If you want to search by genre then tap on the down-arrow at the top of the screen (next to Stream).
This article assumes you are familiar with Windows Phone App Studio and have created at least one application using it.
I am not going to go into detail on creating a Windows Phone App Studio app, this tutorial assumes you are familiar with that process already. I choose Dynamic Resources (data in the cloud) since I may be removing songs and adding songs and I do not want users to have to download a new version of the app. Once the collection is complete, click on pages and choose a template that will display your tracks well. Here we will only choose Title as a binding and we will use an Action and select Search Song and bind our TrackUrl to it. The reason I am using an Action command, is I am relying on code that App Studio will generate to allow me minimal coding on my project. The first thing you should do is make sure the NuGet packages are installed and up to date. So what we need to do is call that endpoint with our TrackUrl as a parameter and we will get back our full JSON of what we need!
To continue to follow the pattern of the App Studio project, we will need to create a schema of our JSON so we can populate an object for access to its data.
Where the URL is one of the URL’s you put in the Collection in App Studio and client_id is your actual client id. We have our object structure completed and a way to access SoundCloud, now we need a way to call it.
Create a private const string called _clientId and give it a value of your client id from the SoundCloud app you registered.
In the next session we will look at how we can add background audio and better play selection, but for this article we are going to just send back the stream_url. Remember way back in the first couple of steps we choose an Action for our Page view of Song Search?

What we have completed is a cloud based repository that you can update with images and track names and urls on an as needed basis. It's a free platform that is great to use especially for discovering more non-mainstream music. This works fine and is great if you want a quick-picks type of system, but what if you want new music delivered to you in a more personalized way?Until now the service hasn't really offered the kind of experience you get with an Internet radio type of service. If you do not have a website, you can sign up for Azure and easily create a free website in under 10 minutes. Once you find a track, click on it so it loads in a full windows as opposed to the artist page or search results and copy the URL. Just to recap, we registered for a SoundCloud app, added a Collection and defined our structure, bound our data elements to the pages and added an Action command to our page detail. You can do this by clicking on the solution and choosing Manage NuGet Packages and either choose update or restore.
The formatting does not matter but I wanted you to see all of the fields that are coming back in the JSON. All we need is stream_url and append that with our client id and that is the URL we are going to launch. It was to allow us to have some code generated that we can use to launch the stream_url we are dynamically creating. Anyone who downloads your app will get the latest updates and will be able to launch the track from the detail page.
SoundCloud is a great place for listening to music while YouTube and Vimeo are the go-to sites for watching music videos.
But, with the Stations feature now built into the iOS app you can discover new music in a similar way to others such as Pandora Radio and Spotify's radio option.
Using your personalized stations in conjunction with playlists is a powerful combination which enables you to build up your collection in record time. In the first part of this series we will make a connection to SoundCloud and pull in our predefined tracks that we specify within app studio.

Another way is to select the checkbox called “Allow NuGet to download missing packages” this is under the NuGet package settings.
This was an example of how to add SoundCloud to your App Studio project quickly with minimal impact to the project structure. If you want to base a station on it, tap the options button (three dots) at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. The song will now be automatically added -- you'll see a check mark displayed verifying this has been done.
Later, we will look at playing these tracks using Background Audio as well as integrate playlists from SoundCloud. In my next tutorials we will look at the images and some other properties to make our player a bit better. Is there any easy way to link an artist page in a sound cloud or a search term, just like the twitter integration in Windows App Studio app? I have a few other tutorials in the works such as playing the music in the background as well as utilizing playlists from soundcloud.
The thing is what if you want a playlist that features all of your favorite music and videos from these three sites? Just click the “New Playlist” button at the top navigation bar.On the overlay window that appears, you will be asked to enter a name for your playlist.
You can also add a track by directly pasting its URL.On the search results, just select the music or video that you like. You can also use its basic playback controls like shuffle, repeat, pause, next track and previous track.It’s as easy as that.

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