If you've only deleted one or two contacts and have them on your computer, it's a lot easier to restore them to your iPhone manually. Apple’ fix grayed wi-fi settings iphone, Apple’ fix grayed wi-fi settings iphone, ipad, ipod touch. After downloading and installing the Phone Transfer program on the computer, launch it and Connect two phones to the computer, then you will get the main interface as follow.
If you've already set up your device, you can reset it so that you can go through the iOS Setup Assistant again and restore from your backup. Restoring a backup can take an hour or more and requires that you delete everything from your iPhone.

Syncing happens every few seconds, so you need to temporarily disable iCloud -- otherwise, iCloud will delete your contacts before you even see them.
If the last backup was done before your contacts disappeared on the iPhone, you can recover them. You can then print the contacts, or take a screenshot, and then manually type the contacts back into your iPhone Contacts app.
Right-click to copy the file, then right-click inside the same folder and paste to create an emergency copy. Your missing contacts should be back on your iPhone, your computer and in iCloud without the risk of being automatically deleted again.

If you just want to share data with someone else's iPhone, such as when you are giving your contact information to friend or sharing something with a colleague, a third-party software like mobile phone transfer makes it even easier.

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