whether you are a hobby snapper, a professional photographer, or working as a marketing & communications manager in a SME. When managing or editing your data, you can use the batch bulk processing function of
Furthermore you need just one click to integrate a watermark in all the pictures, no matter if you are sharing five or 500 files. You find it listed on the apps page on the official Google Photos website.Once downloaded and installed (on Windows), you are asked to enter your Google account credentials in the application to continue. We are responsible for providing wired, wireless, and remote network access for the organization, implementing network security across our network (including our network edges), and we ensure that the nuts and bolts of network functionality work as they should: IP addressing, name resolution, traffic management, switching, routing and so on. For others, we are implementing hybrid solutions where some of the app moves to the cloud while some of it stays on-premises in our datacenters. We support multiple methods of access across many platforms and devices, so employees can use whatever device allows them to be most productive. When users are aware of what can and can’t be done, it reduces the number of requests that are simply impossible for us to do. We provide opportunities to get one-on-one with members of our IT teams, and we try to proactively mitigate situations before they become a problem. If we want to expand or renovate in a physical location, wireless-first means we don’t have to provide the same level of wired infrastructure in the location that we used to.
We’ve also increased security measures at the edge of our network with the increase and change in traffic, building strong firewall rules and implementing information security for incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent data loss. In 18 months, we expect to have ninety percent of our productivity apps (email, instant messaging, Office) public-facing, and seventy percent of our business apps public-facing. Undoubtedly a desktop computer with multiple monitors and a big Wacom tablet or video editing hardware is still preferable, but when you need to do those things on the move, the iPad Pro is a great substitute. The sign-in process supports 2-step verification and if you have configured it, you will be asked to enter a verification code on first run.You may then be asked to pick a Google identity if you have multiple associated with the account.
We publish user tutorials called Worksmart Guides that provide education and step-by-step instructions for interacting with most of our IT touch points, and we ensure that our users know where and how to get them. There you may also select the desired quality which is set to high to make use of unlimited storage, and whether you want to help Google by allowing anonymous statistics to be sent.Photo uploads are automatic from that moment on.
We do have a long-term strategy, though, that is supported by a three- to five-year vision.
The settings display several additional options that the initial configuration dialog did not.
These longer term plans are at a much higher level, and it allows for things to change, technology-wise. In the name of enhancement, they are doing more damage to their repute than offering convenience. Don't they understand the problem of SmartPhones where privacy and safety can be rather easily compromised? I am interested in this new venture (photo app) of them but, certainly Google is not for serious and important works no more. So, naturally, I'll now on treat Google products like toy and toss them off the way they do with Google users.Am I missing something? Reply Peter June 4, 2015 at 10:15 pm # My issue with it is that it just uploads all your photos without any thought to how they where originally organised by folder and sub-folder on your PC.
Reply PicBackMan November 23, 2015 at 6:46 am # Recently announced 'Free up Space' App is a breeze. The app will automatically delete all the previously backed up images to free up space on your device, only if you are ok with it. What we would also expect from Google is a feature or an app to identify and remove duplicate photos to reduce even more space. Reply Edvard February 16, 2016 at 2:49 am # Does anyone know if it preserves the directory structures (if it can create albums for your directories)? Reply Lynne April 1, 2016 at 6:43 pm # Have just had to uninstall it because it was taking up ALL our bandwidth, making it impossible to use the Internet - or even the wifi connection to the printer - for anything else. With windows 10 updates you can specify wifi only AND further specify it is not to use one or more specific wifi services either, but while many programs respect that, it seems that Google does not so uploading all my photos would blow several months of paid bandwidth in one hit if I just gave it the go-ahead.

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