BT Wholesale has signed a 10-year deal with Telefonica UK to support the rollout of the mobile operator’s 4G services. The deal will see BT build a new high capacity transmission network to help Telefonica, which operates under the O2 brand in the UK, cope with the growing demand for mobile data services from 4G users. According to recent figures from comms regulator Ofcom, the demand for mobile data is forecast to be 80 times higher by 2030 and will put considerable pressure on the UK's mobile networks.
The work will also boost O2’s backhaul capacity, by offering high speed mobile backhaul links between mobile base stations and the new network, and will lower overall transmission costs by letting the company adopt Ethernet-based IP services. Adrian Di Meo, chief technology officer at O2 UK, said the tie-up means the firm will be more than prepared for the predicted 400 per cent uptick in mobile data traffic demand that is expected to take the UK by storm over the next three years. By deploying technologies like Wi-Fi, Wikis and WebEx, IT is leading the charge as enterprises restructure for maximum collaboration. From pharmaceutical companies to oil and gas firms, enterprises are breaking down silos and boosting the bottom line through the expanded use of collaboration tools and technologies.

IT executives are becoming collaboration architects who partner with human resources, facilities, and corporate communications to remove barriers that impede collaboration. The goal of unified communications is to allow anybody to engage anybody else spontaneously through instant messaging, web conferencing and videoconferencing, regardless of level, role or region.
Geo’s fibre network resides in the sewers, meaning major trading exchanges can trade speedily.
Traders in London’s financial hub could soon be making use of sewers to do their business thanks to ultra low latency fibre networking. Fibre network specialist Geo has developed Geo.TradeNet, a deeply-buried optical fibre network, which enables workers to transfer data between offices and exchanges in the shortest and quickest way possible. Because the network is deeper underground than conventional providers, there is less chance of disruption and, because the pipes are already there, the company can minimise its installation costs and times, according to Geo. High-speed connectivity is something most businesses need, but not all can either access it or afford it.

Asynchronous collaboration tools including wikis, forums, emerging knowledge and project management systems and collaboration-as-a-service platforms enable enterprise-wide information sharing and broad participation in decisions. Investment banks, stockbrokers and funds need to process market updates and turn around orders within milliseconds.
Their very profitability depends upon their ability to react to market events faster than the competition,” said Chris Smedley, Geo’s chief executive, in a statement.

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