Streamkeys is a free Google Chrome extension to set global media control hotkeys for many popular music streaming websites.
Apart from this, you can also use this extension to create hotkeys to like and dislike a track.
In the screenshot above, you can see the Keyboard shortcuts pop-up using which you can set global hotkeys to control media for various music streaming websites. It’s completely your choice if you want to set hotkeys Global or for Google Chrome only. Yes, the Music category is getting the full human-curation treatment in the UK – and across Europe too – bringing it into line with the US and Canadian App Stores. Winners on day one include Soundwave and Traktor DJ, which are both getting prominent promotion at the top of the Music homepage here in the UK. Beats Music – now owned by Apple – would be expected to figure prominently, but it’s not yet live in the UK.
In the US and Canada, every category on the App Store has human curators working on it already. Lead: Radiohead created a chatbot 15 years ago, but in recent months these conversing machines have roared back into life. Music Ally reported on the launch of the Open Music Initiative earlier this year, but now the body has provided an update on its early progress.

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McCarthy, who wasn’t present at the meeting, had earlier agreed to withdraw his application and present it in February after obtaining the 500 required signatures from members of the community. The update which was released on Tuesday integrates music-sharing service SoundCloud in addition to radio programs from NPR and Public Radio International (PRI). So you can add any track to favorites or dislike a track for any of the music streaming site, which supports this option. For example, if you don’t want to use Global hotkeys for a tab playing SoundCloud, you can do it easily. Now whenever you will stream songs on any supported music streaming website(s), you can use global hotkeys to control the media play. Now I don’t have to go through the pain of switching between the tabs again and again to control media while writing the articles.
They join games, education, kids, food and Newsstand, which already had humans making recommendations and creating collections on their category homepages. For this, click on its extension icon (it will appear after installation), and it will open a pop-up.

In addition to that, if you’re reading an article from either NPR or PRI, the accompanying audio from the programs will play alongside the article from the application itself.With the newly implemented ‘Audio’ category, users will be led to articles and posts that will be accompanied by a podcast or something along that line. Spotify may be the top free iPhone app in the UK App Store at the moment, but it’s (perhaps not surprisingly) getting any promotional love from Apple on the newly-curated music homepage. That said however, although users can access songs and podcasts through Flipboard, the ability to purchase them is still not available.The Head of Marketing for Flipboard Marci McCue told Mashable, “It’s interesting to us. Not only integrating with popular music sources like iTunes, but also allowing new artists that are out there to have some social exposure and commerce related to their music.
It’s not currently on the road map, but its stuff we’re looking at.” To allow for further development along those lines, the folks behind Flipboard hope to explore other options for its audio related endeavors. If you haven’t gotten your Flipboard for iOS yet, you can click here to head over to the iTunes App Store to get it for free.

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