Google Cloud Storage is the best option for application developers looking for effortless, cloud-based storage and access for their data. Backup or archive data: Google Cloud Storage presents a highly available and highly reliable data backup solution, which is also easy to maintain. Share data with partners and colleagues: Google Cloud Storage allows data owners to swiftly construct and manage Access Control Lists (ACL). Serve websites with static data: High performance and availability makes Google Cloud Storage the best option for storing and serving websites with static data, which is inclusive of user-generated content. Examine and determine large quantity of data: Google’s analytic tools like Google BigQuery Service and Google Prediction API are supported by Google Cloud Storage. Though it offers so many advantages to its users, the pricing of Google Cloud Storage is still reasonable. In today’s global society, collaboration is key, as teams often work on documents from different places while on the go.
The “cloud” refers to a network hosted over the Internet where you can upload your digital files. Not all cloud storage solutions are the same, so here’s how to find the best solution for you. Understand your needs. Google Drive lets multiple users edit a file simultaneously while Dropbox tracks users’ revisions.
Don’t forget security. Look for solutions that have data servers in different parts of the world so if something happens to one, your information can still be accessible through another, Leary says. Every large internet company, be it Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many others have their Cloud storage offerings. Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s Drive are currently leading the charge when it comes to free cloud storage. On the other hand, Yahoo owned photo storage service Flickr last year announced whopping 1000GB of free storage, but it is applicable to photos only. Interestingly, the existing free users will also need to move to paid plans and if they do not want to subscribe, they will need to go for 3 month trial period, during which they can upload or download new files. Amazon Cloud Drive apps are now also available on all platforms and devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Android devices, iOS devices and Windows phone platform. While most of the other cloud storage players are consistently increasing their free storage offerings, Amazon has gone the other way. The most common place today’s computer users store their documents and pictures is on their hard drives. There are many other cloud storage providers out there, but these are among the most well known. And if you own a business, cloud storage is something you can also take advantage of in a corporate setting. The process generally includes: storage disks, backup copies, data servers, disaster recovery provisions, and firewall.

All you need to do is sign in to the Google APIs Console, enable Google Cloud Storage and you can start uploading your data on an HTTP interface.
These analytic tools allow data owners to quickly examine and determine terabytes of data for obtaining effective business insights. It can be purchased for a relatively low monthly fee depending on the amount of data you wish to store and manage. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics.
Cloud storage solutions serve as your virtual filing cabinet, letting you, your employees and clients access files from any location or device. Storing resources in the cloud can eliminate the cost of hardware installation and repairs, reduce the size of your IT staff, and reduce hardware purchasing costs. These four handy software and online applications will help keep your business running smoothly and streamline your operations. To access more free tools to grow your business dream, visit the business Accelerator, a virtual toolbox designed to inspire and help business owners and entrepreneurs build their businesses. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and is here to provide a wealth of information about a variety of subjects that affect your small business. Most of them offer some amount of Cloud storage for free and then have tiered paid plans for higher storage requirements. Both these companies offer 15GB free storage for all users and you are free to store any files on those cloud. They previously had a 5GB free storage plan on their Cloud Drive service, however, looks like they have now scrapped that.
If existing users do not go for trial plan they will be able to view and download the content, but not upload any new content. Priced at $11.99 per year Unlimited Photos will allow unlimited photo storage, plus 5 GB for videos and files. Some of the smaller players like Mega and others are offering upto 50 to 100 GB secure storage free, so it is quire surprising that Amazon has decided to make it all paid. Amazon probably wants to have pro and corporate users rather than individual users on their platform and hence this change.
But did you know that you can back up your files somewhere so that if your computer ever dies, you’ll be able to access a second copy of them? Different companies own different servers, and offer cloud storage services that utilize these servers. Cloud storage can be a great way to sync all your documents and pictures across multiple devices, as many of these services have app versions that work on tablet and phones.
Regardless of whether you are an individual or a group, you can easily store and concert access to large amount of data, with Google Cloud Storage. Google Cloud Storage relieves you from this mishap, and allows you to store, share, analyze, and retrieve your data, regularly, without having to be concerned about firmware upgrades and maintenance.

You can also use the Google Cloud Storage API to build applications that make use of facile HTTP methods to store, manage, and share data from all over the internet. The usage of bandwidth and storage are estimated in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB = 230 bytes. Whether you’re a start-up or growing enterprise, cloud storage solutions can save your business time and money. Not only do cloud storage solutions provide backup copies of your files if your hard drive crashes, but some let you access documents from your smartphone or let multiple users collaborate on the same file, says Brent Leary, co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a firm that helps small businesses implement customer relationship management strategies.
For example, you might like Microsoft’s SkyDrive if your team regularly uses Word and Excel, while Apple’s iCloud may be a preference for Mac users, Leary says.
On the other hand the $59.99 per year Unlimited Everything plan will allow unlimited storage all of your photos, videos, files and documents.
In recent years, online cloud storage has become incredibly important The Cloud, as many people call it, is not actually a cloud.
It makes transferring documents from one device to another quite easy, as you can log in online from any device and download the files you need. Your employees can store important documents online, so multiple people can access them easily and without fear of losing them on a personal machine.
Google’s distinguished cloud storage system offers a wide range of benefits to your business, some of which include: innovative functionality, nearly unlimited scalability, and reliability, inclusive of sophisticated data-analysis tools and standards-based security features.
Google Cloud Storage also enables you to share data with your authorized partners and colleagues.
With so many excellent features and benefits, Google Cloud Storage is definitely worth the money.Here is the list of top 10 cloud storage providers.
Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve been in business for a while, there are a lot of decisions to make. The Cloud is a “massive, physical collection of interconnected information technology servers that are easily accessible by a user through a network”, as State Tech Magazine defines it.
If you’re planning to store pictures, you’ll probably want a larger storage plan than if you’re just storing documents. As it houses your data in many, superfluous, high-availability data centers, data access is speedy and reliable. With The Small Business Resource Center, you will have combined years of experience, proved strategies, and knowledge for success at your fingertips. There are servers located all over the world, around 50 million of them, kept in massive rooms with special air conditioning and recirculation technology to prevent overheating. Even if you have an external hard drive, having online copies of your documents adds another layer of protection, and provides a peace of mind.

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