So, sometimes you will find yourself some great tunes that you simply can’t find on Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, Apple music or the likes.
In this post I will walk you though some tools you might use download any file from SoundCloud.
If you need to download SoundCloud songs onto your computer, the easiest method by far is using a Chrome extension. Simply install this SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension, and visit the page with your favorite song and click on Download. Not only does that extension download individual songs, but can also batch download whole SoundCloud playlists. Using the same method as before, simply visit any playlist page you want and click the magic download button, and all the songs will appear in your que, named and organized into a single folder for that specific playlist. In case you are not familiar with that tool, Premiumize is a neat service that allows you to download all kinds of safely and anonymously.
For a guide on how to get yourself an account and set it up, check out our full guide on Premiumize. Want to listen to your SoundCloud playlist on the go without eating up all your mobile data?
To go even one step further and make the same songs appear on your mobile device in Spotify, go ahead and open up the desktop app, drag and drop the downloaded files into your default music folder. Now all you need to do to access these files on your Spotify mobile app is to create a playlist that you will mark for offline download within the app and adding the local file to that playlist on your desktop PC.
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Wer moechte kann natuerlich einen der diversen (illegalen) soundcloud downloader benutzen und hat damit sein Freebie.buchtbucher ah, und was ist jetzt daran so doll? FVD Video Downloader – A browser plugin that allows you to download video and audio files from almost any page for further viewing on your computer. Video Downloader Plus is free Browser Extension that allows you to download videos, Music from many video streaming sites in most popular media formats. Royal Video Downloader helps you to download any video (flv, mp4, HD) from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, Blip, VKontakte, Break and more in one click. WhatsApp For Desktop is a next Generation Browser Extension which Allow Users to use WhatsApp on Desktop Computer. YouTube Center comes with many features, including the ability to download videos, repeat videos, change the default quality of the video to be played by default and etc. AddonCrop Only Offer opensource Browsers addons in his standard format its mean That Our addon is completely free of any Ad- or Spyware and does not install any Toolbars, Search Providers or other annoying stuff! Veel bekende artiesten als Skrillex en Afrojack hebben een account om muziek te delen met hun fans. Podcasts, lectures, radio shows, concerts, your favorite music… in all kinds of different variations, thanks to all the music producers out there who want to give a certain song a different spin.
In that case you will need to make use of one of the many SoundCloud downloader tools out there to get a copy of a particular audio file onto your computer (some artists will allow you to download their material under a Creative Commons Licence, so make sure not to break any laws).
It will add an additional button to the SoundCloud interface, which will allow you to download any song with a press of a button.
The file will start downloading immediately after that, and will be saved in your default downloads folder. However, if you want to get ANY song and you have a little time to spare, check out the video below for a simple explanation how you can use a file manager to access fully cached SoundCloud songs straight from your device.

However, as I mentioned before, the selection is quite limited when it comes to remixed versions of songs and radio shows. After waiting for Spotify to refresh the library, you will see that the tracks appear in the Local Files section.
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Top Sache, vor allem in Zeiten, in denen aus Musiksendern PayTV-Angebote werden, Musikstreamingplattformen fur Nutzer aus Deutschland geschlossen werden und andere auf wenige Sekunden pro Musikstuck kastriert werden. Het is vaak niet mogelijk om een track te downloaden, aangezien artiesten er meestal zelf voor kiezen om de track niet als download beschikbaar te stellen. That works not only with SoundCloud links, but also with a multitude of other audio & video services and torrents (works on mobile too).
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