Add TagInfo:- Just type tag + return- Tags should be in english- Tags should describe what the icon shows or what the icon is commonly used for. After uploading your audio to the SoundCloud website, you can manage everything easily with SoundCloud Pulse.
Soundcloud launched a desktop client for the Mac back in 2011, but that has since been discontinued due to lack of resources. Passionate writer at Cupertino Times, casual photographer, gamer, sharer of amusing links and an amalgam of all things geeky.
Share your tracks publicly and privately, check out immediate statistics on their performance by date, reply to or delete comments, and follow or block other SoundCloud users.

You can quickly see the performance of your tracks and communicate with your listeners with a clean and intuitive interface.
If you are already uploading tracks to SoundCloud, this app is a super handy way to manage them and your community of listeners. If you make music, podcasts or anything else audio and upload your work to SoundCloud, this app will let you manage your account and keep your community humming. Third-party, indie developers have come up with a solution in the form of StreamCloud, a desktop Soundcloud app for Mac OS X.
The developers aren’t charging anything for downloading the app, so it is more of a fun side project.

The big-wigs stream their music on services like Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and Beats Music, etc.. KEY FEATURES - Reply to comments on your tracks, on the go - Get up-to-date stats on the performance of your tracks - Share the sounds you’ve uploaded, both publicly and privately - Follow other SoundCloud users - Delete comments and block users COMMUNITYWant to learn more about SoundCloud’s community of creators?

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