Beginning with Chrome devices on Chrome version 40 or later, when possible, Chrome devices will use a peer-to-peer (P2P) auto-update behavior that allows faster update of Chrome devices from nearby devices instead of downloading the update from Google’s servers or an intermediate caching proxy, if you have one set up. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Miam-Player is a cross-platform open source music player using QtAv media library which is based on Qt and FFmpeg. It provides a built-in tag editor (using tablib), plugins, and customizable user interface, covers, and themes. Type in your password (no visual feedback when typing) when it asks and hit Enter to continue. Microsoft and Sony continue to improve their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles more than a year after their launch on the market.
However, one feature that still misses on PlayStation 4 is the ability to set custom wallpapers. Since there’s no ETA for the release of this feature, we can only hope that Sony will bring the ability to set custom wallpapers on PlayStation 4 very soon.
In light of the new findings, it seems that PlayStation 4 owners won’t have to wait too long to get this feature on their favorite console. The folks over at DualShockers have just found out that developer Rebellion, makers of Zombie Army Trilogy, have released some custom wallpapers for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, knowing that the latter doesn’t lets players use their own backgrounds.
In order to download the free backgrounds released by Rebellion, you will have to subscribe to a newsletter. Although Sony has yet to announce when exactly PlayStation 4 players will be able to set custom backgrounds on their consoles, the fact that some developers have already started to offer their own for free gives us hope that this might happen very soon. Google has announced a couple of days ago, on March 27, that the Chrome OS Beta channel is now open to anyone daring to test the upcoming major release of the Linux kernel-based operating system designed for Chromebooks, which will bring a number of attractive features.
The first thing you will notice when updating your Chrome OS operating system to the Beta version, which we need to mention now that it’s unstable, thus not suitable for production machines, is the awesome Material Design implemented in the Files App. Chrome Launcher 2.0 is another interesting component implemented in Chrome OS Beta, as it promises to become your new best friend, helping you start new activities on your Chromebook, such as launching apps or performing Google searches. Last but not least, support for password-protected ZIP archives has been implemented in the Beta channel for Chrome OS, so you will now be able to unzip those secrets with a click of a button. If you have a Chromebook and feel a little bit adventurous to join the Beta channel of Chrome OS and try the new features presented above, don’t hesitate to drop a line or two of feedback to Google if you find some issues, so they will be able to improve the operating system and bring even more cool features in the next major update.

Google has always prided itself on Maps, a tool it has invested a lot of money in and which has also cost the company quite a bit in fines due to the whole Street View scandal.
Regardless, the company has continued to build the app, to provide helpful information to all users around the world. More specifically, Google has added about 17,000 routes and 34,000 stopping points in what’s going to be one of the largest mapping efforts related to the public transportation in the United Kingdom.
Of course, as in many other locations around the world, Google Maps already provides some information about public transportation in the United Kingdom, but the update will bring a lot more data, including the departure times, transfer information, distance between stops, and which routes have the fewest transfers and, therefore, take the shortest time. Information for Northern Ireland will be added in the future, as well, but the company doesn’t have access to those data sources yet. For the data in the UK, Google Maps has added in the schedules from National Express, and signed a partnership with Travelin, which aggregates data from 1,500 local and national operators. The Next Web quotes Baroness Kramer, minister of state for transport, as saying that, “Government and transport operators have worked together closely over the past decade to make transport data available and to develop journey planning services like Traveline and Transport Direct. Then, you can pick the bus from the transportation options and Maps will provide you with a series of options showing all the ways you can get from one place to another.
The app is not new but I've never covered it on WebUpd8 and after receiving a review request and trying it recently, I decided it deserves an article here since it's a really good app, despite being a bit bloated. For YouTube, the app allows downloading the audio only or the complete video and you can choose which format to download (1080p video downloads are supported). For this, the app comes with a built-in media player but you can also use external players such as VLC.
And finally, the last major feature available in FrostWire is the ability to easily share content with your friends or between multiple devices (such as your desktop and Android device) - for how to send files from an Android device to a desktop, see THIS video.
Under the hood, FrostWire uses frostwire-jlibtorrent, a swig Java interface for libtorrent for the BitTorrent part and MPlayer for media playback, along with H2 database and Lucene indexes for the search.
I have been a little bit busy working on a new web site that will be a sister site to ChromeGeek called MacHeat, I should be done building it by this weekend. Again, not the best name for an App but Google has never been good at coming with names, clearly. If peer-to-peer auto-updating fails or is not possible on your network, devices will update through normal channels.
And it’s still under development to add Soundcloud, Spotify streaming and other more features.

Both consoles received quite a few new features and enhancements during this time, but more are expected to come in the next months. While users can choose from a set of predefined themes, they can’t use custom backgrounds yet, even though Sony promised this feature would eventually make its way to PlayStation 4. After getting confirmation, you will be able to visit the webpage where the said wallpapers will be available for download for free. Google assures users that more apps will get the Material Design makeover in future updates. The next major release of Chrome OS will also automatically detect timezones, depending on your location, and change it accordingly in your Chromebook. The latest addition is meant to help British citizens that often travel by public transport.
The biggest changes will be on mobile, as devices are becoming more and more powerful and they're things we spend a lot of time with. In order to get directions to a certain place, you’ll simply have to type in the current location and the one where you want to end up. You can even edit the routes and pick the preferred way of transportation, such as bus or subway. For YouTube and SoundCloud previewing though, only the internal player is supported or at least that was the case in my test.
It's important to mention that once you share a file, it's available to everybody on the BitTorrent network so keep this in mind before using this feature. Lol anyway, this is an awesome App that I will be using on my Chrome devices and I think a lot of you will like it as well. And please understand this works on the other Chrome devices that run Chrome OS including Chromeboxes.

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