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Croix side of Franko’s Map of the United States Virgin Islands, and then I will describe the St. In particular the human side is much harder than the technology side and harder than the process side. Thomas was an interesting place, and that Charlotte Amalie is probably the most busy cruise ship port in the Caribbean, that St. John description, please scroll down, down, down, because there is a lot to go over on the St. Croix, was seemingly nothing like the other two main islands, but it has world class scuba diving sites. Croix has some of the classiest, most fabulous underwater scenes for scuba diving in the world. Croix go snorkeling or diving as a primary activity, it suits all, I had to produce my usual dive map, but since there is plenty of room on a map for all kinds of other information, I gave the viewer the things to see and do of the U.S. Virgin Islands I learned what one cannot possibly learn from books and internet studies – that the U.S. Virgin Islands map background, which I actually first created in the year 2000 I began to load the map with pertinent information about the Virgin Islands, particularly the dozens of superlative dive sites found there.
Croix is a very big island and the dive operators there actually have many more sites than a single map could possibly show.
Virgin Islands at that time, I went to Oahu and created what is known as Franko’s Map of Oahu Surfing, which turns out to be a top seller! Virgin Islands is happy to have my map, both as a guide and a souvenir.Make sure to carefully note the colors of my map. Virgin Islands!”  This chain of islands and islets look like emerald jewels spread out across the gorgeous, deepening shades of ocean turquoise.
Croix, one cannot overlook the fabulous mini Caribbean island called Buck Island, which carries a distinction of being a United States National Monument.

Croix that is all around this map you might just start setting the goal to make your visit to this great Caribbean destination.
Virgin Islands, here are the non-dive site captions found on the map (Check out the Columbus Landing site on St.
Croix This fabulous island is unique amongst the Virgin Islands in topography, geology and its very nature. Croix is progressing as a visitor haven, and it is fortunate that it boasts world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, and Buck Island, a fabulous and pristine mini Caribbean island. Croix, and there are guided hikes at Butler Bay, Salt River National Historic Park, and other areas. Croix belie the fierceness of the hurricanes that have swept across the area over the eons.
Croix boast that This is the only place in the world where a diver can dive a wall, a pier, a reef and a wreck all in one day. Croix's waters are teaming 100's of species of fish and invertebrates on it's colorful corals, sponges and rocks. Grapetree Beach  This white sandy beach isremote and usually empty, although Divi Resorthas been repaired since being wiped out byHurricane Hugo in 1989. The Estate Whim Plantation  This is a restored 1700'ssugar estate, complete with fancy furnishings of the era'swealthy plantation owners. Croix Landmarks Society is located here, and many ofits special events are held on the grounds. Lawaetz Museum  Mid-1700's sugar plantation hasan 1838 house that is now a museum showingearly 1900's St.
Croix's historic sites, ruins,attractions, beautiful natural areas, and vistasalong 72 miles (117 km) of roadway.
Since Chirstiansted is so important historically, and since there are so many wonderful historic places to see, the map must naturally show where they are. Croix beginning in Christiansted, there are still a large and growing number of day visitors. Much of this town appearsold and run down, and it is said that visitorsshould be aware of street crime.
Croix is highlighted, enlivened and beautified by Franko’s Caribbean Reef Creatures, with over 100 species depicted and named in both English and Spanish. Croix side of the map is just a warm-up, because the details on this side of the map are for two islands that are amongst the busiest, most visited places in the whole Caribbean Sea. John is actually where my study began, because of its fame for the fabulous Virgin Islands National Park.

Virgin Islands in August of 2005 I was scuba diving and snorkeling is water that actually felt too warm. Virgin Islands has the locations and descriptions of approximately four dozen dive sites, many of which are famous, such as Trunk Bay’s underwater Trail, and Buck Island (this is not the same Buck Island that is a National Monument near St.
Croix) and are world-class, and many of which are much less visited, owing to location or remoteness. Dive where Atlantis Submarinestake people for underwater sightseeing tours abaord a genuinesubmarine. James Marine Reserve is at a largerock (the "Cow") and a smaller rock (the "Calf), which bothbreak the surface and remind passersby of whales. John’s best places –the little port town of Cruz Bay, and the whole of Coral Bay, where for many centuries ships and seafarers have hid from the ravages of hurricanes. Naturally, with the famous United States Virgin Islands National Park, this map must also include the locations and names of the important trails.
SThomas, which is Charlotte Amalie, and all of its crazy streets, including those that are stairsteps. The important shopping areas, such as Havensight, and the best hotels in town, such as the Crystal Palace (say hi to Ronnie Lockhart there for me!) are listed. Croix side of this map is bilingual, with the names of the fish in Spanish and English this side of the map was slightly limited for space, and I had to either eliminate a few fish, or a few words.
John there are gorgeous turquoise bays for easy, wonderful snorkeling in such nice spots as Hawksnest Bay, Cinnamon Bay and the most famous Trunk Bay.
Thomas’ equally beautiful beaches, such as Magens Bay, which is often rated one of the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches. Thomas’ south side the incredibly beautiful and busy port of Charlotte Amalie is the home of many snorkeling tours for the legions of tour boats that take groups of divers and snorkelers out to Buck Island, where the novice snorkeler is usually treated to a nice view of underwater reef life, including both the green sea turtle (tortuga verde) and the hawkbill turtle (tortuda de carey).
Thomas, plus all kinds of smaller, but significant islands and bays are, such as Savana Island, Inner Brass Island, Outer Brass Island, Little Hans Lollik Island, Hans Lollik Island, Thatch Cay, Grass Cay, Mingo Cay, Congo Cay, Lovango Cay, Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Coral Bay, Flanagan Island, Leduck Isand, Magens Bay, Saba Island, Water Island, Hassel Island, Buck Island (Buck Island off of St. James Island, Dog Island, Pillsbury Sound, Cruz Bay, Coki Beach, Capella Island, Charlotte Amalie, Cane Bay, Frederiksted and Christiansted.

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