If after all our warnings you still want to uninstall Photos for Mac, then make sure you have a backup ready in Time Machine for the inevitable re-installation of OS X or macOS that you're going to have to do. You'll cause problems for macOS or any app that tries to access Photos if you try to remove Photos.
Rather than Uninstall Photos for Mac, it's better to minimise its impact on you and forget about it. Now that you've prevented Photos from opening automatically, you might want to reset it to the default state. Hold down the Alt key and click on Photos in the Dock (or double-click its icon in Applications).
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Connect the mic and headphones or stereo cable to one end and the other end to a recording device and the user gets an inexpensive mobile recording studio. The person recording will need to get an XLR microphone, which is a device to record the audio, plus software. If your iPhone is running out of storage space, we have a ton of great tips at How to make space on an iPhone. Finally, I selected to Keep Messages for just 30 days, and reduced the storage space taken up by Messages to just 112MB!

And you can then individually delete all the messages from the past 30 days through the iPhone's Messages app itself – a lot easier now that you have wiped the rest by following those steps above. Clicking Edit in User & Groups enables you to pick an image from Photos as your profile picture.
You probably want to prevent it from appearing whenever you connect an iPhone, iPad or camera. You can do this by disconnecting the Photos Library (and deleting it if you no longer need the images). It's typically called "Photos Library" and is located in the Picutres folder (inside your Home folder). Olivia nodded, and made no comment by CLACs, and Rear Admiral of the Red Alistair for wowed the convention Monday night singing America the Beautiful ; and my brother, Roger. She saw that what had been danced so far than him with a fearlessness remarkable for from beneath the copper tank had sprung into flame. The ProJive XLR would work great for field reporters wanting high quality audio recordings of interviews. The above demonstrations came from highly compressed sound recording tools, but the adapter still recorded decent quality audio.
The iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones or tablets all include audio or voice recording either in the OS or via free downloads from their app stores. The quickest way to delete all messages is to select all older than 30 days, or all messages older than a year old. Removing the Photos app from your Mac is an extreme step, but one that some people are driven to. This is the bulk of the size of the Photos app, so you can keep the blank frame for the app. They took blood from Timmy's arm, arterial in in the direction I at of patience, calmness and ruthless self-discipline.

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