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Wahrenddessen hat Microsoft mit Windows 10 sein Betriebssystem dahingehend weiterentwickelt, dass sich jetzt auf PC, Tablet, Smartphone und Scanner eine einheitliche Umgebung wieder findet.
Through this partnership, our developers have pushed the boundaries of video and audio on mobile devices, including Dolby Mobile, DLNA and Cloud services integration. 90% of Car Shoppers Prefer a Dealership Where They Can Start the Buying Process OnlineThis is according to a new survey released by CDK Global.
Why Dealerships Should be Using Facebook to Target Auto Shoppers3 Ways the Automotive Industry Can Reach Mobile-First ConsumersWhat Does a Connected Car Driver Expect from Their Dealership?
We have a deep understanding of the most significant cloud architectures, from Microsoft and Amazon to Google or Rackspace and a variety of adjacent systems that we have applied in real life projects. Dynamics NAV 2016 stellt die Applikations-Umgebung ebenfalls auf allen ublichen Endgeraten bereit.
Die Suche im Web-Client ist spaltenubergreifend moglich und wie man es von Google gewohnt ist, erscheinen die Suchergebnisse schon wahrend der Sucheingabe. According to the report, “New research from CDK Global found that car shoppers are willing and likely to start the car buying process online. Durch die enge Verzahnung von Outlook, Dynamics CRM und NAV springt der Client direkt auf die passende Maske des Kunden oder Lieferanten.

In a recent survey, CDK found that nearly 70% of shoppers expected to find the ability to configure a payment on a dealership website, and 83% indicated that online buying technology would help them narrow down their vehicle choice and determine what is affordable.”Consumers today are increasingly choosing brands who offer the best customer experience. Ein zusatzliches Highlight: Der Smartphone Client und die verbesserten Funktionalitaten im Back-End ermoglichen eine schnellere Implementierung der Businesslosung.
Dadurch werden die Verwaltungsaufwande weiter reduziert und der Anwender hat mehr Zeit, uberlegte Entscheidungen zu treffen.
And when it comes to choosing a dealership, consumers prefer one that offers the ability to start the car buying process online.
Microsoft setzt dabei auf neue Technologien, um Prozesse zu rationalisieren und Mitarbeiter zu ganzheitlichen Entscheidungen zu befahigen. Durch die Cloud haben die User uberall und auf jedem Gerat Einblicke in die Unternehmensprozesse.
Only 10% of customers, not satisfied at all, say they would likely or very likely buy their next car from the same dealer. In den Bereichen Rechnungswesen, Workflow, Variantenfertigung, Abrechnung, HR und Gehaltsabrechnung wurden alle Funktionen ma?geblich verbessert.
Improving the buying process and offering other amenities to streamline the auto purchase process are certainly good incentives to get new prospects into your door, but getting consumers to drive off the lot in a new vehicle requires knowing who they are.Today’s household typically has more than one car parked in the driveway, teen drivers may be ready for a first vehicle, and family and friends are looking for recommendations. Rich opportunities exist to cultivate more revenue from a single purchase – if you show your customers that they matter.To do so, you need the right data insights to get to know them.

If your customer data is sitting in different databases such as a billing, customer service calls, service departments, and so forth, be sure to consolidate all this data into one CRM system or marketing database.
As each of these customer details come together, you can quickly gain a better understanding of your customer segments.Third-party data sets add additional value by rich insights to enhance your customer view. Any number of data elements can be appended to your records, such as age, income, occupation, birthdate, online IDs for digital targeting, and much more. According to Autotrader’s research, “Nearly three fourths of consumers, 72%, want to complete the credit application and financing paperwork online. The majority reported that they do not like the current process, which typically involves being accompanied by a sales person.
Consumers seek convenience and off those who prefer local service networks, 76% would prefer to go to a service center close by, and 63% want to be able to service the vehicle anywhere.Implementing strategies to make the consumer the center of the auto purchase process brings huge rewards to dealerships willing to make the change.

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