Veeam Backup and Replication is data protection software for virtualized applications and data, regardless of size or complexity.
This is the first update to the software since v7 (Veeam rolls out massive updates as opposed to smaller 0.1 updates). Veeam Explorer – the Veeam Explorers allow users to pinpoint exactly what needs to be recovered. Replication enhancements – Veeam has introduced several replication enhancements including built-in WAN acceleration for replication, replication from backup files including the above mentioned NetApp snapshots, failover plans, and planned failover to facilitate data center migrations. The second patent-pending feature Veeam is introducing is a self-restore portal for application owners. One advantage, similar to VMware vSphere Data Protection 6.0, is Veeam Backup and Replication integration through DD boost to EMC Data Domain systems. Veeam Backup and Replication comes in three editions: standard, enterprise, and enterprise plus. During the installation Veeam will run a system configuration check to find any potential issues. We installed Veeam, leveraging the ExaGrid EX21000E Disk Backup Appliance as the backup target. Once everything is installed and the correct physical location is selected, the next step is selecting the virtualized environment that needs to be backed up. Once everything is named, selected, and added the backup process can begin by clicking on the start button in the upper left hand side of the UI. While the backups are running we also checked the CPU resources consumed by the Windows 2012 VM that had Veeam running on it. After the restore is running or after it has completed, administrators can check the log to see how long each aspect of the restore took and the speed at which the data was restored.
Once the location of the instant recovery is chosen, users needs to chose where the restore point would be. Once settings have been applied, instant recovery begins and users can see each step unfold on the log or check the timing after it is finished, in this case less than 5 minutes. Veeam Backup and Replication v8 is an exceedingly easy to use backup and recovery software that's ideally suited to heavily virtualized environments. 1-Touch Recovery allows you to recover the entire computer system without installing the operating system or any other software. Verify that the computer in which you wish to install the software satisfies the minimum requirements specified in System Requirements. See Download Manager - Getting Started for instructions on creating an installation package.
1-Touch Server Install 1-Touch Server software on a computer that satisfies the minimum system requirements. Client Install File System iDataAgent on the rootvg volume group of a computer that satisfies the minimum system requirements. The default network interface name of the client computer is displayed if the computer has only one network interface (NIC card), press Enter to accept. If the computer has multiple network interfaces, enter the interface name that is preferred for communication with the CommServe, and then press Enter. The interface names and IP addresses depend on the computer in which the software is installed and may be different from the example shown. If necessary you can also enter a new (friendly) name for the client, and then press Enter. Deciding if to Install Agents for Restore OnlyDo you want to install the agents for restore only without consuming licenses?Install Agents for Restore Only?
Preparing Installation Directory Please specify where you want us to install Calypso binaries.
Preparing Log DirectoryPlease specify where you want to keep Calypso log files.It must be a local directory or NFS share and there should be at least 100MB of free space available.
Deciding If to Use a Unix GroupMost of Calypso processes run with root privileges, but some are launched by databases and inherit database access rights.
Setting Access Permissions for Group and Other Users Installer will assign full access rights to root user for all installed Calypso files and its processes. Setting Instance Port Number of cvd Every instance of Calypso should use a unique set of network ports to avoid interfering with other instances running on the same machine.
Setting Instance Port Number of EvMgrC Every instance of Calypso should use a unique set of network ports to avoid interfering with other instances running on the same machine. If this computer and the CommServe is separated by a firewall, type Yes and then press Enter.
Deciding If to Configure Firewall You need to configure firewall settings if there is a firewall between this client and the CommServe. If you have enabled per-client certificate on CommServe, type y and press Enter.Else, press Enter.
2 - To apply the global filters policy to the default subclient regardless of the policy set for the CommCell.
Deciding if to Configure Storage PolicyWould you like to configure Storage Policy on this client?Configure?
Select Local Path if you wish to specify a local path in the MediaAgent computer.In the Disk Device box, type the name of the folder in which the disk library must located or click button to select the folder. Select Network Path, if you wish to specify a network path as the target share.In the Connect As box, type the user name. From the Library list, click the name of a disk library to which the primary copy should be associated and then click Next.Ensure that you select a library attached to a MediaAgent operating in the current release. From the MediaAgent list, click the name of a MediaAgent that will be used to create the primary copy and then click Next. For the device streams and the retention criteria information, click Next to accept default values.
From the MediaAgent list, click the name of the MediaAgent that will be used to host the Deduplication Database (DDB). On AIX 5.3 (or later) computers, if the installation package was converted to an ISO image file, the loopmount command that is required to mount the ISO will not work. The software cache is the location from where the remote install program installs the software. Specify the User Name and Password that must be used to access the client computer, and then click Next.
Account information is required while performing remote installs for the first time on a client.
If this computer and the CommServe is separated by a firewall, click Configure firewall services. For firewall options and configuration instructions, see Firewall Configuration and continue with the installation. This screen will reflect the components you selected for install, and may look different from the example shown. You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window of the CommCell console. Several additional options are available for remotely installing the software from CommCell Console, refer to Install Software from the CommCell Console (Remote Install) for more information. Working for this large networking and routing consultancy it was my job to ensure that the systems were working correctly, were secure, and were maintained and backed up properly.
As an IT Systems Administrator in this office it was my duty to ensure that all user accounts were kept secure and accessible by the authorised persons. Working for this large office personnel company as an IT Systems Administrator it was my responsibility to ensure that staff access to the systems was flawless, and restore account access following lockouts or security shut downs. LTI has provided world-class services across a number of varying industries for over two decades.
Here you may download useful employee forms, or stay current with the latest company announcements.
As the data value and volume of business data continue to rise, corporations need high-performance storage solutions which are secure, reliable, and easy to manage.

The TS-EC879U-RP is reliable with built-in safety precautions to safeguard all data from any unforeseen problems. Setting up local or remote access with the TS-EC879U-RP is painless and does not require any IT skills. With increasing virtualization of IT resources, the need for high performance storage is more essential than ever. The ECC (Error Correction Codes) RAM of the Turbo NAS can detect and correct errors introduced during transmission or storage of data. The Windows AD and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory service features enable the system administrator to retrieve user accounts from Windows AD or Linux LDAP server to the TS-EC879U-RP reducing time and effort in account setup. Conveniently connect to the shared folders of other servers on Microsoft Networking through the "portal folder" on the TS-EC879U-RP.
The TS-EC879U-RP supports mounting ISO images of CD and DVD discs for network sharing folders for data archiving, storage, and sharing.
A central repository of log data from various network devices allows efficient management and security auditing in a businesses. The TS-EC879U-RP offers users peace of mind, business continuity, and high availability of data by providing the ability to recover their data from disasters. Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) provides real-time or scheduled data replication between the TS-EC879U-RP and a remote QNAP NAS, an FTP server, or an external drive. Designed with CHAP authentication and LUN masking, the advanced ACL (Access Control List) offers the capability to block unauthorized access from the initiators.
Compared with a high cost Fibre Channel SAN, the TS-EC879U-RP is an affordable system that can be deployed as a storage center for virtualized and clustered server environments, such as VMware and Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster.
The built-in iSCSI service supports enterprise-level features such as SPC-3 persistent reservation for clustering in VMware and Windows Server 2008.
Digital film and video production produces volumes of data that require high performance RAID storage with sustainable throughput to balance with the demanding output of video editing. The built-in iSCSI feature provides an affordable IP-SAN (Storage Area Network) alternative for business. The disk volume with FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption can only be accessed by an authorized encryption password or key.
The administrator can allow, deny or auto block specified IP address or network domain which attempt to connect to the TS-EC879U-RP via SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, Samba, or AFP. The data on the TS-EC879U-RP can be backed up to or from another QNAP Turbo NAS or Rsync server over the network securely. Administrator can select to hide or show the network shared folders of the TS-EC879U-RP on Windows network. Administrator can create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user.
Administrator can establish an FTP server with the TS-879U-RPand share files conveniently with colleagues or customers. The TS-EC879U-RP offers complete backup solutions with Apple Time Machine support, remote replication to an Rsync server, Windows client backup software QNAP NetBak Replicator, and third party backup software support.
Multiple websites can be hosted on the TS-EC879U-RP with the built-in web server and virtual host feature. RADIUS server centralizes and consolidates user authentication by maintaining a list of user accounts that are authorized for remote network access through dial-up equipment, Wi-Fi access point, or VPN connections. By collecting and storing logs of other network devices in the Turbo NAS with QNAP's Syslog server support, the IT administrator can easily monitor the status of these devices, and further troubleshoot when necessary. The TS-EC879U-RP offers cross-platform printer sharing over the network and remote printing over the Internet (max.
Administrator can monitor supported IP cameras via the TS-EC879U-RP and set up a video surveillance system with comprehensive monitoring, recording, and playback features.
The TS-EC879U-RP supports IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) which makes the NAS a dual-stack IP host running IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time. RAID is an advanced feature that the QNAP Turbo NAS offers to enhance data protection and performance. The Global Hot Spare feature allows the administrator to share spare drives with multiple RAID volumes on the TS-EC879U-RP.
The LAN ports of the Turbo NAS can be configured in failover mode which allows the TS-EC879U-RP to sustain the failure of one network port and provide continuous services.
The LAN ports of theTS-EC879U-RP can be configured in load balancing mode for bandwidth aggregation to boost file transfer speeds.
The TS-879U-RP can be deployed with multiple different IP settings for sharing among different workgroups in two different subnets. The TS-EC879U-RP offers various features to help the administrator manage the system efficiently. Configure the SMTP server and SMS server settings on the Turbo NAS in order to receive instant system warning or error messages via email and SMS. Note: Windows Live Messenger Alert will not be supported after March, 2013 due to the service termination from Microsoft.
Collect the information, warning, or errors of the TS-EC879U-RP and send warnings up to 3 SNMP servers for centralized management and real-time monitoring. Detailed logs of file-level access to the TS-EC879U-RP via Samba, iSCSI, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, and networking services accessed by online users can all be recorded.
Maximize the usage of the TS-EC879U-RP by installing additional QPKG software plugins developed by the users and communities worldwide. Note: The storage expansion card is to be installed in the NAS for connecting to the RAID Expansion Enclosures. The latest edition of Veeam Backup offers several new features and capabilities; in fact there are over a hundred new features and enhancements. The latest version offers new Veeam Explorers for Microsoft Active directory, Microsoft SQL Server, and for Microsoft exchange. This file-level portal automatically detects what VM a specific user logs on from, find that VM’s backup, and check to see if the user is a member of a local administrator group when the VM backup was executed. This provides global deduplication through Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) software, giving users higher efficiency for protection storage. The three editions allow user to pick the software that works for the user’s given needs within the budget they have. Below is a screenshot from the ExaGrid WebGUI that offers Veeam-specific share setup settings to make the process go smoothly. Setup of the Veeam Data Mover is handled within the ExaGrid appliance so users will have to go through ExaGrid manager in order to utilize this feature. The backup proxy can be set on automatic selection or can be manually chosen by an administrator.
Through this one can setup actions such as compression and deduplication, enable encryption, set up notifications, manage passwords, storage integration, and automate activity after the job is completed. As the backup is running, administrators can check on the progress through the Job Tools tab.
Once the restore mode is selected users need to choose if they are restore the VM to its original location or a new location. On the left hand side is a tab for restore point and to the right will be a list of various restore points to choose from. This version has many new features including, snapshot integration technology has been expanded to support NetApp, a new Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange, compatibility with EMC Data Domain Boost, the ExaGrid data mover, end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, replication enhancements, and disaster recovery through Veeam Cloud Connect.
The setup process was simple through the intuitive UI and we were able to get the backup underway within a few minutes.
When using Veeam v8 with an ExaGrid appliance, users can potentially get a big boost in backup speed close to that of backing up with a physical disk. Veeam offers several integration points with storage providers and has dozens of tuning knobs for those who want total control. The Download Manager bundles an installation package from the Calypso components that you chose to download. By default, we will install 32 bit binary set that has full support for all the modules included in this package.

We will associate it with the client being installed, and it will also be used by the CommServe to connect to the client. To make sure that registry and log files can be written to by both kinds of processes we can either make such files world-writeable or we can grant write access only to processes belonging to a particular group, e.g. The port numbers selected must be from the reserved port number range and have not been registered by another application on this machine.
Make sure the hostname is fully qualified, resolvable by the name services configured on this machine.
Before you can run any backups of this IDA, you will need to install a MediaAgent, create a Storage Policy and assign it to all subclients..
In the Location box, type the name of the folder in which the DDB must be located or click the Browse button to select the folder and then click Next.
For subsequent remote installs on that client, click Next without specifying the account information.
This utility allows you to view the backup job summary from the client computer without opening the CommCell Console. I enjoy installing and maintaining systems to a high standard and ensuring that the system is secure and working to the best advantage for the company. I would have to check each day that the system backups had completed as scheduled, monitor the system to ensure that there had been no breach of security, and remove files and folders when requested and ensure they could not be recovered.
It was my duty to remove or create accounts as required for staff leaving or joining the staff. I Was responsible for keeping the systems backed up and secure from intruder access or unauthorised program deployment. To that end, we need to swell our ranks with even more of the best and brightest—and most professional—people around. In addition, full control of the NAS is offered down to the user and folder access rights to determine who can access the NAS and what can or cannot be accessed. With multiple built-in features to guarantee no interruptions to the work flow of a business, the TS-EC879U-RP is an efficient asset. All setup processes have been simplified so that most of the process is either automatic or can be completed by an installation wizard. Even the most demanding requirements in data center or corporate networks can be satisfied by the TS-EC879U-RP. User accounts and shared folders can be created via the user-friendly web-based interface without IT expertise.
This feature saves space from storing the physical discs, reduces the risk of data loss caused by long term use of the discs, and enhances the performance of data sharing on a business network. QNAP Syslog server allows the IT administrator to effectively collect and store logs of other network devices in the Turbo NAS.
The TS-EC879U-RP supports Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive cloud storage backup which have several backup modes including real-time, scheduled backup and versioning control so that the data can be restored from any point of time. The administrator can set up Microsoft Failover Cluster environment, use Cluster Shared Volume for Hyper-V, and execute virtual machine live migration between Hyper-V hosts. The TS-EC879U-RP fulfills storage and video editing needs with a high speed 10 GbE network interface.
This prevents the sensitive government or businesses data on the Turbo NAS from unauthorized access and breach even if the hard disk drives or the entire system were stolen.
With this feature enabled, users can manage the folder permissions from Microsoft Windows or the web-based management interface of the TS-EC879U-RP without complicated procedures. The administrator can upload a secure certificate and RSA private key in X.509PEM format issued by a trusted provider to allow access the TS-EC879U-RP by secure SSL login.
The QNAP Turbo NAS has a scalable design in addition to supporting various levels of disk configurations such as RAID 0, 1, 5, 5+hot spare, 6, 6+hot spare, 10, 10+hotspare, single disk, and JBOD.
When a hard drive fails in any RAID volume, the global hot-spare drive will automatically replace the failed drive to prevent data from being lost.
Moreover, the TS-EC879U-RP supports Hard Drive Health Scan (HHS) for disk checking and bad blocks scanning.
Veeam actually calls their recovery instant with claims of recovering a failed VM in as little as 2 minutes and being able to recover guest OS files and folder on the fly. If so, the user is provided the ability to browse, search, and restore files and folders from the last restore point or select another restore point. The source-side deduplication by DD Boost can result in up to 50% faster performance for backups.
This will display what backup job is running, its progress, its performance, any errors or issues, and the VM status. This is a good option if users want to make a partial recovery or a recovery from an earlier date.
In just a few minutes the VM is back online and can operate from the backup appliance until a better location is found.
If you did not assign a dedicated group in previous step, make sure you specify sufficient access rights for other users if you are also planning to install Calypso agents involving third party software protection. I was also responsible for updating the systems when required to ensure that they worked as efficiently as possible. The TS-EC879U-RP is packed with security features to stop all unauthorized data access such as AES-256 volume-based encryption.
The advanced RAID configurations and hot-swap capabilities are included to give RAID performance, protection and reduced rebuilding time.
The user-friendly web GUI allows administrators to easily manage the NAS so there is no need for an extensive knowledge of complex commands. 10 GbE network speeds greatly increase the agility of data transmission in a virtualized environment intensifying NFS and iSCSI connection performance. The integrated antivirus solution for the Turbo NAS ensures business continuity by offering detection against the latest viruses, malware, worms, and Trojan horses. Digital videos can be quickly stored and edited on the TS-EC879U-RP directly over the network.
IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), print job management, and Bonjour printing for Mac OS X are also supported. Compared with a local spare drive, the Global Hot Spare function offers more efficient use of spare drives. This new feature will simplify the restore process and reduce TCO by eliminating the need for portal administrators to adjust the restore delegation settings as new VMs are added. We brought up a VM using this feature in just a few minutes and saw fairly reasonable speeds from the guest OS.
I was also responsible for secure data destruction when the data protection act required it.
The AES-256 volume-based encryption prevents sensitive data from unauthorized access and data-breach even if the hard drives or the device is stolen.
An extra set of all of the data stored will always be available, so remote data recovery is quick and simple. And Veeam Backup and Replication has deduplication and compression in order to minimize storage needs.
And the integration of DD Boost with Veeam Backup and Replication will result in dramatically shorter backup windows, with ten times faster in-place synthetic full backup file creation and transformation.
This is due to their backup process which keeps the most recent fully hydrated in their landing zone. If one of the two operating systems fails, the healthy operating system will boot up and operate normally while repairing the failed operating system.
There will be options such as Instant VM recovery, Restore entire VM, Restore VM files, Restore VM hard disks, Restore guest files, and Remove from disk. The dual Gigabit LAN ports can also be configured for failover which allows the NAS server to sustain the failure of one network port and still provide continuous services.

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