Jay had seen the colony from each of these three high vantage points before, but the view from the Ginsberg Tower was new to him.
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This is a nice view of the planet earth and the moon in one frame as seen from the Galileo spacecraft 6.2 million kilometers away. This spectacular image of the crescent earth was captured by the Optical Spectroscopic and Infrared Remote Imaging System (OSIRIS) camera on board the Rosetta spacecraft in November 2007. Here’s a nice view of Houston, Texas at night as seen from the International Space Station on February 28, 2010. Here’s an image of the Manicougan Reservoir situated at Canadian Shield in the province of Quebec. This image of the sunset on earth was captured from the International Space Station by an Expedition 13 astronaut in August 10, 2006. This photo shows the Central Gulf Coast obtained from the International Space Station by an Expedition 11 astronaut in September 10, 2005. This is a photo of the eye of Hurricane Alberto taken in August 19, 2000 during the Terra orbit 3571. This beautiful view of the eye of Hurricane Emily and the moon was captured from the International Space Station in July 16, 2005. This photo of the earth’s atmosphere during sunrise was taken in July 2005 by a Discovery crew member during the STS-114 mission.

This image of the earth was taken from the space shuttle Endeavor during the STS-59 mission in April 12, 1994.
Here’s a stunning image of the Sinai Peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea as seen from the space shuttle Atlantis. Here’s a great view of the Aurora Australis taken in May 1991 by the STS-39 crew member onboard the space shuttle.
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This image was obtained by the Galileo spacecraft on December 12, 1990 while on its way to planet Jupiter 1.6 million miles from the Earth. This image was generated using the data provided by the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) satellite on September 3, 2008. Earth is the third planet from the sun and is the only place in the universe where life is known to exist.
These images were taken separately and then stitched together on computer to show them together. It might look upside down, but that’s because it was captured from the International Space Station as it was passing over the city.

The blue green glow in the photograph comes from the mercury vapor lighting that lines the streets of the city. You can see the brightest areas are the most densely populated, and the less dense areas are dimmer. This breathtaking view of our planet was obtained by the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-8) on June 22, 1996. STS-114 mission was the first Return to Flight mission after the unfortunate loss of the Columbia space shuttle. The image particularly shows the shuttle’s payload bay and the region of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia. A crew member of the STS-125 mission took this photo during the mission’s first flight in space.
He could see the collectors spread out over Sunset Hill, and the graveyard at its summit. Forests carpeted the valley, and he could make out the clearing where the Third Generation fought for their independence.
GOES is primarily assigned in monitoring the weather particularly the development of storms and hurricanes in different parts of the earth. Watching over it all, the cliff-side remains of Fort Coulson was bathed in sunlight, and the three communication masts atop Mount Beacon peered back at him through the clouds.

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