SoundCloud is the music distribution and discovery service where DJs, producers, fans and musicians upload their tracks, share them via widgets and profile pages and have fans comment on the tracks.
When you first open the SoundCloud app you have to log into your account or you can create an account if you don’t have one.
From the Record tab you can start recording your own tracks by tapping the large record button and having your iPhone pick up the sound using the built in microphone.
What’s cool about SoundCloud is that you can share your songs with the people you want, or with the general public, private is also an option. When you search for and find songs in search results, they are all played back to back automatically which is really wonderful. From major artists to upstart indies to your frienda€™s bedroom recordings, listen to your favourite music and discover new audio that you cana€™t find anywhere else. This classification was assigned because: the application was scanned by the Aptoide Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected. Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming. There login page of the app is a webpage and has some layout issues, making things look not as cool as they should. So you can pick specific SoundCloud users to share your stuff with, create lists of people to share with, share with your followers, share with the people you’re following, or just enter plain email addresses of people you want to send the tracks to.

SoundCloud’s slick annotated comments on top the visualized waveform player has been flawlessly ported to the iPhone.
In my case I did notice a 10-15 second lag on the first load before the song started playing. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store.
The app is free and the service is free, and did I mention it’s amazingly innovative? But let me assure you that once you register and login to the app, there really are no major issues, and only good things. After you’re done you can save the recording by giving t a name and place, adding an image and setting the sharing to either public or private.
SoundCloud also offers a sexy widget you can stick on your blog or Facebook page to show off your track, and another one to have people share their songs with you.
Tap on any search result and SoundCloud starts to stream the song in its Now Playing section.
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Once ready tap the Upload & Share button and SoundCloud will upload your track to your profile.

In the iPhone app you get new songs sent to you under the Incoming tab and I’m guessing the Exclusive section is for songs sent to you only. You can skip forward to the next and previous track in the list, which then again causes a period of silence before the song starts playing.
Tap on the comment icon anytime during playback and your comment is posted on the playback at exactly that point in the song.
On the positive side, the audio quality is excellent, and sounds good both over WiFi and 3G.
Speaking of comments, rotating the iPhone to the landscape view shows a full view of the waveform playback with all inline posted comments. There is also a volume control button which could probably be used for something else, given all devices have hard buttons for volume control already.

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