While email is slowly being replaced by other forms of communication such as text messaging, or services like Slack, it is still the main way people do business.
There are many ways to filter email: in some cases you can filter your email directly on a server, so filtered messages dona€™t go into your inbox at all, making it easier to deal with email on your iOS device. In this article, Ia€™ll look at filtering email on iCloud and Gmail, two of the most popular email services, and explain how you can create filters in Mail. Ia€™ll start with Mail on OS X, since, if you use this app, youa€™ll want to set up folders or mailboxes there that your server-side filters will use as well. Herea€™s a simple rule in Mail: it looks for a specific recipient, then moves messages to a folder. When you use filtering on your Mac, your email is filtered there as long as the Mac is running, and youa€™ve got Mail open. In the Then menu, you can tell iCloud to move the message to a folder, to the Trash, or forward it to another email address. Click Done, and iCloud will filter these messages on the server, placing them in the folder(s) youa€™ve selected.
The advantage to filtering email on the server is that your Mac doesna€™t need to be running. Click Create filter with this search, and then choose how you want messages matching this filter to be processed. Create a filter in Gmail, and then choose how Gmail processes messages matching your filter. As with iCloud, these server-side filters act on messages before they get to your Mac or your iOS devices. No matter which method you use, youa€™ll find that filtering your email can save you a lot of time, and keep your inbox less crowded. Your new iPad is a great way to stay organized and focused on the activities and events that matter to you most. If you haven't created the event yet, tap the "+" sign in the bottom right corner of your calendar app, or tap and hold on a time spot on the calendar, to create a new event. While users with other types of accounts will receive your invites, they won't be able to accept them into their Calendar and see your changes to events if they aren't using iCloud as well. If someone has sent you an event invite, you can accept them straight from your iPad with just a few taps. You can always change your status on the event by going back into the event in your calendar. This is not a very powerful calendaring app, especially if you are in the corporate world and on Exchange. Sometimes, it is an issue with the email server, sometimes it is a connectivity issue and sometimes you are just missing a key piece of information in the account setup. Sometimes, you will start up the Mail app and receive an error message that your mail could not be retrieved.  If this happens to you, the first thing to do is to make sure you are connected in some way to the internet.

If you are still having trouble getting email or getting an error message, it is time to go to the actual email settings for the account in question. When you re-input your Email and Password, you should either see the word “Verifying” at the top and then, hopefully, see some checkmarks saying that the account is working.  If you get another error message or if the screen seems to hang on “Verifying” you will  need to perform the additional steps.
If the account is a Google or other IMAP account, all your messages are saved on the server and they will be reloaded when the account is set up.
After re-setting up the account, make sure that you see the “Verified” check marks during set up and you should be fine.
Sometimes, your iPad will receive mail fine, but it won’t send mail.  This is a different kind of problem that involves the SMTP – or outgoing Mail server. If there are other mail servers listed, you can always try to turn one of them On and retry sending your mail.  Usually, if mail is unsuccessful in sending from one server, it tries the other listed servers.
If the serer is On and you still have trouble, touch the Primary Server listed and see if in the greyed out field you can see that there is a Host Name, User Name and Password listed. If you have verified that your account is set up and your SMTP server is On and you still can’t send mail – then we need to dive into the Advanced settings to see if there are any more adjustments to be made.
Once you make changes to your settings, touch the Done button and you should be all set to go. If you still have trouble sending or receiving email, it is possible that either the port settings or one of the other advanced settings needs to be adjusted according to the settings for your ISP.
On the next screen user will see their phone number and also the email address that they use with their Apple ID. By default the user will be reached both by their phone number and email address with new iMessages. With Send and Receive selected the user will see their phone number and email address used with their Apple ID on the next page. Hey troy, by following this step i have Set Up iMessage to my iPhone, Thanks for helping dude…! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You may get plenty of precious photos storing in your iPhone or iPad, or download large amount of images from applications such as Safari or Mail to your device, then you need to transfer the photos to pc to release the device memory. 2.Open the iCloud Control Panel on your PC and select the checkbox for “Photo Stream”, then click “Apply”. If you dona€™t have multiple mailboxes, create a new one by choosing Mailbox > New Mailbox. Even if youa€™re not home, if your Mac is on, Mail filters your messages, making it easier to deal with mail on your iOS device. For the first choice, you then select a folder; for the third option, you enter an email address for forwarding.
Gmail gives you lots of options for this: the emails can be archived, marked as read, forwarded, deleted, and much more.

This is useful if you want to keep your iPhonea€™s inbox from getting overloaded with messages you dona€™t need to see right away. Try it out, on your Mac, or on your email server, and see how much easier it can be to deal with email.
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The built in Calendar app has a lot of great features and tools to help you create, edit, manage, and share your schedule, including event invitations.
Depending on your settings, you might get a popup notification or email alerting you when a new invitation comes in.
You input your account information when you setup the iPad and email is received flawlessly.  Occasionally, however, problems do arise and need to be fixed. It is sometimes easiest to simply retype them and see if in the verification process this fixes the problem.
Follow these setup instructions below to start syncing your iMessages across all of your devices. Also, new conversations will be started from a users phone number and this can be changed to the email address if the user wishes. Select a location; if you choose On My Mac, you wona€™t be able to use filters on your server, so choose your email provider, such as iCloud or Gmail. Choose something from the condition menu, such as From, To, Any Recipient, Date, and more, and enter the text you want to filter.
You may not want to leave your Mac running all the time, but if your Mac supports Power Nap, you can let your Mac sleep, and it will check for new email from time to time, and filter it while doing so.
You can still access the filtered emails by checking specific folders in Mail on your iOS device, but your inbox wona€™t contain as many messages. Chances are, that if you need this to be ON you know what it is and that you need it – most of us don’t. You may want to have separate mailboxes for your work and personal emails, or specific mailboxes for emails from close friends. Enter the term you want to use in the appropriate field: From, To, Subject, Has the words, etc.
If youa€™re using email for business, you may want to filter emails by client, or put support emails in one mailbox, and sales queries in another. Choose what to do with the message; in the example below, Ia€™m moving messages sent to my iTunes Guy address to a specific folder. You can choose who a message is from, who ita€™s addressed to, CCa€™d to, or you can have iCloud filter emails that contain specific words in the subject.

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